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Long before cannabis was used recreationally, hemp was one of the most important cash crops in the world. The UK and United States even mandated farmers to grow hemp back in the 1800s. However, once recreational use gained momentum, all forms of cannabis were prohibited in nearly every country.

Today, hemp is for far more than its industrial purposes. High CBD potency strains have become popular for recreation, medicinal, and extraction purposes. In this post, we will cover the history of CBD seeds and the future of the cannabis industry.

Scientists Saved CBD

In the pre-prohibition era, cannabis use was limited strictly to the black market; high THC strains dominated the industry. CBD was only known by researchers and a handful of doctors advocating for medicinal use. As a result, we were incredibly close to unknowingly breeding CBD out of the gene pool.

Thankfully, a group of UK scientists led by Geoff Guy, the founder of GW Pharmaceuticals, a grant from the British government, and a Dutch seed company helped develop the first CBD-rich cannabis strains.

Prop 215 – The Compassionate Use Act

Around the same time, in the late 1990s, there was a medical cannabis campaign in California. With the passage of Prop 215, medical marijuana was permitted with the consent of a doctor. The movement sparked an interest in CBD-rich strains, which fueled the foundation of the current cannabinoid hemp market.

The First High Potency CBD Seeds in the US

While high-THC strains and extracts still dominated the industry, there was a rising interest in CBD strains. Harborside Health in Oakland, California, is credited with developing some of the first high potency CBD seeds in the US. The pioneers even helped establish modern cannabinoid testing through Steep Hill Labs to verify the potency of their newly developed strains.

By 2010, Project CBD was established to promote CBD advocacy and reach out to farmers to preserve their high CBD genetics.

The 2018 Farm Bill

Once the Farm Bill passed in 2018, demand for high CBD seeds skyrocketed. Manufacturers needed low THC strains to comply with new federal laws to capitalize on the increased interest in CBD products.

Chemical Diversity in the Cannabis Industry

The modern cannabis consumer is less focused on THC dominant strains and products. Chemical diversity has become more important as people learn about the abundance of beneficial compounds derived from cannabis.

Check out our massive selection of feminized CBD seeds at Trilogene Seeds.

Cannabis is a highly diverse plant that has evolved for thousands of years in various regions of the world. If you are growing hemp outdoors, choosing the best seeds for your specific ecosystem is exceedingly essential.

Hemp genetics have played a significant role in the plant’s lifecycle. To ensure you will produce the highest yield possible, you need to choose genetics that will adapt well to your region. Temperate regions around the equator are great for growing hemp outdoors, but you will still benefit from choosing seeds that thrive in a hot, humid environment.

The Advantages of Growing Hemp Outdoors

Utilizing your natural environment is the best way to produce hemp at the lowest price possible. There is also an increase in demand for sun-grown cannabis. Using the Earth’s natural resources to grow hemp puts less of a strain on the environment. There are many parts of the world where indoor grows is the only option, but regions close to the equator have sufficient environmental conditions to produce hemp. However, it is still crucial to choose the right seeds.

While there are clear advantages of growing hemp outdoors, choosing the right genetics is essential for success. Many hemp genetics can be traced back to high elevation areas with dramatic temperature changes. These strains won’t thrive to the fullest potential in equatorial regions.

Hemp Genetics that Thrive in Equatorial Regions

At Trilogene Seeds, we have a plethora of hemp genetics to choose from; our selection includes seeds that are adaptive to tropical temperatures and will thrive in equatorial regions. Below are a few of our autoflower choices that are perfect for growing outdoors in temperate climates:

Auto Bot

  • 20-25:1 CBD: THC ratio
  • 10.3% potential CBD potency
  • Above 99% feminization

Auto Alpha

  • 20-25:1 CBD: THC ratio
  • 10.8% potential CBD potency
  • Above 99% feminization

Auto Magik

  • 20-25:1 CBD: THC ratio
  • 8.1% potential CBD potency
  • Above 99% feminization

Trilogene Seeds Hemp Genetics

At Trillogene, we specialize in developing feminized hemp seeds with high concentrations of CBD. When you purchase our CBD seeds, we guarantee a feminization rate of above 99%, ensuring your seeds produce valuable hemp flower.

