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discreet marijuana seed shipping

Most discreet seeds store online

Hi I’m planning to buy some seeds, I have 0 experience in this field since the country I’m living or my home country are illegal.

Base on the community experience, which seeds online store has the most discreet packaging. Thank you very much.

Try to find a store that sells them in your country, it should be the safest way.

Livin in a country where weed is illegal so, I’m seeking for an online store

where do you live? i think i can find you one.

Taiwan and malaysia

Lol, like what kind of decoy they use tho? Toys? I’m sorry for asking such question Bcs base on Malaysia laws, it’s crazy strict over here. Thanks

Before you grow, do lots of research. Many people just think sticking seeds in the ground and adding water makes great cannabis. There are fine details, such as blooming period and how you need the light schedule to change. Best way is to order online and they ship discreetly. Good luck and have fun

Green Magic Grow Difficulty: Medium

Green Magic cannabis seeds take unsuspecting connoisseurs by surprise as if by magic. They bring a powerfully sedative, intensely narcotic body buzz that lasts and lasts. Green magic is reported to work like a charm for chronic pain, migraines, and sleeplessness while reducing stress and tension as she tingles her way down the spine.

Green Magic Cannabis Seeds

Green Magic cannabis seeds are a prime example of how all good things start with good genetics. Green Magic is the enchanting offspring of Amsterdam legend White Choco. Het other parent is Green Manalishi, bringing some serious G13 oomph to the mix. The resulting strain is a 60/40 indica dominant beauty. She holds a 19% average THC content and an interesting touch of CBD. Together, they culminate in an intensely narcotic body buzz. Don’t worry, though: Green Magic leaves your head free to wander euphorically – and that’s before you discover the medicinal potential…


In recreational terms, the effects of Green Magic are reported to arrive in a two-stage sequence. Those who consider a 19% THC average mild, be advised. First, the headbuzz announces itself with a tingly, giggly sensation. As happens often, where the head goes, the body must follow. Consumers note a hefty body stone creeping in after the cerebral buzz settles in, bringing couch lock and potential for sleepiness in its wake. Expect the Green Magic experience to last; fans of this strain soon learn that planning activities often proves futile whenever this strain is around.

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Flavour & Aroma

The taste of Green Magic cannabis would make a fine entry on a star restaurant’s desserts menu. Laced with tones of chocolate derived from mother White Choco, uplifting hints of spicy caryophyllene and mint enter the melange. The abundance of myrcene terpenes tops it all off with a pleasantly herbal aftertaste. If myrcene’s high-boosting capacity isn’t enough for you, then perhaps you will appreciate its added potential for pain relief and sedative effect. At any rate, the myrcene belongs in the bouquet just to ensure the taste of Green is not lost underneath all of the Magic.

Medicinal Potential

The longevity of Green Magic’s deeply narcotic headbuzz makes this a well-appreciated bedtime strain for those troubled by insomnia. This is partly due to a near-magical balance of terpenes and cannabinoids; beyond THC, CBD (1+%) and CBG (1+%) are most prominent. The sedative and analgesic potential of this strain has made it a trusted ally in the fight against chronic pain, headaches, and migraines. Uniquely, this is where the mixed indica and sativa influences really come into play. Green Magic’s usefulness against pain appears to work both for body aches and cranial pain symptoms. This goes a long way towards explaining why Green Magic cannabis seeds are such a popular choice for medicinally inspired home grown cannabis seeds these days.

Grow Info

Green Magic cannabis flowers are compact and elongated buds marked by a characteristic forest green hue. All along their length, a copious dusting of silvery trichomes is interspersed with fine, long pistil hairs. In grower terms, Green Magic marijuana seeds blend the positive aspects of sativa and indica strains. Sativa influences should be respected by allowing some extra time in the vegetative phase of the plant’s life cycle. In most circumstances, Green Magic will return the favour by speeding up the flowering stage.

Indoor results tend to be slightly more robust and reliable than outdoor grow yields, but the added genetics of the parent strains basically equips Green Magic cannabis seeds for high survivability both indoors and out. The relatively short flowering time in fact suggests a knack for northern outdoor grows, since an early start may well see the buds ready to harvest just before those risky early autumn weeks arrive. In terms of yield, Green Magic produces an ample load of bud which will live up to their heavy narcotic effect if carefully dried and trimmed.

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Canna Seed – cannabis seeds

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    Shipping terms


    Some of our packages are sent with a traceable service and can therefore be tracked online. This service is not available for all packages that we send. You will be able to choose the shipping method for your parcel on the checkout page.

    Orders within Austria are usually delivered next working day. Shipping within the EU usually takes around 5 working days. Shipping to countries outside of the EU usually takes up to two weeks, however in rare occasions it may be longer.

    Parcels that are shipped with GLS tend to arrive much quicker. Once your order leaves our warehouse, you will receive a tracking number which will provide a more exact delivery date and time.


    We ship to all countries worldwide, so please inform yourself, if it is legal in your country to receive our products. If your country is not on the checkout page, just send us an email and we will add your country for you !

    If you are missing your country in the ordering procedure please don´t hesitate to contact us – we will fix it !


    With Canna-Seed you don’t have to worry. Only you will know what your parcel contains. All our packaging is completely discreet and the outside of the package simply has your address, our (return-) address and the necessary postage information on it. Of course we will not use Canna-Seed, but C.S. Handels GmbH as sender’s name. Read more about our Privacy Policy.

    Would you like to play safe if the package is opened by someone else than you ? Then we offer you the option of Stealth Shipping: we hide your precious goods in the DVD case of a real movie DVD and if it is necessary we take the seeds out of their bulky original packaging (we attach snippets of the original package) and then the whole is again welded in clear film to make it look like a brand new movie DVD. For curious eyes the shipment looks like a DVD delivery. You can select this shipping option in the ordering process.


    1. While we strive to ensure your order is delivered in a timely manner, the customer and/or recipients are responsible for supplying full and correct delivery details at the time of purchase. Should inaccurate details be provided, Canna-Seed cannot be held responsible for any resulting incorrect delivery, delays, non-delivery or charges howsoever incurred.

    2. Canna-Seed will not be responsible for any losses incurred by the customer or recipients in non-recoverable carriage and/or importation costs associated with the delivery of any goods or their replacement howsoever caused.

    3. In the event of your receiving any faulty or damaged items, please contact us by letter or email within seven days of receipt of your order.

    Please do not return any goods without prior authorization. The customer will be responsible for any cost incurred for returning and insuring items, unless otherwise agreed upon.

    Only when the items have been safely received and inspected, will a refund be made. Original delivery costs and import duties are non-refundable.

    4. As per stated in our Terms & Conditions liability is transferred to the customers/recipient once an order leaves our warehouse. Should your parcel be stopped by customs because of its contents, Canna-Seed cannot be held liable.

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