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cbd1 ca ratio 1 20 marijuana seeds

CBD 1-CA RATIO (1:20)

One of the most formidable hurdles when dosing cannabis for medicinal purposes is the often-overwhelming psychoactive effect of THC found in most cultivars. But with the introduction of CBD1-CA Ratio 1:20, it’s now perfectly possible to reap the potent and long-lasting therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol without having to worry about an overwhelming high. This is because the cultivar contains stellar levels of CBD, and little to no THC. And with these feminized cannabis seeds, you can grow marijuana fast.

The cultivar’s origins remain a closely-guarded secret, but it’s a decidedly stable breed that descended from two high-CBD marijuana cultivar. The process of selection and stabilization was likely long and arduous, but it was well worth it as it birthed a CBD-rich cultivar with homogenous genetics. CBD1-CA Ratio 1:20 is Indica-dominant, and it delivers the signature relaxing effects of most similar plants. It’s a well-rounded specimen that’s great for recreational and medicinal users alike.

CBD #1 Feminised Seeds

CBD #1 took 3 years of breeding and laboratory testing to produce. It is the result of crossing Cannatonic S1 and Afghan ErdPurt, the former being extremely CBD-rich and the latter also having a considerable production of CBD. The approximate ratio of CXBD:THC is 20:1 with between 13 – 17% CBD and a very low o.6 – 0.7% THC. A therapeutic strain for medicinal consumers.

CBD #1 is a 60% sativa strain which produces dense and sticky buds with high levels of both resin and terpene production. Leaves surrounding the buds are also coated in sugary resin and this would make excellent CBD-rich extracts. These plants have medium to high resistance to both heat and cold, plant pests and mould/diseases. Flowering lasts for 7 – 8 weeks indoors with medium to high yields. Very successful in both SoG and SCRoG set-ups.

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Outdoors these plants can be grown successfully between latitudes 0° to 45° north and south with northern hemisphere harvests being ready to cut by the end of September. CBD #1 exhibits a more indica growth pattern during the vegetative growth phase, strong and columnar with broad leaves, but switches to a more sativa pattern during florescence. It is an easy plant to grow indoors and outdoors.

The scent profile is both potent and complex combining the tropical fruit and tangerine of the Cannatonic with the sweet, floral, gummy, earthiness and pine and musk notes of the ErdPurt. The effect is clear, light, calming, soothing and relaxing with no psychotropic high. Therapeutically recommended for relief from physical pain, stress, anxiety and paranoia.