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can dogs smell marijuana seeds

Dogs Sniff Scent of Drugs on Teens

Parents turn to dogs for discreet way to detect their kids’ drug use.

Oct. 22, 2008 — — Ali is a highly trained German shepherd that spent eight years on narcotics patrol with the New Jersey police force, hunting down drug smugglers at airports and drug dealers on inner-city streets. Post-retirement, he’s working in the private sector, sniffing teenagers’ bedrooms.

Ali and his handler are now working for a new company in New Jersey called Sniff Dogs.

The company, which also conducts business in Ohio, rents drug-sniffing canines to parents for $200 an hour. It was started this year by Debra Stone, who says her five trained dogs can detect heroin, cocaine, crystal meth and ecstasy.

The dogs’ noses are so sensitive that they can smell a marijuana seed from up to 15 feet away and marijuana residue on clothing from drugs smoked two nights before.

One of the selling points of this service? Avoiding the kind of confrontation that comes with a drug test.

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Pat Winterstein of Washington, N.J., was curious about the unusual specialty and turned to the dogs to search her teenagers’ bedrooms.

“Most kids will deny it and then where do you turn?” said Winterstein, who has three children, the youngest of whom is 14. “Not knowing is worrisome. It’s nice to know you can have something you can turn to.”

The dogs did not find any drugs this time, but Winterstein says she’ll keep doing the tests periodically, if necessary, to ensure that her children stay free of drugs.

Though critics say this approach runs the risk of breaking down the trust between parents and children, Winterstein says it offers her solace.

“As a parent you worry,” she said. “My kids are great. I trust my kids, but you only can trust them so far.”

Drug-sniffing dogs aren’t the only measures parents are using to keep tabs on their children. There are now Global Positioning System devices that can be sewn into children’s clothing to monitor how fast they’re driving, and software that allows a parent to read text messages.

But some psychologists say these surveillance techniques can backfire.

“There are major repercussions for this type of intervention,” said Dr. Neil Bernstein, a Washington, D.C.-based clinical psychologist and author of the book “How to Keep Your Teen Out of Trouble.”

“When parents do this it erodes trust and goodwill.”

Drug Dogs May Spot Warning Signs

Melinda Bennington of Chatham, N.J., wishes that she had dogs to help her see the warnings signs before it was too late. Her son Tom died of a heroin overdose two years ago.

“Had I known that in eighth grade he had actually already started snorting heroin, I probably would have done some things differently,” she said in retrospect.

As parents, Bennington and Winterstein agree that checking up on children is not only a parent’s right, but a responsibility.

“They’re kids, young adults — they’re going to make [a] mistake,” Winterstein said. “And I just want them to know that I’m here for them and that I’m doing my job to love and protect them. This is my way of protecting them.”

Can Drug Dogs Smell Acid Tabs And LSD? 7 Interesting Cop Dog Facts

Many people asked the question of can dogs smell acid. Drug dogs are used to drugs in places like night parties. They have a very strong sense of smell by which they can easily tell you whether there exist some drugs in this place or not. You will see these dogs with the police in many places in your city.

Can drug dogs smell acid? The only drug that drug dogs can smell is the acid that is well trained for. Usually, drug dogs are used to smell heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. If you trained the dogs, the dogs could also smell the compounds like LSD, ecstasy, opiates and methamphetamine.

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can drug dogs smell acid – can dogs smell acid

This article will discuss what drugs can sniffer dogs smell if the drug dogs can smell the acid and make the dogs smell the acid. Let’s dive into the details of this topic.

What Can Drug Dogs Smell

Can drug dogs smell acid? The drugs detection dogs are used to search or identify different types of drugs. If you want to get the accuracy of detecting drugs from the dogs, you will train the specific dogs for specific things; in this way, the dog can smell the thing accurately.

There are many substances of drugs that the dogs can easily smell. The most common is marijuana. What drugs can drug dogs smell? The dogs can easily smell the other drugs and tell you the place where there are drugs. These drugs are cocaine, morphine, and heroin.

