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ebay marijuana seeds for sale

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seeds on ebay

  • Thread starter lykaboss
  • Start date Jun 27, 2014

So iam a big ebay fan, i am always searching on ebay for shit i need. Over the years i have scored some really good deals on ebay never really been burned. It amazing me some of shit people post for sale. A common term i always search for on ebay is "cannabis seeds" not because i want to buy them from ebay, but iam always curious to see if any are listed. Well not to long ago, i seen a listing for "blue dream cannabis seeds" and the seller had a -1 feedback. so i wanted to read this feedback. the buyer put.

"This is illegal and against federal law you should go to prison" it was something to that effect and it made me laugh.

In order to leave feedback you would have bought something from that person. So this DUMBASS bought it just to turn around and say "HERRR DERRR FUCKING HERRRR that is illegal"? OR the buyer did that just to get free seeds?

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Anyway, i thought it was funny, gave me a laugh.

But seriously if someone is listing cannabis seeds for sale on ebay. they are probably not the brightest of the bunch.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Buying feminized cannabis seeds online is quick and easy when you use the Sticky Seeds website! Our low prices, fast discreet delivery, and premium A+ marijuana genetics make us a top choice for seed connoisseurs around the world. Our incredible female only seeds come from an impressive lineage of many different classic strains that are sure to always impress every collector. We are stocking hundreds of top-quality feminized cannabis seeds for you to pick from, so what are you waiting for? Take a browse around our potent strains and find your perfect match!

What are feminized marijuana seeds?

Feminized marijuana seeds are the same as regular cannabis seeds but with just one very important difference. Every seed has a 99% chance to be a female plant. As you may already know, male plants only produce pollen and are no good to growers unless they want to make cannabis seeds. The female plant is the one that produces sensimillia, which means bud that contain no seeds.

Feminized seeds were first bred back in the early 1990’s and they really revolutionised the way that growers operated. Before this, people would just use regular seeds which contained an average of 8 females to 2 males. Once flowered, the grower would then have to dispose of all male plants which was a huge waste of time and resources.

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