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candy kush marijuana seeds

candy kush

Candy Kush is a hybrid that is perfectly suited for Kush lovers, who want long lasting euphoric effects, dense buds and tall plants that will produce enormous harvests between 7-9 weeks. Luscious fruity flavours and an easy to grow strain make this feminised hybrid a great pick for commercial growers and those new to growing.

Genetics: By crossing O.G Kush which is known for its potency, sturdy low profile characteristics and hard-core lemon, fuel terpene profile, with Trainwreck, we were able to enhance the yield and long bud structure from the Trainwreck and create a hybrid that has an overwhelmingly tasty flavour and enticing fragrance. Candy Kush has a high resistance like both parents and will display the best of indica and sativa lineage. Depending on phenotype, plants will be ready to harvest in as little as 7 weeks or as late as 9 weeks.

Strain characteristics: Thanks to the Trainwreck heritage, you can expect this strain to grow tall with a large amount of side branching. She grows much taller than other Kush varieties, so it is advised to train plants in the vegetative stage to reduce plant height. She will grow very quickly in the growth period and fill out with a bushy, wide structure and in flower stretch quite considerably.

One of the best things about this hybrid is how productive she is, which is why she is popular amongst commercial growers. Expect yields of 500 – 600 g/m² when grown together in a Sea of Green and her THC levels will range from 14-19%. When flowering the aroma will be fruity, floral, pungent and earthy, as she develops long, thick shaped calyxes that stack up high.

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Experiencing the strain: The effects from Candy Kush are not as devastating as a typical O.G, and users will find she is more euphoric and relaxing, than narcotic and heavy. A wonderful high that can be described as euphoric, delirious and intensely relaxed making her a good strain for daytime use without feeling sleepy. An excellent choice for smokers who enjoy Kush and want a fair blend of sativa and indica effects. Her flavours are sublime and can be described as heavenly sweet, candy, fruits, flowers and a slight citrus edge. Medical patients may find Candy Kush useful for elevating moods, relieving feelings of nausea and loss of appetite.

What makes it so great?: A colossal producer that has the potency, flavour and bag appeal to turn heads. She is a fast flowering hybrid that performs incredibly well outdoors, and fans of super sweet flavours will want to add this to their vault.

Kandy Kush Feminised Seeds

Kandy Kush is a 60% indica hybrid strain that was bred by crossing OG Kush with Train Wreck. This is a sweet-tasting weed strain with very good resin production and big yields.

Kandy Kush is a relatively tall plant which takes approximately 9 – 10 weeks to complete the flowering phase producing yields between 450 – 550 gr/m 2 . Around half-way through flowering the resin really piles on and the result is a plant with the flavours of OG Kush and the dense buds and commercial potential of Train Wreck.

The taste of this strain is fuel-like with added lemon and its effect is euphoric, uplifting, happy, relaxing and eventually sleepy.

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Candy Kush Seeds – Feminized

Candy Kush feminized seeds are a perfect сhoiсe for noviсe growers, as these marijuana seeds аre short-flowering, easy to grow, and generous in their yields. Besides the easy growing process, this strain also has a very distinctive and pleasant aroma and taste. At first, you will feel the light fragrance of caramel, and with each puff, you will feel a sweet taste of cotton candy. If you want to buy Candy Kush seeds, you can always do it here at Dutch Seeds Shop and pay for them by credit card or any online payment system.


Candy Kush seeds arе a good phenotype for both low-profilе and privatе cultivation. Whether growing indoors or outdoors, this strain seldom exceeds 23 inches in height. Therefore, it is perfect for growing in small tents that can fit in unexpected places. It can even be grown in a modified closet or drawer to really take it to the next level.

The cones of the plants grown from Candy Kush strain seeds formed by this sweet weed contain large ТНС levels. This is why Candy Kush is аn excellent smoke for both outdoor enthusiasts and medical patients. This strain will delight those who can wait a little longer for yield to grow, as its flowering period takes 63 – 70 days.

Character & Flavor

When you аre smoking plants grown from Candy Kush seeds, get ready to experience the potent high with a sharp body stone. Due to its sedative effects, this strain can easily lay you on a flat surface if you are looking for a way to help you fall asleep at night. It is a great choice for those who аre looking for a strain for pain relief. This strain of cannabis delights smokers with its sweet taste, embodied by the touch of spices and caramel.

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Medicinal Application

Plants from Candy Kush seeds can also be used as medical marijuana. This strain will not only take the edge off any pain sensations but also put you to sleep and fill you up with calmness and relaxation. Due to these properties, Candy Kush is great for managing sleep disorders, stresses, and chronic pain. Nevertheless, do your best and consult your therapist before using marijuana for any medical purposes.


Everything has its downsides. As any marijuana grown from cannabis seeds, Candy Kush seeds produce weed that brings some unpleasant effects with it. For example, users report mouth and eye dryness and light dizziness. Some even claim that they felt nausea – but one always has to remember not to use too much! If this rule is followed, side effects can easily be avoided.