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Cannabis Breeding: Crossing Strains To Find New Highs

Everyone has at least one strain that is near and dear to their hearts. And, it is likely that cannabis breeding has produced the specific effects and characteristics that make them like it. Even the old classics, such as OG Kush, Blue Dream, are still bred to increase potency, flavor and aroma, growing characteristics, appearance, and more.

Understanding cannabis breeding is imperative for growers and consumers alike, so let’s dive in.

What is cannabis breeding?

Cannabis breeding is the act of taking two different plants, and combining their genetics to create a unique offspring. Growers are able to create new strains by pollinating a female plant of one strain with a male plant of another strain. For example, OG Kush and Durban poison are bred to produce Girl Scout Cookies – a very popular modern day strain.

Growers also often breed specific phenotypes of a strain to try and create an even better version. This can be done to increase potency, achieve denser buds, or any other characteristic the grower finds desirable.

How has cannabis breeding changed the plant as we know it?

If you are old enough, think back to the best strains in the 80’s. They were low THC, had minimal fragrance, and left much to be desired visually. Plants grew tall and spindly, with lower yields.

Over the past 30+ years of breeding different cannabis strains, the plant has changed entirely. Now, buds are incredibly potent, flavorful, and have a serious nose. Plants yield far higher now, produce a way wider range of effects due to the exponential increase in different strains. Growers have worked hard to improve on their buds, and weed out plants that were producing less than ideal results. Cannabis breeding has led to better marijuana than ever before.

How to breed cannabis

Cannabis breeding may sound complex, but it is actually easier than you think. It doesn’t necessarily require any extensive lab equipment or hard work. We will walk you through the basic steps you will need to take to breed cannabis.

Step 1: Select a male and female plant to breed

Obviously, you will first need to decide on your genetics. Are you going to breed two different strains? Or are you going to try and create a stronger version of a strain you already love? Regardless of your method, one thing is for sure: you will need a male and female plant. You should select strong plants for breeding that show no signs of disease, wilt, or other undesirable characteristics. To be proactive about this, only source the highest quality seeds available. If you don’t know exactly what your plants’ genetics are, how can you predict what you will end up with? Remember that any strains you try and produce will contain the genetic makeup of your mother and father plant!

Step 3: Place your male and female plants in a breeding chamber

While it sounds complex and professional, a breeding chamber can be anything you want it to be. All that matters is the two plants are in a sealed environment, isolated from any other plants. The role of the breeding chamber is to prevent unwanted pollen from getting in, while ensuring the female plant receives all the male’s pollen. Make sure the growing environment is suitable for plant growth. Cannabis plants need a specific range of temperature, humidity, and air flow to grow to their potential.

Step 4: Veg the plants for a few weeks to let them grow

You don’t necessarily need to spend 2-3 months in veg growing huge plants with robust foliage, but definitely give them some time to grow and strengthen before you begin the exciting part of breeding. They should be given 18 hours of light followed by 6 hours of darkness to continue vegetative growth. This will help them get accustomed to their new environment, and prepare plenty of nodes for budding.

Step 5: Flip the breeding chamber to flower

After a week or two, switch the lighting schedule in your breeding chamber to 12 hours on, 12 hours off. This will signal the plants to begin flowering, simulating outdoor conditions where seasons change. The male will start to show his pollen sacks a few weeks into the breeding process, before the female begins to blossom flowers.

Male plants (left) sprout seeds, whereas female plants (right) blossom flowers.

Step 6: Agitate pollen from the male onto the female

Eventually, the male plant’s pollen sacks will begin to burst. The pollination process will happen naturally, but to increase your success rate and speed up the breeding process, you can agitate pollen from the male plant directly onto the female plant.

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As time goes on, the female will continue to flower, but will start sprouting seeds simultaneously. The female plant will then be what is called a “hermaphrodite”, displaying both male and female features. If you are trying to flower a female plant this is a bad thing, but in the case of breeding, it means we are on track for success. These seeds will contain a combination of the two plants genetic DNA, with unique phenotypes across the seeds.

Step 7: Harvest, dry, and germinate your seeds

Harvest the seeds from the female plant, and dry them. Once they are dry, you can germinate them, and start growing the plant you just bred! Germinate as many seeds as possible, to give yourself a wide variety of phenotypes to select from.

Improving your cannabis breeding process with backcrossing

After you sprout these initial seeds, you will be presented with any number of phenotypes. To ensure consistency and hardiness of your new strain, select the plant you like best. You will then need to refine your strain through backcrossing.

Backcrossing is the process of taking one of your offspring plants, and breeding it with one of your parent plants. This will strengthen that strains genetics, and ensure homozygous results from each future seed. You could also try inbreeding your

Remain patient while you practice cannabis breeding, as there will be a learning curve. Refine your process to breed the best cannabis strains possible, and remember that this is supposed to be fun!

