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cinderella99 x tangilope marijuana seeds


Cinderella99 x Tangilope Fem
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Planning To Grow Your Own Cannabis: Expert Tips To Take Note Of

hese are exciting times for weed enthusiasts. With more and more states legalizing cannabis consumption and cultivation, this is high time to start growing your happy green buds.

If you are wondering where to start, what all you need to know, Don’t worry, mate. Here is a guide that will help you with all the information you need for a splendid yield.

Prepare Before you Plant

Though many people might argue that growing marijuana is a difficult process, I won’t agree.

Of course, it is a bit of nuanced art and goes beyond just throwing a few seeds in your backyard and watering them; but in the end, when all the effort bears fruits, I mean flowers. All the time, effort, and money invested get justified.

Before you start, assess the amount of space you have for your marijuana cultivation. Decide the method of planting accordingly.

You can use advanced design innovations if you need to maximize the space. Horizontal and vertical grow rooms are great in maximizing the available space.

Research, research, research and research some more to get the process and stages of growing absolutely clear in your head. After that, make a list of all the equipment you need for each of the stages. This will also allow you to understand the financial investment you need to make as well as the time you need to commit.

Seed Selection

When it comes to choosing the seed, many new growers start with seeds they get from the bag of weeds. In fact, I had started my weed growing journey years ago from seeds that came with my favourite weed. However, I do not recommend the same for beginners.

I personally like getting seeds from the seed banks that sell online. Seeds from online stores are cultivated by expert breeders and have stabilized genetics. They also have a guaranteed chance of maturing well and producing a heavy, high-quality harvest. Generally, the breeders also provide the specific needs of the strain, and you can choose them depending upon the climatic conditions suitable for you.

Feminized seeds grow the densest buds laced with psychoactive trichomes. The darkest deeds are the most potent. Typically Indica seeds are larger with a striped surface. The Sativa variety is smaller, with smooth skin devoid of any marks.
Store the seeds in a dry, cool and dark corner. The cannabis seeds stay potent for a long time. I have had healthy plants germinating and producing a rich yield from seeds kept for two years.

The Right Set-Up

If you are growing your cannabis garden outdoors, it might not require much effort. You might require getting the best seeds, germinating them, and taking the usual care of the plant with water and nutrients.

However, an indoor weed garden takes quite a lot of work and prowess. You must plan for certain things. Decide on the growing medium first.

Growing Medium

You can have your cannabis plants growing in either soil or water. However, with hydroponics for growing cannabis in water, you need to have a lot of hands-on experience as a gardener. They also need extra care and patience. Therefore, soil is the best medium for a newbie like you.

Loamy soil is the medium of choice for cannabis plants. You can either purchase commercial potting soil or prepare organic living soil on your own.

Light Setup

If you are growing indoors, this will be the most crucial piece of information you need. You need to create artificial day and night time for your babies. To do that, you can choose from fluorescent or LED lights.

In my opinion, LED lights are the best. They get installed so easily! These lights also have almost no heat emission and penetrate deeper than the fluorescent ones. They are also energy-efficient, which ensures that I can run my setup using minimum electricity.

Choose the traditional incandescent bulbs if you are on a budget. They are easily available and cost less. However, they might prove to be more expensive in the long run as these bulbs use a lot of electricity and get burnt out fast. They also emit a lot of heat and must be balanced with a cooling system.

The temperatures during the ‘daytime’ will depend upon the type of lights you use.

Other essentials

You also need to ensure that you have a steady supply of water in your growing area to get your plants nourished.

You will also need a hygrometer and a maximum-minimum thermometer to monitor the temperatures. Go for the digital ones, if your budget allows.

Nutrients Requirements

Soil pH has to be checked before planting. The basic testing strips do well. Limestone or peat moss can be used for adjusting the soil pH.

While you water the soil, pay heed that the soil needs to get moist and not too wet. Roots can get rotten with too much wetness.

Organic nutrients and good bacteria are great for nourishing cannabis plants. Pay heed to the specific nutritional needs of your plant in each stage. The seeds do not need external fertilization as they already have adequate nutrients. When the plant starts flowering, it might need an external supply of fertilizers.


