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cinderella99 marijuana seeds

Cinderella 99 Seeds

Ask any cannabis grower — what’s the worst part about growing pure sativas or sativa-dominant hybrids? The long flowering period.

Aside from the long wait times, sativa-dominant hybrids unload ounces of psychoactive buds rich in fruity terpenes. In other words, sativa-dominant hybrids are a commercial cultivators’ dream — up until it’s time to flower.

What if you could grow a sativa-dominant hybrid faster than most indicas? Although you may think it’s a catch-22, we assure you — it’s not.

Meet Cinderella 99 — a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s beyond legendary status among cannabis cultivators. If your garden needs an ultra-fast sativa-dominant hybrid that packs on the weight and packs a punch — C99 is it.

Read along to learn everything about Cinderella 99, such as its humble beginnings, the effects of Cinderella 99 weed, and where to buy Cinderella 99 seeds.

Cinderella 99 Seeds – Strain ID:

Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Cannabinoids: 16-22% THC
Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene
Effects: Cerebral, Creative, Trippy
Landrace Strain: Princess x P94

Grow Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Harvest: 8 Weeks / 10 Weeks
Yield: >500g/㎡ / Up to 1,000g/plant
Height: Up to 3 feet/ >3 feet
(*Indoor / Outdoor)

The Best Cinderella 99 Feminized Seeds in 2022:

• 13-17% THC
• Harvest: 8 Weeks
• Yield: 500g/㎡

• Shipping Worldwide
• Germination Guarantee
• Credit Cards & Bitcoin Accepted

• 5 Seeds – $65
• 10 Seeds – $120
• 25 Seeds – $240

About Cinderella 99 Seeds


Cinderella 99 is a diamond in the rough.

Just like its namesake from the movie, Cinderella 99 originated from humble beginnings and a series of fortunate events.

Everything began in 1996 when MrSoul of BrothersGrimm Seeds visited a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. The coffee shop, Sensi Smile, was a well-known establishment to purchase authentic Jack Herer bud. MrSoul purchased a few grams of Jack Herer weed and eventually found a handful of seeds within.

Once home, MrSoul decided to germinate the seeds. After a few weeks, each seed germinated into a vigorous specimen. To MrSoul’s amazement, one phenotype struck his eye — and nose.

MrSoul understood that at least half of the genetics were Jack Herer. However, the unknown male that pollinated the Jack Herer female could have been anything.

As the unknown strain began to flower, the aroma of rotten meat and ripe tropical fruit was far too noticeable. As the strain began to ripen within a matter of weeks, MrSouls’ amazement turned into awe.

At this point, MrSoul began to call the unknown strain Princess. In his opinion, Princess had everything a grower could ever wish for — massive yield, mind-rocking effects, pungent terpenes, and an unfathomably quick flowering time.

MrSoul began a cubing process, where he backcrossed Princess three times.

During the cubing process, MrSoul used a cross of C99 and Shiva Skunk (P.94) to create the Princess’s final iteration. After months of tedious work, MrSoul achieved the holy grail of sativa-dominant hybrids. Once the first seeds were produced, MrSoul renamed Princess to Cinderella 99.

Since Cinderella 99’s introduction, there has yet to be a more coveted sativa-dominant hybrid to take its crown.

Growing Cinderella 99 Seeds

Now that you’re done reading about Cinderella 99’s epic introduction let’s look at some initial cultivation tips.

First, you’ll need to find genuine Cinderella 99 seeds. Luckily for you, regular and feminized Cinderella 99 seeds exist. Next, Cinderella 99 is a heavy feeder, and she’ll benefit from additional doses of calcium, magnesium, and silica.

Cinderella 99 is a slender plant, which means you must add support along her outer branches to avoid fallen flowers. As long as you pay attention to these issues, your experience with Cinderella 99 will be a breeze.

Grow Difficulty:

The Cinderella 99 strain is easy to moderately easy to grow.