Growing in equatorial regions is challenging, and choosing the right hemp genetics is the first step to a successful harvest. If you have any questions regarding what seeds will perform best for your grow environment, contact our team for a free consultation.

Smokable hemp flower is a relatively new phenomenon thanks to cannabis legalization and efforts by a handful of cannabis researchers and advocates. Thankfully, the cannabis industry has evolved to include the full chemical composition of the plant.

When growing smokable hemp flower, it is essential to choose the right seeds for your growing environment. Outdoor and indoor grows present unique challenges and require planning to produce the best outcomes possible.

The Advantages of Outdoor Smokable Hemp Flower

Growing outside is much more environmentally friendly than indoors because you are utilizing the sun. There is a growing demand for sun-produced, fully organic smokable flower by CBD users who are eco-conscious.

Disadvantages of Growing Hemp Outside

Outdoor hemp plants are much more exposed than hemp grown indoors. Adverse weather, pests, and the inconsistent sun make growing outdoors more challenging and harder to control. Choosing the right seeds is vital if you plan to produce hemp with the bag appeal, CBD potency, and terpene concentration to be sold as a smokable flower.

The Advantages of Indoor Smokable Hemp Flower

Growing hemp indoors allows cultivators to fully control their environment. Smokable hemp flower is challenging to produce; indoor growth provides the stability needed for genetics to flourish.

An indoor grow is more likely to generate high CBD flower that is marketable; however, you still need to choose the right seeds to maximize yields.

Disadvantages of Growing Hemp Flower Indoors

The cannabis consumer is becoming more conscious of the toll cannabis production is taking on the environment. Massive indoor grow facilities require an incredible amount of electricity to power. While the atmosphere is optimized for your plants, the amount of carbon released is harmful to the Earth.

We predict that the cannabis industry will shift to a more regulated approach to cultivation. The change may be driven by consumer or government regulations. Indoor grows may never become obsolete, but energy consumption in the industry will play a vital role in the future of cannabis production.

Contact Trilogene Seeds Today

Choosing the right seeds for your grow environment is critical. Seeds adaptive to an outdoor or indoor ecosystem can dramatically affect your yields and ability to turn a profit.

If you are unsure what seeds are best equipped to handle your specific growing conditions, contact Trilogene Seeds today to speak with an expert. Our team will find the perfect seeds for your plant environment and the type of hemp you are looking to produce.

Hemp produces among the strongest fibers of any crop on Earth. While optimizing your grow environment for industrial hemp may not be as challenging as producing smokable flower, there are still many ways to increase crop yields. Choosing hemp seeds with a history of delivering solid fibers is the most important aspect when growing industrial hemp.

In this post, we will give you some tips when growing hemp for fiber production and our advice for the best seeds on the market.

Growing Hemp for Fiber Production

Cannabinoid potency isn’t a driving factor when producing hemp for industrial purposes. Therefore, growers must take a different approach catering to optimizing the environment for strong fiber production.

The goal isn’t to retain as much CBD and terpenes as possible, but growers still must be conscious of THC potency levels. Hemp plants with THC above 0.3% are at risk of being destroyed by regulators even if they are used for industrial purposes. Choosing reliable seeds ensures that your hemp will be compliant with the DEA’s strict regulations and your plants can be harvested and sold.

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Tips for Planting

Choosing the right seeds for fiber production is essential, but other aspects of the process also require special attention. The University of Nebraska conducted a report to find the best conditions for hemp fiber production. Researchers found that the most successful planting strategy includes:

  • Planting in-row spacing of less than 12 inches
  • Not exceeding 1,200,000 seeds per acre
  • Soil planting temperature is best at 55 degrees Fahrenheit

While there isn’t a uniform fertilization recommendation for hemp fibers, evaluating what has worked for successful grow operations is the best plan to find your optimal ratio. Different soil conditions, climates, and hemp genetic play a significant factor, but it is still worthwhile to review data on hemp fiber production.

The report states that Penn State University recommends a PTK fertilization ratio of 150 lb/ac N, 30 lb/ac P2O5, and 20 lb/ac K2O.

