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dwarf marijuana seeds

What are dwarf marijuana plants, and why should you use auto-flowering seeds?

Dwarf autoflowering? Here are which cannabis seeds can generate them.

Among the most famous marijuana seeds, we find auto-flowering seeds, prepared and created by cannabis growers as they generate plants that bloom automatically.




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The standard cannabis seeds, like our Rainbows ones, bloom according to the seasons, based on the quantities of light received during their development. However, with auto-flowering cannabis seeds, plants bloom after a specific time (usually very short) regardless of the seasons.

It allows producers to have a constant harvest and to be able to plant seeds at any time of the year, always taking into account the weather conditions which – if you choose Outdoor cultivation – must not be too harsh.

You should also know that dwarf marijuana plants are born from autoflowering seeds, with a much smaller size than seasonal flowering ones.

What are dwarf autoflowering marijuana plants?

Dwarf autoflowering cannabis plants, as you have read previously, are born from autoflowering seeds (which are, in general, are also feminized). They are lower than the standard because the seeds are issued from the cross between feminized plants and Ruderalis cannabis plants. The latter is, by nature, smaller than the Indica and Sativa.

Productivity is also lower than with seasonal plants, precisely because the stem is lower, and consequently has a small number of branches.

Dwarf auto-flowering plants begin to bloom when they have reached a particular stage of development. Therefore their flowering depends on age and not on the photoperiod (as opposed to seasonal plants that usually bloom after the summer solstice).

Marijuana autoflowering seeds develop plants that bloom automatically after a few weeks, which can range from 2 up to a maximum of 6 weeks. Consequently, the flowers reach full maturity in less than 10 weeks.

What are the benefits of dwarf marijuana plants?

Many farmers choose to plant autoflowering seeds for particular reasons. Here are the following ones:

  • The autoflowering cannabis seeds are very easy to grow and dwarf plants that arise require little space. Consequently, you can choose to grow them Indoor, even in a confined space (always being careful not to grow the plants too close to each other, to avoid mould and pests).
  • Autoflowering plants don’t require as much attention as seasonal flowering cannabis plants do. Autoflowering seeds are particularly useful in regions with colder climates, where starting outdoor cultivation is inconvenient during long periods of the year. Those who cultivate Outdoor can organize themselves better to avoid the cold, precisely because of the fast flowering of dwarf cannabis plants.
  • Even if the yield is clearly lower than the standard plants, the flowers of the dwarf seedlings are born and mature in a short time. Therefore, it is possible to start a succession of crops in a decidedly limited period. The low yield is consequently not a significant disadvantage, as it can be recovered by planting other seeds immediately after the harvest.
  • The autoflowering feminized seeds are generating plants up to 99.9% of the female gender. As a result, growers must pay close attention to the fact that there may be some male species among the plants. Standard seeds, on the other hand, do not present this peculiarity. Therefore, growers must be careful to eliminate male plants promptly before they pollinate female ones. Pollination stops flowering and involves the development of cannabis seeds.
  • Having genes of the Ruderalis species, auto-flowering plants are very resistant to cold, even sudden temperature changes, pests and moulds. They can be grown outdoors almost all year round, only by avoiding the coldest month or months.

But are there also cons?

The disadvantages of dwarf cannabis plants.

Dwarf plants generate significantly fewer flowers than standard cannabis plants. Consequently, the volume of the crop will also be lower. It can be a disadvantage for farmers looking for massive yields (and who can’t afford a vast space to grow standard seeds Indoor, so they don’t necessarily look for dwarf seeds).

To optimize photosynthesis, autoflowering plants can be kept in very bright light during the flowering period. However, this may lead to an increase in electricity costs.

Due to the Ruderalis genes, autoflowering plant flowers usually have fewer cannabinoids than standard plants. The difference is not so significant, but it may not be enough for those looking for very high THC and/or CBD percentages.

Seeds that generate dwarf autoflowering or seasonal plants: what is the best?

The answer to this question depends on the needs of the individual grower. If you can dedicate yourself assiduously to cannabis plants, and if you are looking for a nig harvest and you have a large space for Indoor cultivation, then feminized (but not auto-flowering) hemp seeds could be the best choice.

If, on the other hand, the space for indoor cultivation is small, you are not very expert in the matter, and you are looking for fast blooms. In this case, then the best cannabis seeds are the auto-flowering ones.