For the seasoned cannabis cultivator, Cinderella 99 is a cinch to grow. However, most novices fail to recognize Cinderella 99’s voracious appetite and micronutrient needs. If you are new to cannabis gardening, follow the nutrient calendar on your fertilizer of choice and make sure to purchase CalMag and liquid silica supplement.

Optimal Growing Conditions and Climate:

The Cinderella 99 strain prefers a Mediterranean climate.

Cinderella 99 loves the spotlight, which means it can’t get enough sunshine. The optimal indoor environment for Cinderella 99 is a minimum of 600-watts of HID lighting. However, 1,000-watts will pump out a bountiful harvest of luscious C99 buds.

If you grow Cinderella 99 seeds outdoors, you must choose a sunny location. You’ll be surprised by Cinderella 99’s growth as long as its leaves are drenched in golden sunlight for most of the day.
Overall, Cinderella 99 prefers a temperature range of 70-84°F and a humidity level of 40-45%. Lastly, Cinderella 99 excels in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Flowering Time:

Cinderella 99 flowers in 8-weeks flat.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another sativa-dominant hybrid that flowers as fast as Cinderella 99. If you grow Cinderella 99 seeds indoors, you may find a phenotype done by the end of week 7. If you grow Cinderella 99 seeds outdoors, expect a bumper-crop yield by early September.


Cinderella 99 can’t help it — it glows with incredible qualities. One of these qualities is its ability to yield buckets of bud in no time.

If you grow Cinderella 99 seeds indoors, it may yield above 500-grams per meter squared. If you grow Cinderella plants outdoors, expect a monstrous yield of 1,000-grams per plant.


Can Cinderella 99 get any better? Yes.

Indoor cultivators and stealth growers rejoice — Cinderella 99 does not grow tall. Instead, Cinderella 99 is a compact plant with multiple branches.

However, if you plant Cinderella 99 early in the season and let it do its thing, you’ll be surprised by its vigor and spectacular growth. In most cases, growers choose to use the SOG or ScrOG method to cultivate Cinderella 99.

Resistance to Pests and Mold:

Cinderella 99 is incredibly resistant to common pests and diseases.

However, you must take preventative precautions to ensure a healthy crop and yield. You must maintain optimal environmental conditions in the garden. Additionally, you must physically inspect your Cinderella 99 crop daily.

Strain Description and Properties

The Appearance of Cinderella 99 Weed:

The appearance of Cinderella 99 is nothing short of pure royalty.

The flowers of Cinderella 99 sparkle with bright trichomes that’s reminiscent of a chandelier. The light green hue of the calyx is buried deep below the resin, and the pistils cluster throughout the bud.

Lastly, the medium-size flowers are woven tightly and are impressively dense. Overall, Cinderella 99 is beyond top-shelf. If there’s one strain that deserves a place in your head stash — it’s Cinderella 99 weed.

The flowers of Cinderella 99 sparkle with bright trichomes that’s reminiscent of a chandelier.

Dominant Cannabinoids Found in Cinderella 99 Seeds:

Cinderella 99 is dominant in THC.

Overall, Cinderella 99 produces between 16-22% THC. However, don’t let these numbers deceive you — Cinderella 99 has something up her sleeve that provides mind-bending potency.

Dominant Terpenes Found in Cinderella 99 Seeds:

WAs you unlock a jar of Cinderella 99, you’ll experience the one-of-a-kind terpene profile that mesmerized MrSoul in the 90s.

Even before the airtight lid comes off, an extreme wave of fermenting tropical fruit, rotten meat, and dazzling sweetness hits your nose. The taste is similar to the smell, but the tropical fruit sweetness takes center stage.