Researchers identified trials done in Europe that found “mean fiber yield did not increase with when nitrogen was increased from 90 lb/ac to 140 lb/ac; however, in another set of trials conducted in the Netherlands, fiber yield increase as the N rate was increased to 180 lb/ac. In Alberta Canada, grain yield peaked with 110 lb/ac N, and fiber yield peaked with 80 lb/ac N. The optimal P and K rates will depend on soil test values.”

Trilogene Hemp Strains – Xianwei

If you are looking for hemp genetics to produce fiber, we highly recommend our strain Xianwei. The stain has minimal cannabinoid levels, but its lineage has a history of producing strong fibers. One of Xianwei’s parent strains, JinMa, is believed to be the original American textile fiber and utilized in WW2 to produce textiles and construction materials.

If you have any questions regarding finding the best hemp seeds, please reach out to us. Our team of experts has years of experience in the industry and will find the perfect seeds for your hemp production needs.

Hemp pl ant structure is also important. A well-structured plant promotes a uniform flower harvest and staves off pest, mildew and disease damagefrom the beginning.

Even today, there are very few smokable hemp flower selections and very few breeders that are going all out for quality smokable hemp. We’re still very much in the new and exciting frontier stages in hemp breeding.

Throw in the challenges of selecting amazing smelling, tasting, looking and yielding cultivars but still keeping them under the .3% THC legal limit for hemp and, well, hemp-breeding isn’t for the faint of heart!

So, what’s coming next? We predict the further down the road we go, the better the quality to be had in smokable hemp. We’ve only just begun.

For more information on Trilogene Seeds’ latest and greatest selection of smokable hemp cultivars, visit our website at . Or email us at [email protected] or call at (630) 605-1707.

ST. LOUIS, October 4, 2021 — The St. Louis Science Center is adding Colorado-bred hemp plants by Trilogene Seeds to its internationally famous agricultural learning center, the GROW pavilion .

Hemp, aka Cannabis sativa, is botanically the same plant as marijuana. But hemp produces little to no THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. Hemp was federally legalized in 2018 and is now grown for its edible grain, CBD and fiber.

Hemp’s addition to the plants growing in the 5000-square foot GROW pavilion is a step toward normalizing hemp in U.S. society, says Matt Haddad, CEO of Trilogene Seeds , the Colorado-based hemp seed breeder that provided the hemp seeds GROW is planting. Over one million people visit the center annually.

“Having our hemp cultivar at GROW is not just a huge honor it educates that many more people to the amazing properties of the hemp plant and helps legitimize a crop that was once grown by our founding fathers,” Haddad said. Hemp plants are often mistaken for marijuana.

Hemp was commonly grown by early American colonists, including George Washington. It was once an economically significant plant for many states, such as Pennsylvania, Ohio and Kentucky. Hemp fiber was used for many purposes, including for rope and canvas sails.

However, hemp was prohibited as part of anti-cannabis laws enacted in the 1930s. It was not grown again at scale until pro-hemp advocates successfully secured its legalization and opened up a new market for U.S.-grown hemp.

Hemp-grown CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid produced in the hemp plant, generated $4.7 billion in U.S. revenue in 2020, just the second year past legalization, according to market research by the Brightfield group.

Trilogene Seeds, an award-winning hemp breeder using data science to bring new hemp varietals to market, provided seeds to their cultivar “Auto Alpha” to GROW. The GROW team just started planting them this week, Haddad said.

The hemp will be grown in a new exhibit showcasing indoor, controlled environment technology. The hemp will be planted in a grow tent in a hydroponic, soil-less system and in living soil. Visitors can observe differences between things like synthetic (hydroponic) versus mineral (living soil) fertilizer in the hemp’s growth patterns.

Although hemp can be grown hydroponically, in his experience, hemp planted in organically alive soil is healthier, more disease-resistant and produces more desirable compounds, Haddad said.

For more information, email [email protected]

Advancements in our understanding of hemp genetics have enabled growers to achieve more profitable outcomes with less work. The cannabis genome can be molded to deliver premium hemp in less time through years of selective breeding. Auto flowering seeds allow growers to maximize their hemp production each year without sacrificing quality.

What Are Auto Flowering Seeds?

Auto flower hemp strains use the subspecies cannabis ruderalis to produce plants that flower faster and independent of an artificial or natural change in the photoperiod. As a result, auto flowering seeds give growers access to plants that require less maintenance and flower based on time, not the changing light schedule.