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Dwarf Marijuana Seeds

Showing all 11 results

Critical Autoflowering Seeds

  • THC 16% – 18%
  • CBD 1%

Easy Bud Seeds – Auto-Flowering

  • THC 12% – 14%
  • CBD 1%

Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower seeds

  • THC 18% – 22%
  • CBD 1.5%

Lowryder Seeds – Feminized

  • THC 14% – 20%
  • CBD 0.2%

MK Ultra Seeds -Feminized

  • THC 18% – 22%
  • CBD 3%

Pineapple Express Autoflower Seeds

  • THC 14% – 18%
  • CBD 0.1%

Purple Kush Autoflower Seeds

  • THC 15% – 20%
  • CBD 0.2%

Royal Dwarf Seeds – Auto-Flowering

  • THC 12% – 15%
  • CBD 0.1%

60 Day Wonder Seeds – Auto

  • THC 11% – 14%
  • CBD 0.1%

Critical Fast Bud Auto Seeds

  • THC 17% – 20%
  • CBD 1%

Phantom Cookies Seeds – Feminized

  • THC 15% – 18%
  • CBD 0.5%

Table of content

Dwarf Marijuana Seeds

The widespread use of marijuana has prompted people to grow cannabis in their home gardens. This is to avoid the ridiculous prices and long queues in the dispensaries. By growing your own batch of marijuana, you are assured of quality and potency. You only cultivate the strain that meets your needs.

While many marijuana users are open about using weeds, some are still closeted users. This is where dwarf autoflower seeds come into play. People can grow pot either for personal or medical use discreetly. This guide is for everyone looking for small and compact cannabis strains cultivated in tight spaces such as closets, flower beds, and balconies. Lucky for you, our online seed shop has a variety of dwarf seeds to choose from. Read on to find out more about dwarf seeds.

What Are Dwarf Seeds?

Dwarf seeds give marijuana plants with a small structure, with most strains growing up to four feet high. They are the best if you want to grow cannabis plants discreetly because you can plant them in your closet, balcony, or garage. The best thing is you don’t have to sacrifice quality or potency because most dwarf marijuana plants have high THC levels.

If you are looking to grow dwarf weed seeds, you must look at various strains before settling. Sativa cannot be classified as dwarfs because they grow into very tall plants. Indicas fall into the dwarf category as they have short plants, but some can get up to 6 feet (180 cm) high. However, your best bet is Ruderalis, as they give the shortest autoflower strains, with the highest going up to 3 feet (90 cm) tall.

How Are Small Cannabis Seeds Made?

There are several ways to make small cannabis seeds, and the surest way is by crossing Ruderalis with Indica. Because both Indica and Ruderalis cannabis plants have short statues, you are assured that the resulting strain plant will be small.

Alternatively, you can wait for mother nature to create its own version of dwarf weed plants, of which most are hybrids.

Why Should You Grow Dwarf Seeds?

    Less Space
    If you don’t have a lot of space set aside for growing cannabis, no worries, go with small cannabis seeds as they do not take up a lot of space. You can cultivate several plants on your balcony or in a small grow tent.
    Alternatively, you can grow feminized dwarf seeds to eliminate the possibility of having male plants. This allows you to maximize your grow space, leading to higher yields.

Cons of Growing Autoflowering Dwarf Seeds

    Low Yields
    Autoflowering cannabis plants yield pale compared to regular cannabis Indica or Sativa. This is attributed to their short stature.

Buying Dwarf Seeds

If you are looking to grow autoflowering dwarf seeds, the number of online seed shops can overwhelm you to make a hurried decision. Can you imagine buying dwarf weed seeds online only to plant them and get towering marijuana plants? But we are here to ensure that you don’t make that mistake.

You can never go wrong with seeds from our seed shop; we are a trusted and highly rated online seed shop. We have a variety of autoflowering dwarf seeds on Dutch Seeds Shop. Buy from us, and you will not be surprised a few weeks after planting because our dwarf seeds are precisely that, dwarf.

Where To Grow Dwarf Weed Seeds?

Their short stature makes it ideal for growing in various places. Their best feature is their ability to thrive in tight spaces, meaning that you can cultivate them in closets, garages, balconies, or between other plants. Better yet, small cannabis plants are highly tolerant of a range of weather conditions because of their Ruderalis lineage.

Top 6 Dwarf Weed Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) Seeds – Auto-Flowering

Girl Scout Cookies Auto is an Indica-dominant strain with significant levels of Sativa (60% Indica/40% Sativa). The strain THC content ranges between 18 – 22%, making it the most potent, shortest autoflower strain in this list. It is produced by crossing (OG Kush x Durban poison) with Ruderalis.

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Girl Scout Cookie bud taste and smell are very much the same; a mixture of fruity, incense, and Kush. The strain’s high THC composition and low CBD levels provide users with a balanced cerebral high that is relaxing. The high lasts for several hours.