The three dominant terpenes in Cinderella 99 seeds is:

  • Myrcene – The myrcene in Cinderella 99 seeds produces the abundance of sweetness that rocks the palate and the nostrils.
  • Caryophyllene – The caryophyllene content in Cinderella 99 seeds provides an abundance of spice in the form of over-aged meat.
  • Limonene – The limonene in Cinderella 99 seeds produces the tropical aroma and taste that makes C99 famous.
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Effects of Cinderella 99 Weed:

We don’t usually start this part of the review with a disclaimer, but here it is. If you’re new to cannabis, take it easy with Cinderella 99 weed — it’s that strong.

As the fruity smoke lingers on your lips, a tidal wave of energy flows throughout your mind and body. The initial onset shocks most users — even those with a sky-high tolerance. The high is electric, cerebral, and paralyzing.

Although Cinderella 99 produces creativity, increased awareness, and sociability — its overall effect is psychedelic. If you’re ready to trip out, Cinderella 99 weed is exactly what your inner-hippy demands.

Medical Properties of Cinderella 99 Seeds:

Cinderella 99 weed is an ideal medical marijuana strain.

Many cannabis enthusiasts and medical patients worldwide use Cinderella 99 to reduce the number of mental and physical issues. Overall, medical marijuana patients prefer Cinderella 99 seeds over others because of its rapid flowering time.

Here’s a list of medical issues that Cinderella 99 weed assists with:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Pain

Negative Effects of Cinderella 99 Weed:

As we said, Cinderella 99 is potent. If you overindulge, get ready to freak out. One-hit-too-many may result in feelings of paranoia, so always start slow when consuming Cinderella 99 weed.

Additionally, Cinderella 99 may produce red eyes and a cottonmouth sensation.

Pros/Cons of Growing Cinderella 99 Seeds

  • Ultra-Fast Flowering Strain
  • Gorgeous Flowers and Bag Appeal
  • Significant Yield
  • Mind-Bending Potency
  • Delicious Terpene Content
  • Short Growth
  • May be Too Strong For Most
  • Challenging to Find Feminized Cinderella 99 Seeds

The Best Cinderella 99 Feminized Seeds in 2022:

• 13-17% THC
• Harvest: 8 Weeks
• Yield: 500g/㎡

• Shipping Worldwide
• Germination Guarantee
• Credit Cards & Bitcoin Accepted

• 5 Seeds – $65
• 10 Seeds – $120
• 25 Seeds – $240

Cinderella 99 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

A fun and therapeutic strain, Cinderella 99 marijuana seeds offer a sweet and fruity euphoria and fatigue-fighting power and stress relief.

  • Strain Details
  • Strain Data
  • Reviews (38)


A powerful, sativa dominant strain, Original Harvest’s Cinderella 99 marijuana seeds develop into a fully feminized, wonderfully fun and therapeutic option perfect for first-timers and pros alike. Whether you’re hoping to get a jump on stress and anxiety, or want a quick, happy option, this glass-slippered strain’s your girl! Kicking in within a mere fifteen minutes (when smoked or vaporized) and one for the “hit it and quit it” list, Cinderella 99 is sure to impress.

Sure, this strain is a great choice for chilling out with your pens, your paints, or your writing utensils, but creativity and energy aren’t the only good thing about Cinderella 99. While you’re going to want to avoid it before bed, it’s a really good option for people battling the tricky symptoms of conditions like anorexia, migraines, and even cancer treatment! Make like a Disney princess and sing all your cares away.

But how’s the grow, you ask? Cinderella 99 was simply made for indoor gardens (much like Princess Cindy wouldn’t have held up well backpacking across Europe). Throw a nifty hydroponic system at this girl, and she’ll thank you with an impressive yield and a somewhat bushier body type than you might expect from a sativa. Of course, even the most finicky of princesses enjoys a hot holiday; if you live in a suitably warm, equatorial environment, you could get pretty nice results growing Cinderella 99 outside.

Ready to discover the benefits of this classy dame? Buy Cinderella 99 Feminized Marijuana Seeds now!

