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dwarf low flyer marijuana seeds

Dwarf Low Flyer Auto Flower Cannabis Seeds

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Dwarf Low Flyer Cannabis Seeds

Dwarf Low Flyer Cannabis Seeds is perfect for all beginner growers as it is one of our easiest strains to cultivate. Along with a 6 week growing time and a short height, this is perfect for growing indoors. This little gem has been very popular among other Cannabis Seeds. The popularity comes from the fact that it grows only 2 feet. The short branches are close and appear stout. In addition, Dwarf Low Flyer will begin to flower at 13 to 18 hours of light per day. The THC value is at 15% allowing for an easy high. The make up of Dwarf Low Flyer is 70% Indica, 20% Sativa, and 10% Ruderalis.

This perfect little product comes all the way from Spain. The offspring is a cross between low Rider, Ruderalis, and Early Girl. Dwarf Low Flyer is a resinous plant that gives an amazing scent and aroma. If you are looking for a good smoke, smaller quarters to grow, then you have found the perfect strain for you.

Effects of Dwarf Low Flyer Seeds

This very popular auto flower, gives off a sweet and smooth taste when inhaling the effects of our marijuana strain. Dwarf Low Flyer does not pack a powerful punch, and it is perfect for those times you are just looking to relax. Medically DFL is perfect for fighting stress, depression, and pain. There are many euphoric qualities and because of the 15% THC, this will leave you happy, patient, and feeling great. There are many companies that we have bought from for Dwarf Low Flyer seeds. Each one we test and try among many clients so that we can gather information on what strain is working best. Once we do find the best Cannabis Seed for a given strain we like to stick to that one product as it gives our customers the most success.

How does Dwarf Low Flyer Grow?

Growing our Dwarf Low Flyer is very convenient in that you only need a small space to grow. The branches stay low and the buds are very compact on the 2 foot high plant. This specific seed is very productive and fast growing. Therefore it requires less effort for cultivation. However the more attention you put into this type of plant the more consistent buds will be produced.

Dwarf Low Flyer Auto flowering Cannabis Seeds is ideal for growing indoors and outdoors. The indoor yield is approximately 250 grams while the outdoor yield is just a bit more at 350 grams. Because this is a fast growing Auto Flower, flowers can be seen within 45 days after germination. The plant height is under the short category sitting at 50 – 60 cm. If you are considering to grow outdoors, just take note that the scent of this plant is very strong. Lighting does not have to be varied as you only need a min of 20 minutes of light each day. Low maintenance, smaller plants with great yields, this is one seed that is very popular in many collections.

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26 reviews for Dwarf Low Flyer Auto Flower Cannabis Seeds

Samantha R – August 20, 2021

Was really happy when my dwarf low flyer autoflower arrived the other day…now I feel a lot better about my purchase. I can already see their little weed heads popping out of the ground. I was very excited to watch this stuff pop out of the soil, very beautiful stuff, and It’s gonna be a while till I get the flower, but I am counting the days till harvest. Hooray!

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Samantha D – August 24, 2021

Fire up that Dwarf low flyer and get ready to blaze…I love this weed, it’s so powerful and indicative of my inner lioness! I smoke this and go for long runs or bike rides and usually go deep into the woods or the desert if I can! I love the smell and taste of mj, but this one takes the cake, it’s suuuper strong, makes for a great aromatherapy session lol. This website has a great online selection and they always come through with fast delivery!

Brian D – August 31, 2021

When you smoke dwarf low flyer, you are set to have an amazing evening. It’s sooooo relaxing and uplifting and it makes for a great backyard grow. Ordered myself 3 seeds online and they shipped out FAST. I got them in the ground one week later, and with the warm weather, these babies grew suuuuper tall. I feel amazingly fortunate to have found this weed.

Zara S – September 2, 2021

This Dwarf Low Flyer is some fancy weed, like top-shelf stuff. Has a VERY funky taste, pretty wild and wonderful and makes my fingers feel all sensitive and tingly….Yummm, what a great strain, never fails to put me in a great mood, cause this hybrid is where it’s at, a sweet and pungent flavor, you can smell it down the street. Trust me you will NOT regret this purchase.