Marijuana seeds can be sowed in soil or germinated in moist paper napkins. The seeds must be kept moist and warm with sufficient air circulation. Tiny seedlings should emerge within a week.

Choosing Container

Medium-sized deep containers with drain holes at the bottom are the perfect choice for potting marijuana seedlings. The holes underneath allow air around the roots to circulate and prevent them from rotting.

With correct pruning, the plants should produce a large number of dense, big buds. To do that, chop off the smaller stems. The plant would then channelize all its energy into the main branch. This will ensure fewer, more potent and fuller buds.

Maintain Balance

As most growers would agree, growing marijuana is an act of balance. It is a fine art to create balanced conditions for the plant. Ensure that you provide the right amount of water and temperature. Do not overwater them. Place the lights strategically as the lights raise the humidity. If the heat and humidity are above the optimal level, it will result in poor yield.

While feeding the plant with nutrients, take extra care. Often overfeeding does more harm than good. Sometimes plants might also die from overfeeding. Observe your plant growth well to find the right balance of nutrients for it.

Do not plant too many plants in your growing area. A crowded growing room is not only difficult to take care of, but it does not leave room for the buds to grow well.

With the right care, only a handful of plants can bring you great results.

Past Issues

Often new growers spray the young plants with pesticides beforehand with the notion that it will prevent plant attack. In fact, something opposite happens. These pesticides damage the balance of the soil and stunts plant growth.

Pick appropriate pesticides and follow the dosage instructions carefully only if you come across pests. Try to use organic pesticides and avoid chemical variants as much as possible.

You can also check out the beginner seeds section at i49 for some of the easiest growing strains. Most of the varieties grow into sturdy, pest-resistant plants that produce enviable yields.

Signing off

I hope this guide has covered all the points you need to keep in mind while planning to grow your own cannabis, and you have great fun while growing your own. Here’s wishing you a healthy harvest and a huge dose of good luck.

Basic Cannabis Guide: How To Grow Cannabis In The Best Way?

Growing weed is a fantastic hobby or a job.

You might be wondering, “how can weed growing turn out to be a hobby?”

Well, my friend, you are working with GOD’S CREATION, and you will get the chance to learn more about biology and how exactly nature works.

However, the most exciting and best part about growing marijuana is the result, which every cannabis enthusiasts dream of.

But HOLD YOUR HORSES! Growing cannabis is not that easy as it sounds. I actually thought the process of growing marijuana to be as exact as growing flowers.

That’s not how it works!! Also, simply buying lightings, tents, and various other supplies cannot help you gain success in growing weed.

There are steps that you have to understand and follow. For that, I will be your guardian angel and provide you the best way to grow these plants.

Growing Cannabis: Steps To Grow Them!

Here, in this section, you will come across some of the most practical steps that will help you grow weed like a pro.

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I personally did a lot of research on it, and I am sure it will be highly beneficial for you!!

These steps are:

1.Choose Your Location

When you have successfully obtained your favorite cannabis strain from, and you now have to decide where you wish to grow them. You can either grow them indoors or outdoors, according to your need.

When you grow the plants indoors, it will be a lot more private than outdoors. It will also allow you to have a lot more control over your cannabis plants. But let me tell you this, growing cannabis indoors will be surprisingly cheap, especially when planning to few plants.

Honestly, the amount of control you have while growing your plants indoors is nothing compared to growing them outdoors. If you are an indoor grower, your plants will be 100% reliant on you to survive. When you don’t provide all the things that your plants need, they will eventually die.

For all the outdoor growers, it will be a lot cheaper when they get started. Why? Well, it’s because they will not require to grow lights as the plants will receive fresh and natural light from the sun.

You must pick out the correct strain so that it can live within the environment. Doing so will make growing outdoors a lot cheaper than you think. But the only problem is, they are not that secure or protected like the indoor method.

