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cheapest marijuana seeds australia

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Cheapest marijuana seeds australia

It is no secret that marijuana growing can be a costly venture. However, you can cut the initial costs by going for an affordable seed option. Luckily, there are many cheap cannabis seeds available even from reputable stores such as Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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However, not all cheap seeds are worth your time or money as some vendors tend to dispose of immature and low-quality seeds at throwaway prices. Nevertheless, that does not mean you cannot find top tier seeds for your project. Read on to find all you need to know when looking to purchase cheap cannabis seeds.

Different Marijuana Strains
Generally, a strain refers to a living thing�s genetic makeup, which determines its basic traits. Understanding the various cannabis strains available on the market will help you recognize the type of seeds you need, based on your preferences. Notably, all marijuana strains originated from cannabis Sativa, with the most significant ones being;-

Cannabis Indica
The cannabis Indica strain grows into a short, bushy plant that matures very early. However, probably due to its early flowering, it tends to produce lesser yields than other trains. Cannabis Indica causes one to be high, so you can relax and rest.

Cannabis Sativa
Here is the most common strain, which grows into a tall thin plant. Though it takes longer to reach full maturity, it tends to produce better quality yields than its Indica counterpart. Cannabis Sativa also causes you to be high and stimulates creativity.

Ruderalis strain grows faster, thanks to their ability to utilize bot day and night light. Unfortunately, this strain is less potent with deficient THC levels hence typically crossed with other breeds.

Cross-breeding two or more strains results in a hybrid, whose characteristics are dependent on the parent�s traits. Usually, two breeds with desirable characteristics are brought together to result in a strain of superior quality. Hybrid marijuana has unpredictable psychoactive effects.

Choosing a Marijuana Seed

Physical appearance
The seed�s physique will help you identify its strain. Typically, Indica seeds tend to be larger with a striped pattern, while Sativa seeds are smaller with a uniform color, i.e., do not have any recognizable pattern.

Furthermore, it is possible to determine the quality of cannabis seeds by their physical appearance. Immature seeds are small, faded, brittle, and light green or grey, while old seeds are dry and cracked. Though the two seeds have low success rates for germination, they can be sowed and even produce flowers, but should not be purchased.

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This should be the last thing you should consider when purchasing marijuana seeds. On that note, keep in mind that the harder the seed�s shell, the better the seed quality. That said, avoid soft seeds.

Generally, healthy seeds are dark brown with a glossy finish and crack-free. Their shells are firm and should not break under little pressure. That said, avoid light or green seeds. Remember to store seeds in an air-tight container, stored in a cool, dark place.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Cannabis Seeds

Thanks to growers and breeders who have been practicing proper marijuana growth techniques for years, dozens of cannabis varieties are available. Each strain has its specific growing requirements, taste, smell, and levels of THC and CBD. Before purchasing cannabis seeds, inquire about its particular strain, and compare it with your needs.

Cannabis Seed Type
There are three primary types of cannabis seeds � regular, feminized, and auto-flowering. Feminized seeds are a great option, particularly for commercial purposes, as one does not have to worry about nurturing male plants.

Though one is guaranteed high yields, one is in constant fear of pollen fertilizing the female plants resulting in seeds instead of fat, sticky buds. The downside that feminized seeds tend to be more expensive than regular due to the effort involved in their production.

As for regular seeds, there is no guarantee to their gender; half or more may turn out to be male or female. These seeds are preferred by growers who wish to test their genetics. If you have no use for the male seeds, then this is not your perfect.

The auto-flowering variety is gradually gaining popularity as they tend to make growing marijuana easier. Changes in light/dark cycles do not influence these seeds, which instead flower themselves without interference from the grower. Auto-flowering seeds tend to grow faster and are usually ready within 100 days.

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Skill Level
Everyone can grow cannabis. However, as you start, you need to consider your skill level as some strains are more delicate and will easily crumble under the hands of an inexperienced grower. Therefore, be sure to consult on the ideal breeds for your skill level to avoid frustrations.

Space Availability
The Indica strain originated from areas with unpredictable climatic conditions. As a result, its plants grow quicker, smaller, and more resistant. In contrast, Sativa strains come from the globe�s equatorial ends and tend to be larger and take longer to mature.

Consequently, Indica strains require less space and are ideal for indoor growth than Sativa, which requires more space, hence perfect for outdoor nurturing.

Growth Requirements
While some strains thrive outside, others do so well inside, while others can grow favorably well in both. Furthermore, growing requirements differ from medium of growth, light, and temperature needs.

Notably, nurturing marijuana indoors requires more initial infrastructure and demands for more time. As you purchase your cannabis seeds, consider its growing needs, and consider whether you can comfortably meet them.

Personal Preference
Select cannabis seeds based on your personal preference. What flavor and fragrance of cannabis do you prefer? Besides, what levels of THC or CBD do you wish in your marijuana?

Highly-priced cannabis seeds are not always the best. When seeking to purchase marijuana seeds, do thorough research to find the strain that meets all your needs. Do not focus so much on the price that you lose the bigger picture.

Remember, even cheap cannabis seeds are as good as some expensive and branded ones. Most importantly, the cost of seeds should be the least of your worries as it is among the least costly items in marijuana growing.