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7 things that happen when you combine weed and wine

In recent times mixing alcohol with weed has been widely discussed and experimented with.

Red wine and weed have been of particular interest especially with weed-infused wine now being commercially available. While some seem to thoroughly enjoy mixing Raynal brandy with a joint or even have weed-infused in their drinks, the overall idea seems exciting.

However, if you are looking forward to experiencing the combination of wine and weed then take some time to know what you can expect from it.

1. They enhance each other’s effects: Consuming wine and weed in combination is said to enhance their individual effects. So, unlike the usual time, it might take for you to get high, you will get the feeling much faster. Similarly, you will get drunk much faster with less amount of alcohol. When combined in moderate amounts they will complement each other’s effects and give you a very enjoyable experience.

2. You will feel relaxed: Wine, specially red wine, when consumed in small quantities, is an efficient relaxant. It helps release stress and makes you feel calm. Marijuana has been clinically proven to have relaxing qualities and hence the combination of these two will help you enjoy a light mood in a completely relaxed state.

3. It will increase the THC level in your blood: This effect is particularly observed when you consume wine before weed. The alcohol widens the blood vessels in your gastrointestinal tract which causes faster absorption of THC from weed. You will feel an intense high than usual.

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4. It will enhance your sleep: Wine and weed could be the perfect companion you might be looking for to enjoy a good night’s sleep after a long, tiring day. With the legalization of marijuana seeds for sales are easily available online and in authorized shops too, so no more sleepless nights for you.

5. A bliss to your olfactory systems: The molecular composition and structure of the wine are slightly more complicated in comparison to weed. It is for the same reason that we tend to enjoy more distinct aromas and flavors from a glass a wine. Picking complementary strains and varieties can be a lovely experience with a blend of flavor from both. Dry whites can combine great with strongly flavored strains of Marijuana.

6. They bring out the best in each other: Having a dry throat and mouth after enjoying a joint is common and wine is a great way to refresh your throat in this case. A glass of champagne following a joint could be a great way to enjoy the best of both. The good news is that if you are not a wine person you can even make marijuana margaritas with your favorite Camarena tequila .

7. It balances out the cons: A study shows the relation between marijuana users and metabolism. It is observed that regular users have lower rates of obesity as well as higher insulin control. Wine is quite a calorie rich drink and enjoying a guilt-free glass is almost impossible. But combining the two substances will give them a chance to balance out. It will also help enhance your metabolism thus helping in weight loss.

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Make some space in your cigar humidor cabinet for your joint tonight because you will not regret enjoying a joint with a glass of wine. Make sure to carefully experiment with moderate quantities of both to start off with to get the right balance. This way you can enjoy the best feeling from both weed and wine.

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