It can be pretty challenging to grow Girl Scout Cookies Auto seeds for beginners but a breeze for growers with prior growing experience. GSC auto grow in mild climates and excel both indoors and outdoors. Girl Scout Cookies dwarf weed seeds produce short plants with a brief flowering period that lasts from 56 to 63 days. The yields are pretty decent for someone growing for personal use as indoor cultivation produces 1.6 – 2 oz/ft² (500 – 600 g/m²), while outdoor crop yields about 2.5 – 5 oz (70 – 150 gr) per plant.

This strain is a perfect nightcap. It can also treat chronic pain, inflammation, and cramps.

Critical Fast Bud Auto Seeds

If you are looking for Dwarf autoflower seeds with a quick turnaround time, Critical Fast Bud auto seeds are your go-to. This is because it has a brief flowering period of 35 – 42 days, after which you are rewarded with bountiful buds. This dwarf marijuana plant is easy to grow and thrives in mild climates. It is a product of a three-way cross between Afghani, Skunk, and Ruderalis. These autoflowering dwarf seeds contain 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.

As you inhale this delectable bud, diesel flavors hit your tongue, leaving behind sweet sensations. The high THC content (17 – 20%) offers you a cerebral buzz that uplifts your mood and relaxes you. The high mellows down and creeps in your body, and within no time, you will be glued to your couch. It is a perfect strain for managing pain, stress, and anxiety. It is ideal for the weekend or unwinding after a stressful day as it induces deep relaxation, thus sedative.

When Critical Fast Bud is grown indoors, you have a simple time monitoring nutrient levels, temperature, and humidity. Therefore you are guaranteed to get huge and dense buds coated with a thick layer of resin. Indoor yields range from 1.3 – 1.6 oz/ft² (400 – 500 g/m²). Outdoor yields will range from 2.4 – 2.8 oz (70 – 80 gr) per plant.

Royal Dwarf Auto Seeds

Royal Dwarf is the shortest autoflower strain and a blend of Skunk No. 1 and Ruderalis genetics. The strain’s genetic composition is 10% Indica, 60% Sativa, and 30% Ruderalis. Royal Dwarf seeds plants reach a maximum height of 2 feet (60 cm), making them ideal for indoor cultivation.

These autoflowering dwarf seeds grow very fast, and after 9 to 10 weeks, they are ready for harvesting. The strain’s buds are dense and compact with 15% THC content. If you are a fan of Skunky smells, this bud is for you. Skunk and sour sensations hit your tastebuds on the inhale, and sweet hints on exhale offset it.

The strain offers you a cerebral buzz accompanied by an energetic boost and a strong feeling of happiness. The potent high creeps in your body, giving you a heavy-bodied high that is sedating; some users attest to feeling aroused after smoking Royal Dwarf strain.

If you decide to grow Royal Dwarf weed seeds indoors, you should expect the yields to range from 0.5 – 0.65 oz/ft² (150 – 200 g/m²). Outdoor plants excel in warm climates and the yields range from 1 – 2 oz (30 – 80 gr) per plant.

Purple Kush Auto Seeds

Purple Kush is an Indica dominant strain (75% Indica/25% Sativa) that boasts sweet and fruity flavors. It is a cross between Purple Kush and Ruderalis Hybrid. Growing this dwarf marijuana plant is relatively easy for novice growers and thrives in warm climates.

The strain is best grown indoors, and after a flowering period of 56 – 63 days, you are rewarded with 1 oz/ft² (300 g/m²). If you are planning to grow Purple Kush auto seeds outdoor expect yields from 1 to 1.8 oz (30 – 50 gr) per plant.

It is among the shortest autoflower strains with high THC composition ranging from 15 to 20% and negligible CBD levels. Users love this strain because of the euphoric and relaxing high that is ideal for relieving pain and stress.

60 Day Wonder Seeds

60 Day Wonder is a potent Indica strain with 90% Indica and 10% Sativa. It is got by crossing William’s Wonder and Ruderalis. It is easy to grow and thrive in warm climates. The fantastic thing about growing 60 Day Wonder dwarf seeds is that you can get a maximum of 6 harvests from this seed in a year as it has a brief flowering period of 56 – 60 days.

The seeds produce short and stocky plants perfect for indoor and outdoor cultivation. If you are looking to grow high-yielding dwarf autoflower seeds, this is not for you as the yields are pretty low. With indoor plants, you can expect approximately 1 – 2 oz (30 – 60 g) per plant and 1.4 – 2.8 oz (40 – 80 gr) per plant for the outdoor crop.

