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eating marijuana seeds

What are Cannabis Seeds and What Happens if you Eat Them?

Hemp is the name given to the varieties of the Cannabis Sativa plant, but it is a controversial plant. But there is more to cannabis than marijuana flowers! Today, you can find hemp seeds to eat, and you can also order online in the best shop for weed seeds like Sensoryseeds.

Cannabis seeds are good for your health!

Raw fats, which we eat from seeds, nuts or avocados, do not produce the effect of saturation and obstruction (coronary heart disease) that cooked fats (saturated fats) make. However, on the contrary, these fats lower cholesterol, they clean your arteries and can even help you lose weight.

Therefore, they are fats that we must include in our diet if we want to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

In some countries, you will not be able to find them as they are illegal due to their connection with marijuana. In the UK, you can legally buy weed seeds, but you can’t germinate them.

How to incorporate cannabis seeds into your diet?

Hemp seeds can be consumed in different formats: as whole peeled seeds or in the form of cannabis seeds oil or as hemp milk.

Peeled Hemp Seeds: They are sold by many stores in some countries and are found in health and diet stores. Cannabis seed has a very hard shell that is impossible to chew; that is why they are sold already peeled. They can be added as a complement to any meal of the day, from a fruit salad to a more elaborate dish.

Hemp oil made from cannabis seeds

Cannabis seed oil can be found in some herbalists. Its peculiarity is that it is considered one of the healthiest oils that exist since it is composed of 80% essential fatty acids. It is an excellent source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 that prevents cardiovascular diseases, reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, and helps improve arthritis symptoms. It is used like any oil so that it can be added to salads or any dish. They can also be used in desserts such as raw vegan cookies or cakes.

Cannabis seeds’ nutritional information (per 100 g.):

35% of carbohydrates.

35% Oil (essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6) 380 Kcal

Nutrients in marijuana and cannabis seeds

If you want to add cannabis to your daily diet, you should get to know the many nutrients and benefits.

Nutrients are compounds that all living things need to function. Our own body generates some of them, and others are provided by food.

Food plays a vital role in our existence and survival and, depending on the foods we choose. We will have a good or bad quality of life.

Issues such as metabolism and organ health are linked to diet.

Eat well to live well! Could, then, marijuana be considered a nutritious food?

Cannabis seed and its nutritional value

Marijuana and its benefits is a field that is currently being actively studied. While this plant has long been used for its healing properties, scientists are now investigating how it affects the human body.

After a century of prohibition in consumption, we are not clear about the exact composition of nutrients in cannabis, however, thanks to the experts, we can refer to it as a superfood (superfood).

The term refers to foods that provide a large number of health benefits, thanks to the nutritional density they contain. In other words, they are highly recommended!

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Interesting fact: Cannabis seed is highly rich in protein, so much so that the equivalent of 100 grams of hemp (cannabis seed) hearts; shelled cannabis seeds; contain 32 grams of protein. More than the egg!

Cannabis seeds contain nine amino acids that the human body requires, as it cannot produce them on its own.

The same 100 grams contain 49 grams of fat (macronutrient), 8 grams of carbohydrates and 4 grams of fibre, according to the latest studies and analyzes.

In the same way, we can find vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium and a host of other elements.

How to eat hem and cannabis seeds?

The question immediately arises: how can I consume cannabis seeds as food?

The stems and roots, as well as the seeds and leaves of cannabis, contain nutrients, but they are not consumed due to the type of texture they have. It isn’t easy to eat. Instead, cannabis seeds and leaves are commonly used as aids in nutrition.

The best way to consume cannabis is to sprinkle it raw on our food, for example, in a salad with a rich combination of fruits and vegetables on a bed of lettuce.

Can Eating Cannabis Seeds Make You Fail a Drug Test?

There is a significant majority of Americans who only purchase organic foods, and of all the things they buy, hemp seeds are the most popular one. A visit to the local food store would show you a wide range of products having cannabis seeds. People love adding them to their favorite meals, shakes, and more, because they help in fulfilling the nutritional requirements of those who are allergic to soy. But, the question is: can eating these seeds make you fail a drug test? Let’s find out!

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Why You Should Eat Marijuana Seeds

The reasons behind the popularity of marijuana seeds lies in the fact that there are several health benefits associated with it. You should consider eating marijuana seeds for the given reasons:

Contains High Amounts of Natural Protein

As any nutritionist can tell you, a plant-based protein is way easier for you to digest compared to an animal-based protein. And, cannabis seeds are a great source of plant-based protein. That’s the reason why protein powders having hemp seeds are so popular among the bodybuilders.

Contains Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids

The Omega fatty acids are an important component for keeping the body healthy. However, you need to have it from outside sources because your body doesn’t produce it. Marijuana seeds have an abundant amount of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in them.

These acids make cannabis seeds useful for your heart, because they lead to a reduction in blood pressure and lower the risks of blood clot formed due to stroke. They also helps in improving the overall functions of the heart.

Drug- and Fiber-Type Cannabis Seeds

Before getting into the details of whether or not cannabis seeds can make you fail the drug test, let’s get to know about the seeds at first. Usually they are divided into three main groups: regular, feminized, and autoflowering marijuana seeds. When, however, we speak about drug testing, we distinguish two broad categories, namely the fiber type and the drug type.

Fiber type: The fiber type seeds are mainly from hemp, wich is a strain with low THC content, that is used in the industry. Generally, the fiber type plants have less than 0.3 percent of THC in them, which is not enough to induce the feelings of ‘high’ as expected.