Additional information

Original Harvest Seeds

70% Sativa / 30% Indica

Euphoric, Relaxing, Uplifting

Depression, Fatigue, Stress

Earthy, Fruity, Sweet

38 reviews for Cinderella 99 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Viviana N. (verified owner) – September 12, 2018

I don’t know how ya’ll do it at Pacific. Whenever I ordered seeds from other places almost always half of them were duds. But I’ve now ordered three rounds of seeds from you guys and every time I get either 100% germination or only one of em doesn’t pop. That’s a good rate of success which is why I’m only going to buy seeds from you guys from now on. This place is the best place to buy cannabis seeds from on the internet so I’d highly recommend everyone give it a try.

Danica G. (verified owner) – October 7, 2018

This shit is for sure my jam. I get migraines like nobody’s business. Nothing helps. I’ve even tried nerve blocks, it’s that serious. I got tired of getting needles stuck in my all the time so I decided to go the natural route. Been growing weed at home for a little while now and this strain has now become my go-to. If you get migraines like I do you should give this strain a try!

Kayla E. (verified owner) – October 13, 2018

Yeah I love this strain for just how much creative juice it gets flowing into my brain, I love rolling a fat J and smoking in my backyard before diving into a deep creative space for hours and seeing where it takes me. I’ve made some of my best work on this weed and it doesn’t seem to run out cause I got a really solid yield. The grow was fun, but I’m not that into gardening tbh, just into weed lol! Thanks PSB!

Jose R. (verified owner) – November 17, 2018

Yeah it can be a difficult grow but my indoor hydroponics system really did the trick and I had huge success growing this strain. I am used to smaller yields but this one was massive, I got nearly 800 G like WTF! Been smoking this stuff on the daily, great for headaches and gloomy moods, and also a burst of creativity and overall pep! Good for getting through the workday or just chilling at home with some friends. Cinderella is the ultimate anytime weed, not to mention its amazing orange and green crystals. Magic!

Meagan B. (verified owner) – November 24, 2018

I get horrible migraines all the time, and honestly I don’t think there’s anything doctors can do about it. A friend mentioned that I should try medical marijuana, but where I live there aren’t a lot of shops around. So I started growing my own. I’m still starting out but Cinderella 99 was approachable for me and its been helping with my migraines, so I think I’m going to order it a second time. Great weed for the small price you pay for seeds and gardening

Mckayla V. (verified owner) – January 3, 2019

Best bang for your buck on this site, without a doubt. This strain lives up to its name, is almost like a fairy tale, and makes you feel like you’re floating on cloud 9. A beautiful hybrid, sativa leaning for sure, that’ll give you great feelings of joy and well-being. Perfect for that mid-afternoon slump that’ll keep you creative and focused all throughout your workday!

Monica L. (verified owner) – January 9, 2019

I use pot for medical reasons and Cindy is one of the best treatments for me. I get headaches and this mj alleviates pain within 20 minutes of use. It’s like magic! Also, the fruity smell, mixed with some earthiness, is just right. My boyfriend was really happy with the high yield he got while growing cinderella, and I was very glad too. I’d always like to have some Cindy 99 around for when those horrible headaches hit.

Jim L. (verified owner) – January 13, 2019

This glass slipper fit my foot perfectly. And by that I mean this weed is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I struggle on/off with an eating disorder and nothing has really worked except for medical cannabis usage, but the issue is that most of the strains that leave me hungry enough to eat end up knocking me out first but Cinderella is the opposite. I feel really energized after smoking and can go about my daily business which makes this my best option.

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Growing was really easy too, I used an indoor hydro setup and got closer to 900g per plant which is fantastic!

Olivia P (verified owner) – January 15, 2019

Just like the description recommended, I grew Cinderella with a hydroponic system and was happy with the results. Great yield with minimal effort. The high was also very enjoyable. I’m an artist, so I gravitate toward sativas. This got the creative energy flowing, and I had a great session at the easel thanks to Cinderella. Possibly created some of my best work yet! Gave me quite a bit of focus, but didn’t keep me stoned for too long. Grade A weed.