Your plants might get eaten by animals, or you might find bugs on them as well. But you know what’s the worst out of them? PEOPLE STEALING YOUR PLANTS.

Yes, it’s true! I caught my neighbors stealing some of my cannabis plants from my backyard one afternoon! I was DISAPPOINTED and boiling with anger!

Keeping all these scenarios in mind, it is wise to choose a location according to your needs.

2.Medium You Should Use

You can grow your weed on numerous mediums, and the most common is soil.

But there are several other mediums, and each of them carries its own set of advantages and has different water requirements and care. Take a look!

a. Aquaponics. [Using the aquarium and the fish as a growing medium]

c. Hydroponics. [Well-known for providing most significant yields and faster grows]

d. Soilless mix. [You can succeed in anything except pure soil, such as perlite or coco coir]

e. Aeroponics. [Growing with the help of roots suspended in misty air]

If you are an amateur or a first-time grower, I will highly recommend you use the soilless mix or soil. It will become a lot easier for you to set your own personal growth, and you will also learn to water the plant properly.

3.Choose The Right Nutrients For Your Weed

If you are a soilless grower and growing your weed on super composite soil, your plants will instantly receive the marijuana nutrients from the soil. This will allow you to make sure that your cannabis plants produce well.

But if you are using amended soil, such as the FFOF, there is one step pending. You still have to add nutrients once your plants reach the budding or flowering stage. It’s because marijuana plants are viewed as heavy feeders, and they use up a lot of nutrients still, the flowering time begins.

Growers utilizing the hydroponics method to grow their cannabis will obtain nutrients specially made through hydroponics. But some nutrients are pretty specific. For instance, the Canna Coco is formulated for cultivating cannabis in Coco Coir.

To all the hydroponics growers, listen up!! Take my advice and go for the General Hydroponics Nutrients Trio! This will surely help, and you can thank me later.

4.Choose The Grow Lights

Grow lights are highly essential for your plant development. The better the lights, the bigger your yields will be. So, where to find good light? Well, that will depend on numerous things, such as electrical cost, your budget, etc. But there are several options through which you can choose the correct like for your cannabis plants. I have listed some of the options below. Take a look!

1. Sunlight: Outdoor growers will receive light naturally from the sun. It’s free, powerful, and pretty effective for your weeds. You must take full advantage of the sunlight as it will help you receive maximum yields.

2. High-Pressure Sodium or HPS Lights: The HPS lights use a particular technique where the sodium gets pressured within the bulb while connecting to a certain voltage. It will provide a bright yellowish light source and is used by many commercial growers.

3. Light Emitting Ceramic or LEC Lights: These lights have been around for a while now. They are pretty similar to the HPS lights because they also have the power to work under pressure, produce plenty of light, and require their own front switch.

5.Maintain The pH Levels

Properly maintain the pH level is highly crucial when growing cannabis plants. Not supporting them will lead to nutrient problems.

Do you want to test them? Well, I suggest you test the pH of the water right before you think of watering the plants.

But there are several types of grows where you don’t have to test your pH until you experience any problems. It’s because a properly composite super soil, you will have a microbial colony, which is residing within the soil.

This will help take care of the pH and will hand-deliver all the nutrients to the roots of your cannabis plants. Even though it’s a rare exception within the pH testing rule, every grower must continuously test the pH levels right before they think of watering their weed.

Signing Off

Growing cannabis can be a little challenging for all the first-time growers out there. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy for seasoned growers. You have to follow the proper steps and methods carefully to avoid making any mistakes in the middle.

On the other hand, I believe that the steps I have provided here will surely help you!

They are useful and effective simultaneously, and you will not face any problems if you follow them correctly.

Go through them well, and then think of proceeding further!

Take care and good luck!

Top 10 Errors By Cannabis Growers And Their Probable Solutions

Growing cannabis is one of the most convenient and rewarding ways to enjoy the highly preferred quality buds with the substantial effect you need. Growing cannabis is similar to growing vegetables, with specific requirements needed for healthy growth.

However, having optimal growth of your cannabis plants is not as easy as it sounds. With a single error or mistake in the growing process, you can end up with a poor quality harvest, which you would not have expected.