Pedro D – September 7, 2021

Built few low tunnels of Dwafr Low flyer in the backyard. They are really really easy to build and they make growing weed so much easier, especially a nice short, stocky strain like this one. It’s a very productive grow, with some sweet and smiley vibes when you finally get high. I say go through the process and buy yourself some weed. It’s gonna change your life.

Denis R – September 9, 2021

I’ve been having trouble sleeping as of late, and my usual sleep meds do not seem to be working. My doctor recommended I take some medical mj and boy was he right! I ordered these seeds online from PSB and had them delivered right to my door. An excellent variety for insomnia. I grew this Dwarf low flyer in the backyard and after only a few months had a nice size yield! Now I sleep through the night like a baby!

Samantha J – September 10, 2021

I love the sour flavor of this Dwarf low flyer weed, it wakes up the senses and puts me ina good mood. Great buzz in the head and very relaxing for the body. I feel so calm yet alert when I smoke this and love sharing it with friends. I am stoned as I write this, and let me tell ya, this is some Grade A weed, I will definitely be back for more!

Carin D – September 11, 2021

Dwarf low flowered really quickly, and I was expecting it to take a lot longer, so that was a great little surprise.

Lourdes D – September 13, 2021

Dwarf low flyer it’s super tingly in my fingers and great for my body in general, I ride my bike downtown and get to work and find I am more productive. Well worth the effort!

German B – October 14, 2021

Dwarf low flyer is a worthy grow and a worthy smoke that helps people like me with stress and depression and social anxiety! I totally just tried this out on a whim, I ordered 3 seeds and they shipped out suuuuuper fast! I got to growing them right away and just winged it. I did pretty well all things considered, got like 8 ball jars worth of sticky dank weed off 3 plants so hooray for me. Great earthy taste and a really relaxing buzz!!

Beatriz J – October 19, 2021

I started my homegrown back in my basement a few months back and it’s been doing pretty darn well so far, Dwart Low Flyer plants look AMAZING in my basement under all the grow lights and everything. What a great buy, and it was so easy to do online.

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Marissa W – October 21, 2021

Got a few Dwarf Low Flyer seeds to start and am definitely gonna buy some more. It’s good stuff, this site always delivers the goods, and I am feeling very very fortunate!

Jordan G – October 26, 2021

Dwarf Low Flyer it’s really chill, like suuuuuuuuper chill, and it helps me deal with all kinds of stress and depression, and even the anxiety levels are going down on the daily, which is just great.

Jallie D – October 28, 2021

This Dwarf Low Flyer is a very uplifting strain…it feels good in the body and in the mind, and it’s pretty easy to grow, even for inexperienced growers like myself. I honestly just decided to try it out. I was feeling a little jumpy cause I was so low on weed, then decided to take matters into my own hands.

Daniel Duke – November 2, 2021

Try this Dwarf Low Flyer strain out and you’ll be happy you did. It’s hella tasty and really nice on the body. It’s good for smoking after work, and when things quiet down for the evening. I find it can make me groggy if I smoke it during the day. Makes me happy too, and it’s got a very interesting flavor…kinda spicy….definitely a good grow and great buy!

Calmina K – November 4, 2021

It was pretty awesome bought this Dwarf Low Flyer strain, it was pretty easy to grow too, planted them right in my backyard. Love the smell of this weed, herbal and earthy and spicy. Delicious! I wouldn’t smoke this at work though because it’ll make you tired, but well worth the wait till you get home!

David Leon – November 10, 2021

Better than a trip to the bodega down the way, gets me super stoned and helps with depression. Got a nice yield from these Dwarf Low Flyer plants, probably 850g in total after about 4 mo of growing. Not too bad considering this is my first time doing this. I want to try again, probably indoors next time, but the outdoor grow was good, solid green and pink nugs, pretty cool stuff overall, definitely gonna do it again!