The 60 Day Wonder strain THC levels range from 12 to 15%. This strain is popular for inducing a euphoric and relaxed high, leaving you feeling happy, calm, and sleepy. When taken in low doses, it gives one a confidence boost, making you more sociable. It is also ideal for content creators as it enhances your creativity levels, filling you up with mind-blowing ideas. Irrespective of the strain earthy flavors, the strain is smooth on your taste bud as it has a piney flavor with notes of citric at the end.

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Quick One Auto Seeds

Quik One is classified among the fastest-growing autoflowering dwarf seeds. These dwarf seeds are easy to grow, and their flowering period lasts from 5 to 6 weeks. These dwarf autoflower seeds thrive in cold climates, and their short statues of about 1.5 feet (50 cm) make it possible to grow this strain both indoors and outdoors.

These small cannabis seeds are among the first autoflowering strains got with the help of the original autoflowering strain, Lowryder. The strain contains some Northern Lights, Williams Wonder, and Mexican Ruderalis genetics. Irrespective of the plant’s small and compact nature it yields pretty high yields, with indoor plants producing about 1 oz/ft² (300 g/m²). On the other hand, outdoor crops produce up to 5 oz (150 gr) per plant.

The strain THC content ranges from 10 to 12%, and it is incredibly relaxing and calming. This strain can be pretty potent and sedative, just as you would expect from an Indica dominant strain. Quick one strain is suitable for treating pain, insomnia, appetite loss, and muscle spasms.

Final Thoughts on Dwarf Marijuana Seeds

If you are looking forward to cultivating marijuana discreetly, dwarf autoflower seeds are your best bet. They will help you avoid nosy neighbors, and within a short time, you get to enjoy your hard work by harvesting quality and potent buds.

We’ve provided you with a list of the top six dwarf seeds on our website. Please choose the one that meets your needs.

Dwarf Autoflowering Feminized Cannabis Seeds for Sale

Get the best cannabis seeds you can grow indoors even if you live in a small apartment or dorm with dwarf auto-fem seeds. Our dwarf auto-fem seeds are among the finest strains, the best quality strains, ready to grow indoors. Choose from our large collection of dwarf auto-fem seeds perfect for recreational or medicinal growers. You can get these seeds at the most affordable price when you take advantage of our free shipping and free seeds for qualified orders.

What are dwarf auto feminized seeds?

Dwarf auto-fem seeds are cannabis seeds that will grow into small plants (dwarf plants) with automatic and feminized qualities. These strains are perfect for growing cannabis plants indoors as you don’t need a lot of space to cultivate your plants. Dwarf plants are small, perfect for growing inside a tent, closet, or cabinet. Dwarf cannabis plants are also great for growing cannabis stealthily indoors. If cannabis growing is illegal in your country or region, you might consider stealth growing as no one will suspect that you’re growing cannabis in your home.

Aside from the plant’s size, dwarf auto-fem seeds also have automatic and feminized properties. These strains will automatically flower, with no need to use a special light schedule, unlike photoperiod strains. These are also feminized strains, so all your plants will be female plants. There’s no worry about accidental pollination of your female plants.

Why use dwarf auto feminized seeds?

More and more growers use dwarf auto-fem seeds because of the following reasons.

Dwarf auto-fem seeds are smaller than other strains

Dwarf strains are the smallest, some plants are no more than 40 cm tall! With this size, you can grow your plants indoors even in small growing places including apartments and dormitories.

Dwarf auto-fem seeds reduce the need to remove male plants

Auto feminized seeds are handy as you don’t need to remove male plants in your garden.

Dwarf auto-fem seeds will bloom quicker than other strains

Expect early-blooming only 7 to 9 weeks when you grow dwarf auto-fem seeds. Because of this short life cycle, you can grow weed twice or thrice a year.

Dwarf auto-fem seeds will let you grow cannabis stealthily

If growing cannabis is illegal in your area, you can grow cannabis stealthily with dwarf auto fem seeds.

Are there special techniques to grow dwarf auto-fem seeds?

Dwarf auto-fem seeds are the easiest to grow as these plants have the best growing qualities that most growers love. As these are dwarf seeds, you must grow your plants indoors to protect these from pests, molds, and harsh weather. We recommend cultivating this type of strain indoors so you can better monitor your plants.

Dwarf auto-fem seeds should be cultivated in good soil; organic soil is the best to promote good yields and the best plant health. We also recommend bright CFL or LED lighting to improve yields. Monitor temperature and humidity inside your growing area to avoid pests, molds, and common cannabis plant diseases.

Use only organic cannabis plant food to ensure good plant health. Organic plant food has all the nutrients your plants need but remember, use only nutrients that match your plant’s growing stages.