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Drug type: This type of seeds is basically any strain that you smoke to get high. As you can well guess, these plants have much more than 0.3 percent THC in them. Actually, some of them have up to 30%.

How Much THC Do Seeds Contain?

As said before, the drug type seeds are known to have a significantly higher level of THC compared to the fiber seeds. A University of Mississippi study found that the delta-9 THC component was 35.6-124 microg/g and 0-12 microg/g for drug type and fiber type seeds, respectively.

However, a majority of the THC was located right on the seed’s surface. A simple washing with chloroform can remove more than ninety percent of the total THC component. When the drug type seeds are washed, they have less than 10 microg/g of THC.

When the testa and the kernel were separated, it was noted that a majority of the delta-9 THC component was present on the outside of the testa. The kernels of fiber and drug type seeds had less than 0.5 and 2 microg THC per gram, respectively.

Thus, it is clear that the differences in the THC component in various replicas of the similar kinds of seeds is the result of a certain level of contamination from outside the seeds. Obviously, it is a pollen from the flowers, also known as kief, that sticks to the seeds. Clean seeds of both types contain very little THC.

Will Fiber-Type Hemp Seeds Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Hemp plant is the source of hemp seeds, and the plant is cultivated mainly for its fibers and seeds. Now, on the question of whether eating fiber-type hemp seeds can make you high or not, the answer is a big no. The hemp plants, which are known as non-psychoactive, have very low levels of THC. Their seeds cannot make users feel high after consumption.

Eating the fiber type hemp seeds will also never make you fail any drug test, unlike the poppy seeds that have trace amounts of opiates and can make someone fail drug tests. This is why lab staff at the place where you get tested might ask you if you have eaten a muffin or a poppy seed bagel before coming in. However, the same thing does not happen in case of hemp seeds. Eating these seeds does not affect the THC levels in a person’s body to such an extent that he/she can fail a drug test.

Will Drug Type Seeds Make You Fail a Drug Test?

As mentioned earlier, the raw drug type cannabis seeds are known to have a high level of THC on their surface, as it all gets contaminated from outside. So, eating those dirty, raw seeds can definitely make you fail the drug test. After all, 35.6-124 microg/g of delta-9 THC component that the raw seeds have is enough to produce positive result.

However, since the cleaning can bring down the delta-9 THC levels by 10 microg/g, they become almost the same as fiber-type hemp seeds, which have around 0-12 microg/g. If the cannabis seeds you eat are not sticky, they are most likely washed, therefore safe to eat and cannot make you fail a drug test.

Final Words

And, now you have a fair idea on how you can have cannabis seeds and still pass the drug test. It’s just that you will have to stay away from the raw drug type seeds, and rely more on the fiber type seeds to get all the benefits of cannabis, minus the high.

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So, how about getting some good hemp seeds today from the market, and trying your hand at a few new recipes?

The Top 5 Reasons to Eat Marijuana Seeds on a Regular Basis

Cannabis seeds, otherwise called hemp seeds, come from a mainstream plant known as the cannabis plant, however, they have no brain adjusting impacts. Essentially, these earthy-colored seeds are high in greasy fiber, protein, and unsaturated fats like omega-6s and omega-3s. They contain cell reinforcements that help diminish the manifestations of numerous sicknesses. Accordingly, they help improve the well-being of your joints, skin, and heart. The following are 5 motivations to eat hemp seeds.

1) Protein is not difficult to process

As indicated by nutritionists, a protein acquired from plants is simple for your body to process. Many examinations contemplates have shown that individuals who ate protein had lower death rates than individuals who ate meat. Measurements disclose to us that expanding your admission of plant-based proteins by 3% can decrease your danger of death by 10%.

Horn seeds are the ideal wellspring of plant-based proteins. So ranchers use cannabis seeds to take care of their animals. This is the reason the ubiquity of protein powder in lifting weights is expanding.

2) Good for weight reduction and weight acquire

On the off chance that you eat an eating regimen that contains cannabis seeds, you can lose or put on weight. Fundamentally, these seeds are plentiful in nutrients and minerals like Vitamin E, Zinc, Iron, Calcium, and Magnesium. Since they contain protein, you don’t need to eat for long.

Essentially, they can assist you with getting more fit in light of similar healthful advantages. In this way, on the off chance that you need to acquire or shed pounds, these seeds might be the most ideal decision for you.

3) Omega unsaturated fats

Since our bodies don’t make omega unsaturated fats, we ought to get them from outside sources. As per a few specialists, the horn is an incredible wellspring of omega acids. At the end of the day, they are far superior to flaxseed, pecans, and chia seeds.

These unsaturated fats are an ideal decision in the event that you need to get a sound heart and mind. Truth be told, these amino acids are an absolute necessity for protein creation.

4) Good for your heart

Horn seeds are useful for your heart’s wellbeing since they are wealthy in omega acids that help keep your pulse typical. Thus, you can lessen your danger of coronary illness.

In cannabis seeds, arginine makes your veins reluctant and loose. In this way, you can handle your circulatory strain and be in danger of coronary illness. As indicated by numerous reports, cannabis seeds improve recuperation after a coronary episode.

5) Contribute to the prosperity of the entire body

On the off chance that you drink cannabis seeds routinely, you can keep away from a ton of infections and appreciate extraordinary by and large wellbeing. Likewise, cardiovascular advantages help lessen your danger for some mental conditions, dementia, and Alzheimer’s illness. Thus, these seeds are useful for your physical and psychological well-being.

To put it plainly, these are only 5 of your essential explanations behind cannabis seeds.