It is common to make mistakes while growing cannabis, especially if you’re a new grower. This is why we prepared a series of top 10 errors made by cannabis growers, along with their probable solutions for your better knowledge.

You can also look at the expert’s opinions on this issue at leading cannabis supplier websites such as So, get ready to dig into this article and get a proper insight into the mistakes. Here we go!

Mistake #1. Using Cannabis Seeds With Poor Genetics

Irrespective of whether you’re a well-experienced or new grower, you must not buy cannabis seeds with poor or bad genetics. It is nothing but a wastage of your money and hard work.

Poor genetics will yield a poor-quality harvest, no matter how skillful or determined you are. Seeds with poor genetics fail to grow at times, and even if they do, the results will not be satisfying.

The best probable solution is to research the seeds before buying them and purchase from a trusted or reputed supplier.

Mistake #2. Using Average Soil From Garden

This is the most common error made by cannabis growers. You have to understand that the cannabis plants need a specific balance of nutrients in the soil, which the average soil fails to meet. The quality of soil plays a crucial role in ensuring the optimal health of cannabis plants. One of the most common errors is not obtaining soil with all the nutrients in the right proportion.

Don’t be an average grower! Verify if the soil suits your cannabis seeds and choose the soil consistency with nutrients. Doing so will help the cannabis grow optimally throughout the life cycle for that particular seed or strain. Even for germinating seeds, you must select the soil that will help them thrive in the best way.

Although you will be feeding your plants throughout their growth cycle, there is no harm to start with soil that already has essential macronutrients like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus in the right composition.

For the growth of auto-flowering cannabis seeds, you must remember that they don’t require much feeding, thus requiring a different type of soil. Meanwhile, photoperiod plants need a high source of nutrients in the soil throughout the growth cycle.

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The probable solution to choose soil for auto-flowering cannabis plants is a light nutrient mix with three parts peat moss, three parts compost, two parts of perlite, and 1 part of vermiculite. Ensure to choose a soil with a rich yet light texture that crumbles easily in your hand.

Mistake #3. Grow Lights Hanging Too Low/High

It is crucial to place the grow lamps or grow lights in the correct position and height. If not, then it can adversely affect the overall growth of your cannabis plant.

If the grow lights are too high, your plants will not get sufficient light to meet their appetite. It will lead the plants to use up their stored energy to meet the light requirement, resulting in thin and weak plants.

If your grow lights or lamps are too low, your plants will become hot easily. This additional heat will cause burn damage to the leaves, affecting the overall growth and quality of the plants.

The best solution is to place the grow light or lamp 1m-1.5m away from the plants.

Mistake #4. Overfeeding Or Underfeeding The Cannabis

It is one of the most common mistakes by amateur growers to overfeed or underfeed their cannabis plants. You must know that cannabis is sensitive to excess or deficit nutrients in its growth cycle.

It can be harmful to your cannabis growth, so try to learn about the right proportion of feeding for your cannabis plants. You must also learn the signs to identify unhappy cannabis plants that show improper growth signs.

The best solution is to feed your cannabis plants with a large number of macronutrients, which are nitrogen (N), potassium (P), and phosphorus (K). A general rule of thumb is an NPK proportion of 3:1:1. The early stages of growth require 1:3:2 NPK ratio, while the late flowering stage needs 0:3:3 NPK ratio.

Mistake #5. Improper Or No Flushing On Cannabis Plants

Many growers tend to do flushing in their cannabis plants as an urgent measure to resolve nutrient lockout or overfeeding. This is a crucial step to be taken by every grower as an immediate solution. However, it has become a tradition not to use flushing unless the situation mentioned above arises.

It is a common error which you must avoid. Flushing at the right time before harvesting the crops is beneficial. Flushing two weeks before the harvesting period improves the quality of the cannabis obtained by detoxing the excess or remaining chemicals on them.

Based on the desired color you need for harvest, you need to determine when the buds are ready for flushing. When a majority of the trichomes reach the needed shade, the time will be right for flushing.

