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Wholesome recipe that contains CBD for calming, and turmeric, cinnamon, and oregano for anti-inflammatory and immune health to ease stress. Homemade CBD dog treats made special for my dog's birthday! Ask your vet for pet-safe CBD options for these relaxing treats.

Homemade CBD Dog Treats – Peanut Butter Apple Cookies

Fireworks and 4th of July can be terrifying for pets. CBD can help ease their stress and stay calm during the the loud booms and crackles. You can buy CBD oil or treats, which can be expensive, or bake a batch of wholesome CBD infused treats at home for a fraction of the price. Friendly reminder to put collars and tags on your pets during the days around 4th of July so they can be easily identified and returned if they get scared and run away.

Can I give CBD to my chickens?

I know you’re thinking it. YES, chickens have an endocannabinoid system and may benefit. CBD (cannabidiol) is an anti-inflammatory and stress reliever. Dose according to weight, 1-2mg CBD (a drop or two) per chicken should be enough. I wonder how chickens feel about fireworks.

What Type of CBD Should I Buy for Pets?

Only use CBD oil for your pets, not THC. Please DO NOT give your pets THC, small amounts can be toxic for cats. My favorite brands for pets are VetCBD, Papa & Barkley, Care By Design, and Charlotte’s Web. Learn more about CBD for pets from Health.com.

Dosing CBD for Pets:

Basic dosing rule for cats and dogs: 1-5 mg CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight

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Homemade CBD Dog Treats

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Tomorrow is Luna’s third birthday so I thought it would be nice to spoil her with a new pup-tent and some nice and relaxing CBD dog treats to celebrate her life!

DISCLAIMER: CBD has many health benefits for both pets and humans. It’s important to only use CBD that is specifically made for pets with no harmful flavors or additives. If you have questions about giving your pet CBD, consult your vet.

When in doubt, only use commerically made CBD pet treats if you are worried about not getting the doseage right. If you are willing to take the ‘risk’ with homemade CBD treats, these treats had great results with my dogs. They are made to be easy on their tummies and are great for digestion. But, you know your pet the best! Do what you – and your vet – agree is best for your dog.

This recipe was NOT SPONSORED but I can’t help but shout out Pet Releaf brand CBD. Specifically, I used the Hemp Oil 330 in this recipe. Pet Releaf is an affordable brand that produces high quality CBD that I’ve personally seen great results with (from my dogs – I didn’t take it myself!).

The most important part is that the CBD oil is NOT meant for human consumption as additives such as flavoring can be bad for your pet.

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For Luna’s birthday, we spent the day building her a pup-tent – complete with a heated blanket in the bottom and twinkle lights in the top. Of course, she had a little sampling of her CBD treats prior to filming this, so she was full on relaxation mode by the time we started the shoot.

Theo has Addison’s disease and while he has to get monthly steroid injections and be on other medications – CBD helps to regulate his mood and keep him in high spirits on days he doesn’t feel 100%.

Keep the treats stored in an airtight container and in the fridge for up to a week. Freeze any leftover cookies for up to 6 months and thaw prior to serving for a soft and tasty treat.

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