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Mountain Mango S1 Feminized High CBD Hemp Seed

Mountain Mango is some of the sweetest hemp we’ve tasted. It sets bud really quickly and can grow to a massive size. Great calyx development, frosty and sticky.

Our Colorado Mountain Mango hemp strain has tested out as a 28:1 CBD:THC strain, producing +17% CBD under optimum growing conditions. Our pricing is based on the quantity purchased.

  • 100% feminized seed
  • normal September-October harvest window
  • expect growth from 5′ to 8′ tall
  • plant on 4′ to 5′ centers (see Hemp Field Layout and Plant Count )
  • expect 2lb – 5lb+ high CBD flower per plant
  • fruity, dense flower with high CBD oil content
  • high mold, mildew and rot resistance
  • successful CBD hemp cultivation in over 40 states through 2020
  • +17% CBD production with optimal growing conditions
  • consistent and stable S1 hemp strain phenotype
If you would like to make a bulk purchase, please contact us at (719) 217-0207 Call Now – Our sales staff is available 7 days a week from March through June.
We Ship – Priority Mail – 3 Day

To purchase Mountain Mango S1 feminized hemp seeds from our online store, select the Starter Pack or Farmer Pack size you want to buy and click the Add to cart button at the bottom of this page.


CBD Mango Haze is a feminized sativa dominant Marijuana strain from CBD Crew that produce medicinal plants perfect for pruning and extractions.

  • FREE SHIPPING From 30€
  • DISCREET & SAFE Courier & Post
  • FREE SEEDS 1 for every 30€
  • Terpenes Complex
  • Type Sativa
  • Flowering time Late
  • Cannabinoids Slightly active
  • Yield capacity High
  • Height High
  • Cultivation needs Some
  • Family Haze

Feminized CBD Mango Haze Marijuana Seeds

CBD Mango Haze is a feminized sativa dominant Marijuana strain from CBD Crew and a very special genetics because despite its sativa percentage it still comes enriched with therapeutic CBD. The CBD:THC ratio of this strain ranges from 1:1 to 2:1.

CBD Mango Haze was created by crossing the famous Mango Haze with a strain enriched in CBD, coming from the private reservoir of CBD Crew, resulting in an 80% Sativa plant and medicinal.

CBD Mango Haze has an amazing vegetative vigor, is highly branched, has a moderate internodal distance and develops medium sized leaves. It responds well to all kinds of prunings that are applied properly. Specifically we recommend to do an apical pruning and a supercropping to control its size.

The plant of CBD Mango Haze reaches moderate/high heights so we recommend to prune the lower branches at the beginning of flowering. In ths way, the buds of the upper part will be much higher and loaded with resin. CBD Mango Haze produces huge amounts of resin thus being perfect for making extractions.

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This strain is suitable for outdoor and indoor culitvations as well as for all kinds of substrates and fertilizers.

CBD Mango Haze is very productive being capable of producing about 600gr / m2 in a growing room and more than one kilogram on outdoors.

Moreover, CBD Mango Haze has a moderate flowering time being ready in about 8 – 11 weeks on indoors. In the garden it will be ready for harvest three weeks after the end of summer.

The flavor of CBD Mango Haze is complex, mainly fruity and intense, highlighting the pineapple, mango, pepper and spice flavors.

CBD Mango Haze provides a moderate high combining a corporall sensation with a mental derrane due to its Sativa influence.

Main features of CBD Mango Haze Marijuana:

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Feminized
  • Genotype: Sativa dominant
  • Genetic: Mango Haze x CBD
  • Cannabinoids: CBD:THC ratio of 1:1 to 2:1. About 6% to 10% of THC and CBD.
  • Height: 3.50 meters on outdoors.
  • Flowering: 56 to 77 days (indoors) or 3 weeks after the end of summer
  • Production: Up to 600 g/m2 on indoors and up to 1 kilogram per plant on outdoors.
  • Plantation: Spring or all year on indoors.


Now on in your orders you will receive even more gifts, in addition to the free seed every 30€ you will also receive one or more of these gifts: lighter, grinder, beach bag, t-shirt and cap.



CBD Mango Haze is a feminized sativa dominant Marijuana strain from CBD Crew that produce medicinal plants perfect for pruning and extractions.

Only +18. We do not sell cannabis seeds to any customers who we suspect intend to use them to cultivate cannabis in a country where it is illegal to do so. Cannabis seeds are sold only strictly as souvenirs or collectibles and they are illegal to germinate in most countries. CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. All texts are registered in Safe Creative.

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