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dispensaries that sell marijuana seeds michigan

Northern Michigan’s One Stop Shop From Seed to Sale.

Bay Mills Indian Community has a longstanding reputation of excellence in customer service, and we plan to continue that care at Northern Light Cannabis Co.

From seed to sale, Northern Light Cannabis Co. goes the extra mile to make sure our cannabis is pure, the prices are fair, and your customer experience is something to write home to mother about.

As a locally owned and community operated dispensary, we believe in cultivating good marijuana and great relationships with our customers. We have the knowledge, experience, and safety measures in place to ensure your cannabis indulgence — whether you are a novice or a regular — is a positive experience. We look forward to making your part of our family and community!

How to sound legit in Michigan’s marijuana world: 26 words to know

When Michiganders voted to legalize marijuana for adult recreational use, they opened the door to a whole new lexicon of terminology for cannabis connoisseurs.

So here are some terms you’ll need to know if you plan to indulge once marijuana legalization goes into effect in early December and becomes commercially available in 2020:

Cannabis: The actual plant that produces hemp and the psychoactive drug used for medical and recreational purposes (where it’s legal).

Indica: One of three families of cannabis, known for producing a relaxing high.

Ruderalis: The least common family of cannabis, known for quick flowering. It is sometimes bred with indica or sativa to increase the speed of growing.

Sativa: One of three families of cannabis, known for its energizing effects. Also known as a means to treat depression, stimulate appetite and reduce nausea.

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Blunt: A marijuana cigarette made by dumping the tobacco out of a cigar and replacing it with marijuana.

Bong: A glass, ceramic or plastic device used to smoke marijuana that also has a chamber for water to cool the smoke before it’s inhaled.

Budtender: The person who consults with marijuana customers at dispensaries and sells the product.

Cannabinoids or CBDs: The chemical compounds found in cannabis. Some of the compounds contain THC and others don’t, but they can be used in creams and oils for pain relief.

Dab: A smaller quantity of cannabis concentrate, which, when mixed with a heat source, turns to vapor and is inhaled. The product is vaporized using a dabber or dab rig.

Edibles: Marijuana-infused products (also known as MIP) — cookies, candies, gummies, butters and drinks — that are meant to be consumed rather than smoked.

Flower: The hairy, often sticky bud of the marijuana plant that is used to smoke or infuse in a variety of marijuana products.

Grow lights: An artificial light source, often used with LED bulbs, used by people home-growing cannabis plants indoors.

Hash oil: An extract of cannabis that is smoked or vaporized.

Hemp: The fiber of the hemp plant that can be used in ropes, fabrics and paper.

Joint: A rolled marijuana cigarette.

Kush: A specific and well-known strain of the indica cannabis plant.

Ounces and grams: The measurements used to sell marijuana.

Roach and roach clip: Once a marijuana joint is almost burned out, the small amount that’s left and the clip that’s used to finish off the joint without burning your fingers.

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Shatter: A type of potent marijuana concentrate used with a bong-type of device.

THC: Tetrahydrocannabinol, which accounts for the psychoactive effects — or high —associated with marijuana.

Terpenes: Chemical compound found in cannabis that produces the flavor and smell of the flower.

Tincture: Liquid form of marijuana dropped underneath the tongue.

Topical: A marijuana-infused lotion, balm or cream that is used to relieve pain. It produces no high since any THC in the product is absorbed through the skin.

Trim: Excess snipping of leaves from the buds of marijuana plants and used to make extracts, tinctures and edibles.

Vape pen: A battery-charged, portable vaporizer that uses prefilled cartridges of cannabis oils. Similar to an e-cigarette.

Wax: An especially potent and concentrated form of marijuana that is used with a vaporizer or bong.

Apothecare Recreational weed dispensary Ann Arbor


Apothecare Ann Arbor is a locally owned and operated organic cannabis company & dispensary. We are a team of friendly cannabis and wellness professionals who focus on cultivating high-quality organic cannabis products for the Ann Arbor community and the State of Michigan. We are Michigan’s first certified organic cannabis company and are committed to a sustainable, holistic approach towards cannabis cultivation and sales.


All of our in-house products are certified organic by an independent company, and all of our packaging is recyclable or biodegradable. Our cultivation method utilizes both regenerative farming techniques and modern science by combining no-till living soil practices, advanced energy-efficient environmental controls, and LED grow lighting. Our organic growing process allows each plant to express its best genetic potential and produce the highest quality trichomes, cannabinoids, and terpenes. We rely on a healthy, biologically diverse living soil and beneficial insects to feed and nurture our plants, without any reliance on synthetic inputs or fertilizers.

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Beyond recreational use, the State of Michigan recognizes cannabis as an effective treatment for many medical conditions such as chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. We carefully breed and nurture our cultivars to provide the desired effects of either uplifting, relaxing, or balancing the mind and body. Whether you want to try cannabis for the first time or you’re an educated patient, our medical team and expert Apothecarists are here to help guide your journey towards better health. Start by setting up a private, virtual medical consultation with our licensed in-house physician, Dr. Lisa, by clicking the link below.


We take pride in all of our organic cultivars but one of them has gotten some very special attention. Our Sundae Driver cultivar won 1st place for indoor flower at a premier national organic cup. With a smooth and creamy flavor, this cultivar produces a mellow and calming buzz that is great for all day consumption. Find some balance with our organic cup winning Sundae Driver by clicking the link below.


Enroll in our A3 Fam Rewards Program to start earning and redeeming awesome rewards today! Click below to sign up! Our Apothecarists can also provide more details if you’d like to call, email, or chat with us.