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cinderella99 x kali mist marijuana seeds

Cinderella 99 x Kali Mist Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

With a name that describes exactly what they are, these Cinderella 99 x Kali Mist Feminized Marijuana seeds are a fantastic new addition to our new collection. Shipped directly from Crop King Seeds, enjoy direct shipping to all parts of Canada and the USA.

A fantastic new hybrid, comprising of the very best genetics from both parent strains. Enjoy the dense, golden nuggets the Cinderella 99 strain is famous for, with the creative and stimulating high associated with Kali Mist.

Completely stable, guaranteed to produce the very best female-only plants. These Feminized Marijuana seeds are available for sale in a choice of 5, 10 or 25 seed-packs. Choose the pack most suitable for your needs.

A very easy Marijuana strain to grow that requires little care or attention to produce a good quality harvest. High THC levels produce relaxing, stimulating effects. With sweet flavors and spicy citrus aromas quickly activating the taste-buds. Can help to stimulating the appetite, causing the ‘munchies’.

Cinderella 99 x Kali Mist Marijuana Strain Review.

Cinderella 99 x Kali Mist is a Sativa dominant strain that performs well indoors. The plants can quite tall, so techniques such as Screen-of-Green growing, super-cropping, bending and trimming are all recommended to help generate a more even canopy.

Completely feminized and guaranteed to generate the most vibrant female plants, these Cinderella 99 x Kali Mist Marijuana seeds can be successfully cultivated outdoors. Growers in southern US states with warm, sunny climates can grow the plants to complete maturity outside, harvesting around the end of September.

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Growing Feminized Marijuana seeds is always the best option for both indoor and outdoor growers. With no need to sex the plants, or rogue males appearing, every seed germinated will produce a good harvest of top-quality buds.

A great strain for beginners and more experienced growers alike. Cinderella 99 x Kali Mist Feminized Marijuana seeds have a natural resilience to pests, molds and many common plant diseases. Their slightly forgiving nature allows for minor errors, while still producing a good quality yield.

Given good conditions, plants can yield up to 350 grams of dried buds per square meter indoors, with similar, per-plant yields for outdoor growers in warm, sunny climates. The buds have a spicy citrus flavor and aroma, with THC levels of between 15% – 20%, generating a euphoric, energizing high.

  • Sativa dominant genes.
  • Flowering time 9 weeks on average.
  • Yields 350 grams indoors and 350 grams per plant outdoors.
  • THC content 15% – 20%.
  • Cerebral and focused high.
  • Can reduce pain and inflammation, combating arthritis.

Cinderella 99 x Kali Mist Feminized Cannabis Seeds For Sale.

Through our links with Crop King, you can now buy Cinderella 99 x Kali Mist online. Guaranteed direct shipping to all parts of Canada and the USA.

Well-known for their wide choice of Feminized and Autoflowering strains, enjoy a variety of pack sizes and payment options.

Enjoy big discounts on larger packs and receive free Cannabis seeds on all qualifying purchases.

Find out more when you buy Cinderella 99 x Kali Mist Feminized Cannabis seeds .

Cinderella99 x Kali Mist

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Cinderella 99 x Kali Mist Feminized Seeds guarantee female plants

All Crop King cannabis seeds are carefully handpicked, inspected and checked for quality.

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Kali Mist

Kali Mist was developed in the early 1990s, when many primo sativas from mysterious origins were gathered and selectively bred. Kali has had a series of fathers, creating slight differences based on time period. Seeds first sold under this name strongly resembled the typical Southeast Asian sativa, but an interim father in the 1990s gave the offspring a more Afghani look. With the new millennium, Kali’s third father has returned it to a strongly sativa appearance.

Kali plants grow to a medium height with long internodes and medium-long fan leaves. The plant’s structure is “open”, meaning it’s possible to see all the way through the sapce between the plants. This structure promotes good quality buds along the entire length of the stem because light can penetrate through the entire plant. Big individual flowers cluster closely together to form buds that are mostly leafless in 75 percent of the plants. The other quarter form a more traditional bud with many leaflets. On both types, glandular trichomes abound.

Seedlings are ready to flower after 30-40 days of vegetative growth, when they should be clipped to avoid undainly heights. Clones are ready for flowering as soon as they are rooted, about 3-4 days. Indoor growing is recommended, by any method, including sea of green. Kali can be attempted outside where long growing seasons prevail.

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With a sweet scent and flavor that spans both the sweet and spicy, this variety offers a cerebral high that leaves the mind clear and focused. Kali Mist’s effects have proven beneficial for medical users with multiple sclerosis, fatigue, and chronic pain. A popular choice among women, Kali Mist is a great all-day pot that can enhance energetic outdoor activities or more meditative, thoughtful pastimes.

1st place, High Times Cannabis Cup hydro division 1995
1st place, High Times Cannabis Cup sativa category 2000

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