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Chemdog: The Father of Kind Bud

Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski is a living legend of cannabis cultivation, and has long been referred to as the “Father of Kind Bud” in America. He is also Canna Provisions Director of Cultivation. Which means if you’re looking for where to find real Chemdog cannabis strains in the US, this is the place for you.

The exclusive 3 Dog Giesel only at Canna Provisions, as profiled in the April 2020 Northeast Leaf “Strain of the Month” centerfold story.

Where to buy Chemdog Strains

Canna Provisions is the ONLY legal cannabis dispensary to find authentic Chemdog grown strains and Chemdog genetics. As he himself is known to say when speaking to industry magazines and news outlets like Cannabis & Tech Today:

“I would say probably 85% of the stuff out there [called Chemdog] isn’t really what it’s labeled. They’re just throwing a label on it to sell it. A lot of the strains, I can take one smell and know this isn’t it. They just use the name.

I don’t want to mention names, but there are a few well-known celebrity brands out there right now claiming to sell Chemdog, and it’s just not Chemdog.” – Chemdog speaking to Cannabis & Tech Today’s Spring 2021

Chemdog’s Inception, Via High Times:

For those that need a refresher, let this classic 2016 feature in High Times by Danny Vinkovetsky, aka “Danny Danko” as the culture as known him for years. Danny Danko is a writer, photographer and formerly the Senior Cultivation Editor of High Times magazine. He selected High Times’ annual Top 10 Strains of the Year since 2005 and is also the creator and founder of the High Times Seed Bank Hall of Fame, author of The Official High Times Field Guide to Marijuana Strains and the book Cannabis: A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Marijuana. He hosts the podcast “Grow Bud Yourself”.

Chemdog’s exclusive 3 Dog Giesel strain found only with the Smash Hits line at Canna Provisions.

It’s June 1991 in Deer Creek, Indiana, and the Grateful Dead and their entourage are pulling into town for a two-night run. Little does anyone suspect that marijuana history is about to be made. The Dead’s tours had long been known as a nexus for cannabis trades and pot-seed dissemination, but these summertime shows at the Deer Creek Amphitheater are now legendary for more than just their three-hour set lists. Something happened on Shakedown Street that changed the course of cannabis connoisseurship forever.

Because these are the shows at which Chemdog, the man, discovered Chem Dog, the strain. Want to know more? You just gotta poke around ….

Yes you can poke around. Or as Weedmaps suggest, you just have to find where to find Chemdog strains, which in the Northeast will lead you to one main place: Canna Provisions.

That was the beginning. From there, classic strains like Chemdog (note: it’s the 30th anniversary of Chem 91), Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and more. Back in 2016, High Times even shouted out the fact their recent cover story singled out Chemdog for being of “astounding potency”:

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Chemdog and Johnny Greenfingaz, Canna Provisions Grow Manager and sponsored fingernail polish model (really).

In a recent High Times cover story, “The Strongest Strains on Earth 2016,” my colleague Nico Escondido detailed the astounding potency of the Chem Dog entered into our 2015 Colorado Cannabis Cup by Next Harvest. Extensive lab tests showed the strain reaching a new milestone, coming in at a whopping 32.13 percent THC—the first time ever that a strain entered in one of our competitions topped the 30 percent mark. This will come as no surprise to anyone who has smoked the pure Chem Dog, but it certainly confirms the strength of this sensi stalwart.

Stalwart indeed. And now you can find Chem 91, Chem D, Zookies, Wonka Bars, Chem 4, Wedding Cake, Purple Urkle, Chem Sis, Zkittles, Snowdog, just to name a few at Canna Provisions with the grown-by-Chemdog stamp of approval to it.

Chemdog Glass

And don’t forget, we’re also the exclusive carrier of Chem’s famous glass bubblers, chillums, hammers, bowls, and custom glass blowing work in Western Massachusetts.

About ChemDog Smash Hits

If you know anything about cannabis strains, there’s no doubt you’ve encountered one highly recognizable name in your endeavors: Chemdog. This strain is hard to miss with its pungent, diesel aromatics and tendency to deliver a distinctly happy high with a kick of creativity. You may have even smoked one of the many dog-derived strains over the years—Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and more.

What is a Chemdog Strain?

Today there are many different Chemdog strains as seed genetics have been tampered with over time. However, a true Chemdog strain is one cultivated by Greg (Chemdog) Kryzanowski. Who exactly is that? Read on.