Can Drug Dogs Smell Molly

Yes, dogs can sense the smell of MDMA and molly. Can drug dogs smell acid? You must select the specific dogs then train the dogs for molly. Then the dogs can sense the smell of molly. Only the proper training of the dog is necessary in this regard. You can train the drug dogs for many other things like money, narcotics, and explosives.

There are about ten thousand times more receptors in dogs’ noses as compared to the nose of humans. They can sense the smell accurately as compared to humans because of these receptors.

Can Drug Dogs Smell Carts

Yes, the drug dogs can smell carts. Even the dogs can smell vape pens if you use this. Can drug dogs smell acid? The sense of smell of dogs is very strong. If the dogs are well trained to sniff the carts, they easily identify the smell and tell you very accurately.

Can Drug Dogs Smell Xanax

Yes, the drug dogs can smell the Xanax. Can drug dogs smell acid? Trained drugs dogs can do this. If you hide the drugs someplace, even the dogs can come to hide the drugs. What drugs can dogs smell? The drug dogs can smell Xanax, cocaine, opioid, and marijuana, etc.

Can Drug Dogs Smell Nicotine

Can drug dogs smell acid? The sense of smell of the dog is about ten thousand times stronger than humans. They can even sense the smell of nicotine. The drug dogs can be trained for the detection of things other than drugs. But dogs need special training to detect things like nicotine. The K9 dogs are able to sniff things other than illegal items.

Can Sniffer Dogs Smell If You Have Taken Drugs

Yes, the dogs can smell if you have taken the drugs. Can drug dogs smell acid? The dogs can detect even a very minute amount of drugs. They are very sensitive to the smell of drugs. If you have taken, they will easily identify that you have taken the drugs. The police also used the rugs dogs for detection of these purposes.

Can Drug Dogs Smell Alcohol?

Can drug dogs smell acid? Yes, the drug dogs can detect the alcohol. The dogs can detect the liquor and bear if the dogs are trained about these things. The important point for dogs in this regard is training. If you train the dogs about specific things, then dogs will give you results accurately.

Can Drug Dogs Smell Ibuprofen?

Dogs are trainable and intelligent animals. If you train the dogs for specific pills or pain killers, then dogs will detect it. The use of dogs is very helpful in drug control, grasping criminals, and saving many lives from drugs.

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How Far Can Drug Dogs Smell?

The dogs can detect the smell of drugs from a far-off place. If more air passes from dogs’ noses, there will be more chances of picking up smell from the dogs. The degree of sense of smell may vary according to the scent and wind. The receptors in the dog’s nose are very strong to sense the smell of drugs and anything that is familiar with dogs.

If the smell of scent is strong, then the dogs will be able to detect the things. The wind also increases the sense of smell of dogs. If you smoked a cigarette about two days ago, the dogs could detect the clothes you wore. The dogs can detect the smell of marijuana seeds from 15 feet.

Can Sniffer Dogs Smell Drugs In Your System

Yes, the dogs can sniff the smell of drugs in your system. Can drug dogs smell acid? Animals are useful in this regard because they can tell you the illegal things like heroin, cocaine, speed, ecstasy, etc. When the dogs feel that there is something illegal here, the dogs give signals to the handlers and sit down at that place. In this way, the police come to know the smell of drugs.

can drug dogs smell acid – can dogs smell acid

What Can Police Dogs Smell

The police dogs can smell the illegal substances. The police trained each dog for specific drugs or illegal substances. Can dogs smell acid? The police dogs can detect illicit mobile, blood, currency, wildlife scat, illegal drugs, and explosives.

Can Drug Dogs Smell Painkiller Pills?

Yes, the dogs can detect the smell of painkillers. Many dogs are trained to smell the medication and pills. Some drugs are also used in the medications. If the dogs are trained about these medicines, then the dogs can easily identify the things.

How We Can Train The Dogs To Smell Narcotics?