Shawn D. (verified owner) – February 13, 2019

Best yield ever. I grew Cindy indoors and she grew quite bushy and full. There’s also a short flowering time so we didn’t have to wait long in order to enjoy this lovely mj. I’m very happy with this: ordering was a cinch from Pacific. Great customer service. I’ve already placed an order for more seeds!

Josie K. (verified owner) – February 15, 2019

Must be the Florida sunshine but I grew this baby outdoors and got just a ginormous yield of sweet sweet buds. Best buy I’ve made yet in terms of quantity—and quality. Real happy, euphoric weed. Ten stars. 99 stars. All the stars!★★☆✡✨⭐️

Tristan D. (verified owner) – March 7, 2019

I got 99 problems but some dank weed ain’t one. This is a good smoke for me day or night. I’ll have a couple rips in the AM before work and be stoked til midafternoon. It’s best on weekends though, when I can fire up the bong with my GF and get fucking fucked up! If strong pot is your thing, this is the place to order.

Trisha N. (verified owner) – April 15, 2019

The best yield I’ve seen for days from a pretty easy indoor growing process. A little more than 7 weeks flowering time and now I’m a damn princess in a castle made out of weed. Really nice and relaxing high that functions quite nicely as a mood stabilizer too! Really though, the high yield for such an easy grow makes it totally worth ordering these seeds.

Aimee M. (verified owner) – May 1, 2019

I’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder and nothing makes me feel better than cinderella 99 marijuana. It’s weird … I thought marijuana was just for like loser stoners, but it has helped me a lot with depression and nausea. It makes me feel happy and less anxious. My parents grew it mostely and I helped a little. We live in Southern CA, so we grew it outside and it liked the CA sunshine big time.

Arturo Q. (verified owner) – June 2, 2019

One of the best overall buys on this site for sure! Have been buying from PSB for a while now and this one is pretty close to my absolute fave! It’s a real easy grow and produces like 700 grams per plant! You’ll be amazed at just how much weed you have! It’s a nice sativa blend that gives one the feeling of floating above the crowd. Great for parties!

Valerie Huxley (verified owner) – July 29, 2019

This may be the best weed on this site. Not only is it an incredible hybrid that really throws your head into the clouds and puts your body on overdrive (aka perfect for parties) it’s also super easy to grow and produces a TON of nug. I am not a very experienced grower and I got myself a delicious blend of dank green herb for minimal effort. It’s super worth it, you’re gonna love this stuff.

Vincent Stiles (verified owner) – September 24, 2019

If you’re reeling for a night out on the town, be sure to pack a few Jays of the Cinderella 99 with you. This stuff gets me into party mode! I suddenly feel like dancing or just socializing in general. My boyfriend did most of the growing, but I helped him with harvest, and we got a ton of weed off just 3 plants. Steady grow and a ton of yield. Sooooo happy with this weed!

rockiefella (verified owner) – November 17, 2019

I am a medical MJ patient and smoke this to help with joint pain and some depression symptoms. I find it very effective and really dig the delicious vibes. It’s super nice to grow this in the backyard, such a great hobby that helps me as well, and it’s not that difficult to do and is something I think I will keep getting better at. So nice to know that Pacific has my back. Great seeds at a great price. I’ll def be back for more!

Dressed in Yella (verified owner) – December 24, 2019

I use this strain for therapy…and for fun. I find that it helps with stress and depression and gives me a nice head buzz that allows me to be productive. I oftentimes can get work done on this strain, which is nice, so I will sometimes take a few hits of it during my lunch break so I can get through my afternoon meetings. It’s pretty nice to have this stuff around, very uplifting, smells nice too. I am happy I grew my own, saved me some money. I’ll do it again for sure!