Explore Chemdog Strains

Looking to explore Chemdog strains from his Smash Hits line? Here are some flower shots from SMASH HITS to get you in the mood:


Experienced and novice consumers will find fast onset and a sometimes intense cerebral, happy high which gives way to couch-lock body relaxation. Sleep sometimes comes faster than expected.


Strong, balanced uplifting side of things, mood enhancer that skews productive and talkative with an overall relaxing and dreamy high.

ChemDOG S1

Uplifting and euphoric for productivity and mental sharpness that crosses back into subtle and satisfying, deep body high ideal for a post-work wind-down without a knockout punch.

This is flower from the ORIGINAL 30 year old cut of Chem 91, and its exclusively at Canna Provisions while inventory lasts.


Strong head high that has legs, mood uplifting and creativity/focus booster. Crowd pleaser.

EFFECT: Strong head high that has legs, mood uplifting and creativity/focus booster. Crowd pleaser.


“This is one of my favorite tasting strains out of this first batch because it reminds me of that old-school Afgooey flavor of earth, pine, and spice.” – Chemdog

This is flower from the ORIGINAL 30 year old cut of Chem 91, and its exclusively at Canna Provisions while inventory lasts.


Gassy sativa notes of diesel, rubber, and a vanilla finish.

This is flower from the ORIGINAL 30 year old cut of Chem 91, and its exclusively at Canna Provisions while inventory lasts.

Chemdog: The Legend Behind the Strain(s)

Some call him Greg Krzanowski, others prefer to call him Chemdog, and he even gets labeled as “Chemdawg,” even though that’s wrong—it’s D-O-G and never D-A-W-G. Here at Canna Provisions, we call our well-known Director of Cultivation “Chem”.

Chem raised, protected, and tended the beloved OG Chemdog plant for nearly 30 years. His love-at-first-smoke experience led him to carefully cultivate the plant in a closet, in his apartment, and everywhere he went throughout most of his adult life. In spite of having to relocate the mother plant several times over the years and even getting raided by the feds in 2011, Chem kept his prized strain alive and provided clones.

Legal Chemdog is the Best Chemdog

Now, with adult-use cannabis finally legal in Chem’s home state of Massachusetts, he is stepping out of the shadows to bring his strain to the frontlines of cannabis, legally. Best of all, he’s bringing his 30 years of experience to the Canna Provisions dispensary so customers get access to legitimate Chemdog cannabis, new Smash Hit strains, and a truly authentic experience.

Looking Back: The History of Chemdog Cannabis

Whether you believe in fate or not—the Chemdog strain came about through a chance encounter. Chem decided to hit up a Grateful Dead concert back in 1991 in Deer Creek, Indiana. During his trip, he met up with Joe Brand and PBud who handed over an ounce of what they were calling “Dogbud.” Chem was so impressed with the strain, he managed to nab a few more ounces to take back home with him to Western Massachusetts. As luck or fate or destiny would have it, Chem pulled out no less than 13 of those magic seeds from his weed. Four of those seeds yielded three gorgeous females, one of which became Chem 91.

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Chem 91

Chem 91, known as her alias “Chemdog,” quickly became notorious for her smooth, flavorful toke and uplifting effects. Today, Chem 91 is a highly sought-after, 30-year-old strain that has been the roots of some legendary offspring like OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Chemdog has grown to be such a popular strain that strains slapped with the same name often get pushed by even well-known celebrity brands. Yet, there is only one true Chemdog, made famous by the one true man.

The ChemDog Smash Hits

So, what happens when you bring a true cannabis-cultivating legend out in the open? You get access to his authentic Chem 91 grown directly from the mother plant herself. BUT, you also get all those crossbreeds and new varieties the legend has propagated over the years. This group of strains, which includes the notorious Chem 91, are known as the Smash Hits.

The Smash Hits craft cannabis line is a collection of top-shelf strains, some of which have already gained notoriety because Chem has been building the collection for over three decades. A few of the strains you’ll find in the collection include:

Up Close and Personal with the Chemdog Strain: The Real OG

It was the combination of the aromatics and the effects of the Chemdog strain back in the day that told young Greg Krzanowski he was onto something incredible. It is these very traits that have made Chemdog so legendary.


Chemog’s is a hybrid with a strong Sativa lineage, but the full lineage is a bit questionable. However, research has pointed to the likelihood that the strain is consistent with Thai and Nepali genetics.

Flavors and Aromatics

Chemdog’s dominating terpenes deliver this powerhouse of diesel-filled, earthy aromatics—you can almost always smell this strain long before you open the bag. While the initial hit comes across the tongue as pungent and earthy, notes of citrus and pine dance along the back of your tongue with the finish.

Top Reported Chemdog Effects

  • Uplifting effects
  • Happy vibes
  • Euphoric giddyness
  • Relaxing body high
  • Creativity-inducing

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