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critical purple auto marijuana seeds

Critical purple auto marijuana seeds

The Critical Purple of Seeds66 is an indica variety originating in the Kush Mountains. This strain is famous for its high THC content. We crossed an original clone with our Seeds66 Ruderalis. Despite the Ruderalis genetics she is still a “hard hitter”

The Critical Purple Car smells very sweet and flowery. Its sweet, rosy taste is a treat for cannabis connoisseurs. It is a pure Indica and therefore perfect for relaxation. It is also great for relieving pain, reducing stress and as a sleep aid.

The Critical Purple Auto delivers good yields and is very easy to grow. Indoor it will not exceed 1.2 meters. The rule is 80 cm.

feminized and autoflowering
CBD content: approx. 1%
THC content: 18 – 21%
Harvest days 55
Yield inside: approx. 450g / m2
Harvest in the open air. up to 200 grams / plant

Critical Purple – Feminized Seed

This seed strain is highly recommended for its therapeutic use, because thanks to its powerful relaxing effect it mitigates the pain and produces a muscular relaxation. It is perfect for combating insomnia as it has a relaxing and narcotic effect.

Critical Purple has a sweet, fruity citrus flavor that makes this strain one of the favorites of any expert. It gives off a strong aroma that you will never forget. A real delicacy on palate.

Critical Purple comes from the cross of a cutting of the well-known Critical Bilbo with our male Somango. In result, we have obtained a medium-sized hybrid of fast flowering (the crop will be ready in 50-60 days of flowering) and easy cultivation.

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The origin of this precious strain is Afghan. Critical Purple is suitable for SCROG and for growing both indoor and outdoor. It produces generous crops with compact buds, covered with resin to the leaves, which in cold temperatures acquire purple tones.

It is a plant that has the typical pattern of growth of the sativas strains but with a much faster flowering process, producing dense and compact buds as the indica strains.