Mistake #6. Harvesting The Cannabis Plants Too Early Or Too Late

If you want to end up with a successful and satisfying harvest, you have to ensure the right timing to do it. Harvesting your cannabis too early or too late poses a threat to all your hard work. This is one of the most common mistakes made by growers, which can easily be resolved with some appropriate knowledge.

You can always keep a magnifying glass in hand. If your cannabis growth is on a macro level, check for the yellowing of fan leaves. This happens when the nutrients direct towards the buds in the flowering stage and completes upon the final flushing. This indicates that your plants are close to harvest.

If your cannabis is on the micro-level, you have to check its pistils and trichomes. Trichomes are small, mushroom-like glands responsible for producing cannabinoids and terpenes such as CBD and THC.

Take your magnifying glass, get close to the buds in the early stage of flowering, and look if they have tiny glands with a translucent appearance or not. You will notice it to turn cloudy with amber coloration.

If you want a stimulating high, harvest the buds when it’s cloudy. If you want a high stoning effect, then wait for most of the trichomes to turn amber in color.

Also, check if the pistils have turned from white to orange during the maturity of the flowers or not. If you notice 70-90% of these pistil hairs to change their color, you can aim for harvest.

Mistake #7. Not Following The Safety Rules

Many growers feel bored and tend to avoid the safety measures in their grow room. There are many cases where the entire cannabis plants or buildings have burnt down due to inadequate safety measures and considerations. This can be a dangerous and life-threatening mistake.

You must know that you’re working with heat, electricity, and water in a small space or room. So, it is essential not to mix them up.

The best solution is to ensure safety layout, keeping the area clean and hygienic, managing the electric cables, and taking extra precautions while watering the plants.

Mistake #8. Use of Incorrect pH Level

If you want your cannabis plants to thrive efficiently, you have to ensure the correct pH level for them. If you don’t maintain the proper pH level, you will face several issues with your cannabis growth. This type of error can lead to nutritional deficiency in your plants. So, if there is any sign of an issue in your plants, check for the pH level before making changes to its feeding pattern.

So, it is crucial to have a proper understanding of assessing, managing, and amending your pH level for the cannabis plants for their optimal healthy growth. A pH level of 5.8-6.2 is the best solution for your cannabis plants.

Mistake #9. Not Doing Proper Research

You can easily avoid all of these above-mentioned problems if you would’ve done proper research. Growing cannabis is an easy, simple, and exciting task once you understand every detail, method, step, and trick involved in it.

Most growers tend to overlook finding out those details and rush towards their preparation with the desire to achieve the best results.

The only solution to these problems is knowledge. As the quote says, ‘Knowledge is power.’ So, take advantage of the internet, dig into various articles and gather as much detail as possible.

Mistake #10. Bragging Too Much About It

Grow Privately! Grow Secretly! It is a natural human behavior to brag about something that you achieved after so much hard work.

However, bragging about your cannabis cultivation can be a significant error or mistake if growing it is illegal in your state or country.

The primary reason behind the cannabis growers getting caught is not the police chasing them down or looking for them, but their own slip of the tongue or show-off attitude.

So, don’t make a fool out of yourself and enjoy growing quietly. You can use good-quality ventilators to get rid of the cannabis smell and enjoy tasty buds without any hassle.

So, hopefully, from this comprehensive guide, you have learned about all the errors that growers usually make willingly or unwillingly. Ensure to learn from their mistakes and not repeat them while growing cannabis.

Tangie Family in the World of Marijuana

Nowadays people wake up rolling a joint of Tangie, like who has a cup of coffee in the morning, this is due to the enormous popularity that this variety has garnered among cannabis growers and lovers. Not only have bud stoners fallen in love with this strain, but extract fans are also raving about Tangie because rich extracts like hashish can be obtained due to the delicious terpenes of this genetics.