Auto Flowering Seeds vs. Regular Seeds

Regular hemp strains flower based on the season. A grower plants their seeds in the spring; they grow during the sunny summer months and produce flowers in the fall. Auto flowering seeds flower independently of the change of season or artificial light and flower based on their age.

A grow consisting of auto flower seeds is easier to manage especially in a controlled environment.

The Benefits of AFS

Choosing auto flowering hemp seeds is a no-brainer. Thanks to a legal hemp market, we’ve been able to optimize auto flowering hemp strains to perfection in the past decade.

Multiple Harvests Per Year – The ability to produce more plants is reason enough to choose auto flowering seeds. Earlier flowering times mean scaling your grow operation and increase your output.

Higher CBD Potency Levels – Selective breeding and the increase in demand for CBD potent strains have influenced breeders to develop low THC, high CBD auto flower strains.

Eliminate the Need for a Flowering Room – An indoor grow requires strict lighting schedules. Plants in veg receive more light than plants flowering. With auto flowering strains, there’s no need to adjust the photoperiod or separate plants.

Less work – Auto flowering plants have a solid genetic profile that makes them more resilient to harsh climates and disease. The learning curve is dramatically reduced for beginners, and less labor is required for commercial growers. Either way, auto flowering seeds are a win-win.

No. Auto Flowering Seeds Aren’t Less Potent

This may have been true a decade ago, but auto flowering hemp seeds have become more potent with advancements in our knowledge and hemp genetics.

Buy CBD Seeds Online from Trilogene

Developing resilient, high potency, low maintenance hemp genetics is our passion at Trilogene. Our passionate team of award-winning breeders and growers is dedicated to producing the best auto flowering hemp seeds available online. Contact us today for more information or to place a wholesale order.

For better or for worse, the cannabis industry is growing up and becoming a respectable business. Athletes, celebrities, and even Republican politicians are getting involved in the industry. While we are still waiting on federal legalization, acceptance by the mainstream has already happened.

We’re excited to see the industry grow. Expanded access to hemp-derived products is essential. However, as cannabis use becomes accepted by everyday Americans, the corporatization of the sector becomes more likely. As a result, craft cultivation brands are under threat of being priced out by large-scale grow operations funded by investment firms.

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What is Craft Cultivation?

Cannabis grows in small batches utilizing organic and sustainable farming practices is considered craft or artisanal cultivation. When the flower or concentrate reaches the consumer, they can easily find the farm and team that developed the strain they enjoy. Monetizing the cannabis industry would destroy the relationship between the grower and consumer.

Craft cultivators can develop hemp genetics creating strains that optimize output as well as build brand identity. Breeders take pride in their strains when grows aren’t designed strictly to maximize production. A cannabis industry that prioritizes profit over the advancement of genetics and quality loses an essential aspect of the industry.

The Looming Threat of Corporate Cannabis

Fortunately, the majority of cannabis consumers agree that low-cost products aren’t the most significant factor driving purchasing decisions. In addition, the celebrity-branded business model usually doesn’t incentivize customers to buy products like other sectors. For example, Instagram influencer Dan Bilzerian’s CBD company reported a 50-million-dollar loss in 2020. Hemp cannabinoid consumers are more concerned with where their products are coming from than how many people follow the face of the company.

Still, there is a legitimate threat of cannabis going corporate. Large Canadian cannabis companies like Canopy Growth are shifting their model from growing as much cannabis as possible to acquiring small operations with loyal followings.

Customers in our industry have a unique relationship with their cannabis products. If the US federally legalizes marijuana, we will likely see a push to take cannabis companies corporate. Hopefully, the industry will refute American cannabis corporations in the same way consumers reject Canopy Growth and celebrity branded businesses like Ignite.

Support Craft Cannabis Brands

Buy CBD Seeds Online from Trilogene to support craft cultivation in its purest form. Our growers have a passion for the industry and a strong bond with every plant we develop.

When you buy hemp seeds online, it is critical to only purchase from a reputable source that offers proven hemp genetics. Inherited characteristics are essential for all plants, but in the cannabis industry, we must be especially cautious. A study published in Science Daily reports that “only 50 percent of the cannabis genome is accurately mapped.” Planting seeds with unknown genetics could be catastrophic for your next harvest.

