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chocolope marijuana seeds

Chocolope Seeds

Chocolope produces plants with a sweet taste that is smooth and rich, and delivers a feeling of well being and happiness along with a relaxed energy that is great for focus.

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Feminized Chocolope Cannabis Seeds

Developed back in the 80’s by combining Chocolate Thai with Cantaloupe Haze, these feminized Chocolope seeds produce a sweet taste that is smooth and rich.

Hybrid Sativa Seeds

Feminized Chocolope sativa seeds are popular with experienced growers, but also a great option for beginners due to the ease of growing. The yield is quite high and you can expect it to finish flowering in 8 to 9 weeks.

Mental and Physical Relaxation

Chocolope is a fast-acting strain that is quite strong, testing at about 22% THC composition it is often used for effective relief of stress and depression symptoms. Chocolope marijuana strain is also useful for many other medical conditions and an excellent option for pain relief, headaches and nausea.

The sensation is described by most as being quite subtle but powerful at the same time. A feeling of well being, and happiness along with a relaxed energy that is great for focus. This is a great medicinal strain that does not knock you out or make you sleepy, but will allow you to navigate your day with energetic efficiency.

Chocolope Side Effects

As with any strain you should also be aware of the potential side effects of the Chocolope strain, which can cause dry mouth and dry eyes in particular. Some have even reported anxiety, however this is less of an issue with more experienced users.

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Chocolope Strain Characteristics

Chocolate Thai sativa crossed with Cannalope Haze sativa
RESISTANCE TO DISEASE Can be prone to mold and mildew

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Chocolope Strain Description

Chocolope, aka D-Line, is a nearly pure sativa hybrid bearing sweet chocolate aromas and flavors that are sure to satisfy the cravings of any chocoholic stoner. Chocolope is also a great choice for the productive stoner, as this sativa strain has a motivating, energetic high. Chocolope buds are cylindrical in shape, large and fluffy. The smoke hits smooth. Up to 19% THC content.

Chocolope Origin and Genetics

Chocolope is the creation of DNA Genetics, breeders of the popular marijuana strains Tangie and LA Confidential. The Chocolope strain is a crossbreed of an Original Chocolate Thai female with a Cannalope male. Chocolope has won 13 Cannabis Cup awards between 2007 to 2018. It is consistently a best seller in marijuana bud markets around the world, highly desired for its heady sativa effects. Buy feminized Chocolope seeds today to get your hands on these premium genetics.

How to Grow Chocolope

Chocolope is a slightly tricky strain to grow indoors due to the sativa traits that make the plant want to grow tall. SCROG, super-cropping, or simply bending the branches can help to control plant height and maximize returns. Yields can be as high as 600 g/m2. Chocolope has a flowering time that can last up to 10 weeks. Outdoors in warm climate regions is where Chocolope really shines, it can grow huge, and the buds offer high resistance to mold. Ready to harvest by late October.

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