This strain makes its brand new appearance in the 90s in California with its unmistakable and deep orange aroma as well as its energetic effects that have attracted millions of marijuana fans around the world. Without a doubt, Tangie and her descendants have a place earned in the marijuana hall of fame, be it for its potency and effects, for its great medicinal benefits, for being a perfect strain for extract, and above all, for its incredible taste.

The fame of Tangie crossed the seas until she reached the acclaimed Coffee Shop in the Netherlands where she became a fanatic band that does not stop marveling at her great qualities, this has also led to her genetics being able to win different cannabis cups all over the world. world, placing it in the olympus of marijuana.

Tangie is so loved in the world of cannabis


Tangie is a cross between California Orange and a Skunk variety, a mixture that ensures a great harvest and delicious buds with spicy Skunk notes and covered with a great layer of resin. Something similar happens with their incredible descendants such as Tangilope, 24k Gold, Tangie Auto and Cindirella99 x Tangilope.


The tangerine aroma is noticeable in this variety and its flavor as well, which you will feel in each smoke on your palate. This aroma is balanced with notes of Skunk that are flying around your nose and that surely help you to wake up and motivate a morning that starts slowly and with some laziness. Also, we want to tell you that vaporizing Tangie at low temperatures highlights its juicy and sour flavors that come from the terpenes that dominate in this variety. Myrcene is the main terpene that dominates in Tangie causing its citric orange flavor and softer sweet tones of skunk notes. Other terpenes that provide unique flavors and aromas are Humulene and beta caryophyllene, despite being a citrus variety, Tangie does not concentrate terpenes like Limonene to a great extent, since it is a secondary terpene for this strain. Therefore, beta-carophyllene can be highlighted as one of the main terpenes because it provides the sweet flavor that people like so much.

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Tangie buds are remarkable since they concentrate a light green color and their hairs turn orange when ripe, on the other hand, the trichomes take on amber-orange tones when they reach their point, for this, it is recommended to continually check the flowers during maturation to avoid errors and cut early or late and thus obtain the best buds of this strain. Another highlight is its structure that is usually fatter and expanded towards the sides than elongated. This structure allows you to fill every corner with a thick sticky resin that will surely remain impregnated on your fingers when you harvest Tangie or when you trim your buds.


Tangie punch is intense and fast with a euphoric, cerebral, and mus social character, especially to share with friends on an afternoon at the beach or lake. Another important quality is that it helps lift your spirits and keep people focused. These effects are what have made Tangie popular all over the world, starting with his birthplace, the West Coast of the USA. Attention medicinal cannabis users because next, we are going to talk about the benefits of Tangie for them. This beloved strain of cannabis has good medicinal effects because it can relieve pain, stress, depression, and insomnia, due to its balanced effects between energizing and relaxing. Some users report that it is a great strain to make cannabis edibles as it helps with digestive problems, poor appetite, and nausea.


Our Taangie, created together with Nikki and Swami`s, two cannabis gurus directly from California, allows us to bring growers this genetics in a feminized version with all the qualities already described in this article. Now, we want to highlight some fundamental points of this variety from Blimburn seeds bank. We emphasize that Taangie is a great producer of buds, indoors it produces 450gr – 550gr/m2 while outdoor gardeners can harvest the same amounts of buds for each plant. The crops will only take 8-10 weeks to flower indoors and outdoors they can pick their crops in September. Regarding the flavor and aroma, the authentic taste of Taangie is maintained with citrus and sweet touches in addition to the classic lemon touches. The smoke is delicious and fragrant that lifts your spirits with its predominant terpenes of myrcene and limonene.

Descendants of Tangie

The descendants of Tangie are many and each one stands out for unique quality, be it for its effects, potency, production, or another characteristic, taking into account as a common point the exquisite flavor and aroma that they have inherited from their original Tangie predecessor. Here we will tell you the details of the top descendants of Tangie in the following lines.

Tangie x Chocolope

This mythical daughter of Tangie called Tangie x Chocolope is colossal genetics that is characterized by maintaining delicious flavors and blunt just like her mother, in addition, the effects are remarkable, since it causes a soft and prolonged high of a mental type, like a good sativa variety. Tangie x Chocolope concentrates citrus flavors, with fruity notes such as orange and sweet aftertastes, because myrcene terpene also dominates. On the other hand, the effect produces feelings of lazy smile with giggly style and a constant social spirit that stimulates conversations and a feeling of unequaled well-being with great happiness.