An accurate understanding of your hemp seeds’ lineage is essential to staying FDA compliant, maximizing yield rates, and predicting harvest times.

Why Are Hemp Genetics Inaccurate?

Cannabis prohibition is the number one reason why hemp and marijuana plant taxonomy isn’t accurate. The legal status of the plants is also why strains have names like Berry Meow rather than long, hard to pronounce Latin names.

Other genetically diverse plants like roses and tomatoes have well-documented genealogy records controlled by international organizations. The cannabis genome is the wild west of plant taxonomy with a foundation built by the black market. However, now that we have a legal industry, hemp genetics are well documented by breeders to produce reliable and compliant plants.

Reasons to Purchase Seeds with Strong, Identifiable Hemp Genetics

Buying from a reputable hemp seed retailer with proven hemp genetics ensures you have a successful harvest.

Definite Cannabinoid Potency Levels

The most significant reason to buy hemp seeds from a reliable retailer is to stay FDA compliant. Hemp seeds are widely available online from hundreds of companies, but purchasing seeds from a sketchy source could lead to THC potency levels above 0.3%, putting your ROI and cultivation license at risk.

Predictable Harvest Times and High Yield Rates

Strong hemp genetics offer predictable vegetation and flowering periods. Timing is everything, especially if you are growing outdoors. Consistent and predictable harvests are essential to a profitable crop.

Strong Hemp Genetics Leads to Palatable Flower

Many hemp strains have been bred for industrial purposes. The stalks or seeds are used for purposes other than the potential health benefits from the cannabinoids and terpenes. Choosing the correct hemp genetics will lead to a high terpene content that will be enjoyable to smoke. The flower produced by a plant bred to produce strong fiber will taste like hay and have low cannabinoid potency levels.

Buy Hemp Seeds Online from Trilogene

We have a highly skilled team of award-winning breeders and growers dedicated to developing our catalog of elite hemp genetics. Contact us today to learn more about our feminized hemp seeds or if you are interested in placing a wholesale order.

Since the 2018 ‘Farm Bill,’ an increasing number of companies have entered the cannabinoid hemp space to take advantage of the increase in demand for hemp-derived products. While some companies are passionate about cannabis, others are just looking to capitalize off the budding industry. One of the most alarming issues within the industry is the false marketing of feminized hemp seeds.

What are Feminized Hemp Seeds?

Cannabis is divided into male and female plants, both essential for the survival of the species. While male plants can be produced for their biomaterial, CBD users are only interested in female plants. The flowers are created exclusively by the female plant, which contains resin glands producing valuable cannabinoids.

Feminized Hemp seeds are developed by breeders to strictly produce female plants. When you buy hemp seeds online, if you aren’t purchasing feminized seeds, you can expect at least 50% of your order to be cannabinoid-free, male plants.

Feminized Vs. Regular Hemp Seeds

Finding a trustworthy retailer for feminized hemp seeds is becoming more and more challenging as companies without experience enter the space. Purchasing regular seeds usually delivers a 50/50 split, but an increasing number of companies claim to offer feminized seeds but fail to deliver. Whether they are inexperienced breeders or intentionally deceiving clients is irrelevant once the seeds go into the ground.

The most notable case of a company deceiving customers into buying ‘feminized’ seeds that turned out to be male happened in 2019. After their massive crop failed, Kentucky growers sued an Oregon seed company for 44 million dollars.

Trilogene 99% Feminization Rate

Rolling the dice with unproven hemp seed retailers can be disastrous. Buying hemp seeds online is an investment that takes an entire growing season to return. Don’t gamble with unknown hemp genetics. At Trilogene, we have a team of award-winning breeders and growers who have developed premium hemp seeds with a 99% feminization rate.

Buy Wholesale Hemp Seeds from Trilogene.

Trilogene offers the most elite hemp genetics on the market suited perfectly for professional and amateur cultivators. Our minimum order quantity for domestic farmers is ten seeds per cultivar and 1000 per strain for international customers. Contact us today for more information on our extensive selection of superior feminized hemp seeds.

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