Grinder (verified owner) – January 25, 2020

You’re almost guaranteed success with this strain, and it’s amazing to have around on a Friday night or a weekend. I really like this stuff, excellent buy for the beginner pot grower, but don’t be fooled, it can be a challenge to germinate this weed and get it how you want it to be! No worries though, you’ll definitely have fun along the way, and my yield was sooooo big that I even shared half of it with my brother. We smoke before going to parties and have ourselves a great old time!

Hen Pecked (verified owner) – March 25, 2020

This weed is a definite winner in my book. Helps me with the stress and angst that comes with living in a big city. There’s always noise and chaos and it drives me nuts. I smoke this weed and am immediately feeling chill and way more confident. It’s got a nice sativa edge so I don’t fall right to sleep, it’s better when you’re with friends and can have a good laugh or conversation. I definitely recommend this stuff, always sour and fresh and delicious!

@nakedwine (verified owner) – May 2, 2020

One of the nice strains to grow out there. It’s very forgiving, even if you don’t know what you’re doing lol. Got a nice, powerful yield, definitely a strong supply of fresh weed that will last me for months. The smoke is nice and smooth and the flavor is immensely delicious. I love the beautiful buds and nice Sativa high. Will buy more!

Aidan Shaye (verified owner) – June 23, 2020

Cinderella is probably the best fairy tale ever told. I love this weed cause smoking it makes me feel like I am late to the ball and everyone wants me there! I am a total stoner…I mean I loooove weed with all my heart. Maybe more than my husband lol. Grew it in our beautiful backyard and I am an expert so I got a big yield off my first grow, great genetics as well. I will buy from PSB again!

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@nottomention (verified owner) – July 29, 2020

Cinderella 99 is my favorite weed for smoking blunts! It’s soooo relaxing and it helps a lot with pain and stress. I like to pass around a joint with my friends….during non-covid times of course but for now, I am happy just growing it on my own, and smoking some nice blunts in the backyard. Love that sativa energy!

bankkity355 (verified owner) – September 13, 2020

I was always going out to clubs before covid, and now I gotta reinvent myself, like I gotta read more books and spend more time inside. Like it’s weird for me cause I am definitely an extrovert and miss the outdoors, but this weed makes me feel happy and centered, and it was fun to grow. Highly recommend!

TJ mitchell (verified owner) – November 3, 2020

This is a very uplifting strain, makes one feel like a true badass. I looooove growing my own mj, it’s super relaxing and even pretty fun if you like gardening and getting your hands dirty! Big fan of this website too, very convenient to order online and Pacific has the best selection anywhere in Canada!

Juno Leon (verified owner) – January 3, 2021

Cinderella 99 is a great strain that helps me stay positive and active for hours at a time…it makes me feel up to going out to the club, to taking a long hike, or even getting my homework done, amazing! Ordered this online and had it shipped to my little mailbox. Only took a few days before I was growing my very own mj!

Tudor Oconnell (verified owner) – February 4, 2021

This is a real Pick-Me-Up kinda strain, gets me real nice and high, has a vibe like no other, makes me wanna turn up my stereo to egregious volumes, extraordinary sound to fill my ear drums. I LOVE smoking dope and listening to tunes….has always been a good buy for me, I think this oughta be my favorite thing in the world.

Rocky Reynolds (verified owner) – March 2, 2021

This was a great pick-me-up strain, keeps me feeling really chilled out and happy. I smoke it after work most days and have been feeling really positive. Have a great little buzz from this right now. The sour flavors are really addicting, kind of like eating candy. Smells pretty fantastic. Will buy more.

Mylo Workman (verified owner) – March 25, 2021

Yesss, make sure you grow this sucker indoors. You’ll get a waaaay bigger yield and the plant is surprisinly bushy for a sativa. Made an awesome project during the summe, but all the grow lights and stuff can be a little expensive to maintain. I find this weed works great for creativity , and it helps a lot with aches and pains…and stress!

Ellisha Monroe (verified owner) – May 17, 2021

Man this weed totally gets me high. I guess that’s the point?