Kylie Wunn – November 12, 2021

I don’t know what to say….I have thought about growing this Dwarf Low Flyer weed for such a long time, and now that I have finally just gone and done it, it turned out so much better than I could have expected. The smell and taste are strong and also very enjoyable, helps me manage my pain and stress levels, gives me all kinds of good fuzzy feelings, kinda like wrapping myself in a blanket on the couch at night, so relaxing. I Looooove this weed:)

Sandra Wall – November 16, 2021

I wanted a mild weed that was there to help with my stress and depression. I never liked getting super baked….I prefer a low key buzz that exists mostly in the belly, and that’s what this Dwarf Low Flyer weed does for me. It’s a very earthy taste and it helps tremendously with all those things I just mentioned. It’s fun to grow and you really can’t beat the price. Well worth the effort and definitely a good buy!

Sasha Ferry – November 23, 2021

Been smoking Dwarf Low Flyer for ages, has been my favorite strain since I was a teenager. Got myself 5 seeds, really nice way to start out, really made me feel relaxed and happy, helps with stress and depression also, and it makes for a great midnight smoke if you’re having trouble sleeping. Have been feeling more relaxed lately, pretty amazing stuff!

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Summer Louise – December 7, 2021

This Dwarf Low Flyer weed is all kinds of amazing, it helps with stress and depression and gives me a great little head buzz in the evening to get me excited about the day. Have been smoking this weed for ages though, and this was my first time growing it. Gotta have this stuff around ALL THE TIME! It’s the best way to de-stress and really helps me stay social too, great buy yall!

Jazmin Wilkers – December 10, 2021

Been smoking Dwarf Low Flyer for ages, has been my favorite strain since I was a teenager. Got myself 5 seeds, really nice way to start out, really made me feel relaxed and happy, helps with stress and depression also, and it makes for a great midnight smoke if you’re having trouble sleeping. Have been feeling more relaxed lately, pretty amazing stuff!

Sandy Salem – December 15, 2021

How about you try out this Dwarf Low Flyer weed and then smoke it at your next birthday party. You know, like a present to yourself? You’re not gonna be disappointed though, northern lights is a pretty rockin’ time with some great little vibes that make doing artwork soooo much fun and exciting, I’ll totally buy more of this weed in the near future, won’t you join me?

Ericka Walters – December 22, 2021

MMMmmmm I love that good taste, it makes me feel like a true winner! I got my Dwarf Low Flyer seeds delivered in the mail 5 months ago and am just starting to see buds forming on the plant. It’s a remarkable sight to see your plant finally produce smokeable flower, and I feel very fortunate for everything I have gotten from this company. I’ll totally keep coming back for more weed.

Kaleigh B – January 27, 2022

I worship this weed, I love its relaxing flavor and taste and definitely enjoy growing it in my backyard. Nobody is gonna tell me otherwise cause it’s legal here in Oregon and I am pretty excited about all that. Well worth the time it takes to flower, honestly, it’s fun to watch it grow and transform. You will definitely enjoy this marijuana, just like I do. It’s gonna make you feel so relaxed!

Dannie Stanton – February 2, 2022

Dwarf Low Flyer is a really nice blend between indica and sativa. It’s not the easiest strain to cultivate but it offers a lot of good vibes if you do it right. It’s pretty prolific too, makes for one heck of a garden plant, cause everyone in the neighborhood will be jealous you know? I definitely enjoy this weed, wanna buy it again, and again, and again!

Dwarf Low Flyer Marijuana Seeds By

Red Dwarf is a rarer strain of cannabis that is an autoflowering plant. This trait comes from its cannabis ruderalis genetics, which is a third variety of the plant that’s usually not bred due to its lower THC content. The wonders of selective breeding from Buddha Seeds have resulted in seeds that grow to adulthood in an incredibly short six weeks. This strain’s squat, small plants are easy to grow in smaller spaces, making it a popular choice for growers who want something simple and fast. Indica-dominant, Red Dwarf will eventually make you sleepy, but not without some relaxed euphoria first.

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