The effects ants described are due to the fact that the potency of this strain is medium because it only concentrates levels of THC ranging from 14% – 15%, therefore, it is unlikely that you will feel sensations of paranoia as occurs with other sativas with levels higher THC, on the contrary, it is a super friendly sativa genetics. Thanks to its energizing power Tangie x Chocolope is ideal for people who suffer from pathologies such as depression, stress, or fatigue, even to this type of people we can recommend it for its medicinal or therapeutic use. Another point in favor of this descendant of Tangie is that you will not feel mostly your dry mouth and heavy or dry eyes as occurs with other strains, on the contrary, you will feel a great freshness, due to the terpenes and delicious flavors and aromas that they will be impregnated on your palate.

24k Gold

The wonderful 24K Gold is an incredible cross of Kosher Kush x Tangie, that is why we put her in this list since she is a faithful representative of her mother, the above because she concentrates the best of Tangie. Unlike its ancestors and thanks to the Kush side, the flavor of 24k Gold is more citric with notes of piney and herbal tones, which makes it a bomb of extreme flavors and delicious aftertastes on the palate of any cannabis connoisseur. The aforementioned is due to the fact that in 24K Gold the terpene limonene predominates, which makes those citrus notes stand out. Now, if we talk about the effect, this variety produces mostly feelings of relaxation with great levels of well-being and gently induces you to sleep.

This makes it a special strain for users who suffer from depression, stress, or anxiety, as it helps them alleviate their bad being in a great way with incalculable amounts of happiness that will spread through their body with mental touches. None of this would be possible if 24k Gold did not concentrate high levels of THC that can exceed 20% and CBG portions that are around 1%, which makes it ideal genetics for recreational and medicinal users.

Tangie Auto

For all the growers who can’t wait long, we have Tangie auto at Blimburn seeds bank, these auto-flowering cannabis seeds are unique because they have the qualities of the feminized Tangie but are in record growing time. We say this because in a quick time of 75 to 80 days maximum you will be able to have your Tangie Auto weed plants ready, in addition, you have to use a series of factors that make it unbeatable for growers in a short time, who are looking for good and great harvest delicious buds. This autoflowering version concentrates all the flavors of its original mother, since it is citrus with sweet-fruity notes such as orange and lemon. Terpenes such as myrcene and limonene are maintained in Tangie Auto, highlighting fruity notes that give that fresh touch to your palate in each puff.

For its part, the potency is maintained at levels of 8% – 14% THC which makes each Tangie Auto lover have balanced effects in each smoke without suffering from overwhelming sensations, on the contrary, this version takes you on a flight rather, relaxed and calm, ideal for after a day full of stress or if you want to fall asleep and suffer from insomnia.

Cinderella 99 x Tangilope

This cross is from a combined anthology of two great genetics, on the one hand, Cinderella 99 stands out for its flavor and sweetness and on the other, Tangielope comes from a cross of Chocolope x Tangie. This blend makes Cinderella 99 x Tangielope a unique polo hybrid highly sought after by growers around the world. A characteristic of this strain is that it maintains the orange, citrus, and fruit flavors of its parent Tangie, but also the chocolate tones and obviously the sweetness of its Cinderella 99 side must be added. The combination of genetics is also noticeable in the effects it produces on its users who describe it as follows.

The effect of Cinderella 99 x Tangilope is characterized by having dominance of its parental Cinderella 99, that is, a powerful mental effect with a great high. The above is compensated by the rocking caused by Tangilope, which is more relaxed and calm for the same reason, in the end, people feel a sense of laughter and relaxation, ideal for sharing with friends. You already know all the details of Taangie and her lineage also, you know her descendants with all their details. Now you just have to buy the great cannabis seeds of these incredible genetics, either in feminized or auto-flowering seed format.