I am a stoner by trade. I enjoy the sweet flavors of this and many other weeds. But I still prefer this weed. It’s in no way disappointing. Very chill vibes and a smell you’ll just go crazy for.

Lainey Carver (verified owner) – May 31, 2021

I envisioned myself with 3 beautiful plants, and they smell and look fantastic. I get real high and then just bake myself some cupcakes and that’s pretty alright by me. I am gonna buy this weed again and again cause it’s easily the best one I got. I have had great luck growing this strain.

Zackary Walsh (verified owner) – July 9, 2021

Powerful stress relief with an incredible citrus and fruit flavor. Perfect for growers of all experience levels, and definitely a good buy for the price. Will cause happiness hunger and sleepiness

Glenda Shaw (verified owner) – August 31, 2021

The night is always off to a good start when you smoke Cinderella 99. This was my go-to strain in college, and now I am growing it on my own. Have had great luck and success cultivating this strain indoors under LED lights. Takes about 6 months so don’t get antsy. Fast delivery and easy online ordering!

Vinny Easton (verified owner) – October 15, 2021

Always my go-to strain. Gives me the perfect buzz, one that lasts for hours, keeps me feeling light, happy, and sociable. I found the website easy to navigate, offered me tons of great growing tips, and has some reliable shipping times. Just as reliable as Amazon, if not more. Give it a try!!

Little Bird (verified owner) – December 15, 2021

This is a great strain. It’s effects are mostly up, sativa type buzz but it does have some of the relaxing effects of an indica. The flavor is fruity and pleasant.
Cindy grows faster than any strain I have previously grown.
I sprouted Double Dream, Cherry Pie and Cinderella at the same time. The Cindy grew so much faster it overwhelmed the other two strains in the tent so they didn’t get as much veg time as they needed. They each produced less than 5 oz. Cindy produced 10 1/2 oz.
I gave a friend one of the two plants I started. He grew it outdoors. It was about 6 weeks old when I gave it to him and almost identical in size to the one I grew. It went outside mid-summer and produced much less than mine or about 4 1/2. It also bloomed very late compared to the other strains. He kept it going by bringing it inside at night.
I like this strain . I love the fact it grows fast, blooms fast and produces extremely well indoors. I plan to keep it as a staple in my medicine cabinet.

[email protected] (verified owner) – January 5, 2022

C99 is a bright, light, and mellow strain that’s just great for chilling with your friends or making a pizza or whatever. It’s a stoner’s best friend in the garden cause it’s hard to mess up LOL. The online catalog here at PACIFIC cannot be beat! I am thrilled they have so many strains at such affordable prices, plus they show up right at my door!!

Yuriy Boltyan (verified owner) – January 13, 2022

I’m not gonna lie I’m still in veggitative stage in my 4’x2.5′ BudBox tent with white walls because research showed that white walls reflect more than twice the light in comparison with the silver mylar walls. I got my tent and my LED light from Black Dog LED, top in the industry lighting systems! I was practicing doing tissue culture cloning and didn’t have any issues germinating both mother plants as well as both veg plants. Right now I got 2 Cinderella 99 & 2 Bay 11 in week 2 veg. Both should yield 800g+ per meter². I highly recommend Pacific Seed Bank because they have a ginormous selection especially hight THC strains with 20%+ THC levels. I have high tolerance so I need strong bud. Also, the quality is also great, very fresh seeds…I can tell they’re not a few years old because of the color. I don’t know how to explain this better but I know when I look at the seeds whether they’re fresh or have been sitting in storage container for a few years. PCB also offers “germination guarantee” of 90% success rate which is still great. My bro first order of 30 seeds only 1 didn’t germinate. My second order I had a few that didn’t germinate but PCB stepped in and provided replacements for free. I just had to pay for shipping $9.99. Highly recommend PCB if you’re looking for a greater selection of high quality, high potency cannabis seeds that will deliver fast, look no further Pacific Seed Bank is all you need to get you on your way of growing potent flowers

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