Can drug dogs smell acid? You can train the dogs to smell the narcotics and other things like acids. The trainers are usually training the dogs. They can tell you the place and person by sitting in that place. The dogs can give you the signals. These dogs are usually used at the airport to smell illegal things.

  • You can teach the dogs their favorite toys with the smell of those chemicals that you want to train the dogs with.
  • The dog’s training toy is a white towel that the handler can play with them. The towel can be used many times by cleaning the towel.
  • The dogs have fun playing with a towel. The trainers put some traces of drugs on the towel for the dogs. You can use only specific drugs to train the dogs, like marijuana; the dog will give you the result accurately.
  • The dogs will sense the smell of drugs on the towel while playing with the towel. The dogs are then familiar with that drug.
  • After that, hide that towel in the room and let the dog search for that towel. If the dog can search for that towel, then reward your dog. In this way, you can train the dogs.

Can dogs smell acid? The police dogs also detect the substances like chemicals if they are familiar with these chemicals. In training, don’t make noise, or there should be no things that can cause distraction in the dogs. You can train many dogs like beagles, German Shepherds, and retrievers, etc.

Do Drug Dogs Train To Smell The Acid?

Yes, the drugs dogs are trained to smell the acids. It is very uncommon that dogs can detect the smell of acid or LCD. There are many reasons behind this like

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The main reason is that you need consistency and hard work to train the dogs for acid detection. The total work is very time-consuming, that is the dogs that detect the acid are rare.

The customs forces or police are not using the dogs to detect acid because acid is not an illegal thing. Hence they don’t need any reason to train the dogs for this specific thing. Can dogs smell acid? The drug dogs are only trained to sense or detect illegal things by the government. You can train the dogs for acid, but it needs consistency.

The forces train the dogs for only four to five drugs. That is why according to my research, you will find the dogs in very few numbers that can detect the LSD and acid tabs.

Can Dogs Smell Acid

Only such dogs can detect the smell of acid that is highly trained for the acid. The number of dogs is very less than that is used to detect the acids.

Can drug dogs smell acid? Many manufacturers can contaminate the tab with narcotics that are made with acid. When the drug dogs smell this tablet, they will smell the heroine also that is used in the coating of tablets. But they will not sense the smell of acid because they as not been trained for acid. They will only detect the things that are familiar to him.

Some dogs are able to detect things like acid because of chemical impurities. It is because some of the impurities are familiar to the dogs.

Can drug dogs smell acid? Sniff dogs are only able to detect the individual odor. The chances of smelling other chemicals are very less for these dogs. If you train the dogs for some particular smell, the dog will only get the particular smell. Training dogs for acid is difficult.

Why The Drugs Dogs Feel Difficulty For Detection Of LSD

Can drug dogs smell acid? LSD is abbreviated as lysergic acid diethylamide. When the LSD is in the pure form, then the LSD has no odor. When the LSD is in the liquid state, then it is difficult for the detection of LSD. The drug dogs detect the drugs from a very strong smell sense. The dogs feel difficulty because of no smell. Sniffer Dog on acid is not accurately working.

Is LSD Odorless?

When the LSD is in the pure form, then LSD has no odor. This is the reason the dog feels difficulty detecting chemicals that are odorless, like LSD.

You can see the LSD; the most common form of LSD is liquid form. LSD is an odorless, colorless, and clear liquid. The application of LSD is on the blotter paper that is used to cut the stamp into circles and squares shape.

can drug dogs smell acid – can dogs smell acid

Final Verdict – Can Drug Dogs Smell Acid

The drugs dogs are used for the detection of illegal things. They are used worldwide. The police and other forces like custom police used the drugs or sniff dogs or detected and identified drugs from the airport’s other such places.

The dogs like the K9 squad are famous dogs when we talk about sniffer dogs. Many dogs are there that are used for the detection of illegal substances. These dogs are beagles, German shepherds, and K9, etc. These dogs, when detecting the drugs in someplace then they sit down at that place. Tell the guider about the illegal things by giving him signals.