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If you're unsure about CBD for your dog or cat, please take a look at our happy customers who have shared their personal experiences already. Dogs are a man's best friend. Losing one is hard, so it’s important to know what you can do to help your dog when they're in pain. Laryngeal Paralysis is a

Reviews from Our Happy Customers

I have a 15 month-old French bulldog that was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease, and underwent a disc repair surgery with a neuro surgeon just a few months ago following an injury. We were forced to limit her activity and crate train her during the 12 week recovery, which is super tough for that breed, let alone a puppy. We were forced to put her on heavy sedatives for over 2 months so that she wouldn’t jump and re-injure herself. Now that she is ‘recovered’, she still needs to be confined to a crate when we’re not home, and be less ‘crazy’ while we are home. We didn’t want her to stay on sedatives / anxiety meds for a longer period, so we though we’d try CBD. She weighs about 28 pounds, and we started her on the 125mg dosing bottle, giving ½ to ¾ ml 2-3 times a day. Within the first day, we saw immediate improvement. We weaned her off the other medications over the course of a few days, and by day 4 she was strictly on CBD. What we noticed was similar effects to the sedatives that we were giving (they were not ‘sleepy sedatives’, more so anxiety and enough sedative to subdue her mildly). Now strictly on the CBD, we don’t have to give her any pills or harmful drugs. She is much more comfortable and less anxious when we leave her, and when we’re home, she of course still has that hyper puppy energy that will only subdue as she matures, however she is much easier to train and less likely to go ‘crazy’ and re-injure herself. My wife and I were incredibly amazed at how well the CBD product worked, and are so hopeful for the continued use on her moving forward. She may need to be on this for quite some time until she matures and receives the proper training to prevent future injuries and limit her separation anxiety. We’ve also noticed the ‘physical’ healing effects of CBD on her… with her condition she can easily tweak her back, causing mild discomfort and pain (like a strained back for us where we may take some Ibuprofen for a few days). With the CBD, she has not shown any signs of pain, and I truly believe the CBD is responsible for this. I personally am a huge advocate for CBD, and am now seeing first hand the incredible benefits it has in pets.

This is a WONDERFUL product. One of my dachshunds recently developed pancreatitis. After his hospital stay and meds were finished I decided to give him some CBD oil that I purchased at Pets Plus. It definitely calmed his digestive issues. It also helped with itchy skin and resulting ear problems. It absolutely calmed his agitation while he was going thru these issues all at the same time. Thus, it eased my own anxiety and made all of us feel better. Highly recommend.

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My experience with All Paws Essentials has been wonderful! I have two dogs who take your CBD oil daily, one for arthritis and one for seizures. Both have made big improvements in their conditions since taking it. Before purchasing from AllPawsEssentials, I purchased “”pet” CBD from another distributor without any benefit. I am so grateful to you and your products! You have changed our dogs’ lives.

We are so thankful to Bryndon and All Paws Essentials for this product. We have a houseful of dogs, all rescues and the Pet CBD really helps us. One of our dogs specifically has aggression issues that have taken a great deal of time and patience to treat. The CBD has been very helpful and reduced the tension and anxiety that leads to his aggressive behavior. Its a wonderful product!

We have a dog with lar par (laryngeal paralysis) and arthritis. All Paws CBD has been a life changer for her! She can breathe and walk easier since we started her on it. We prefer her taking CBD over all the prescription drugs the vets kept trying out on her. We are 100% sold on it!

My cat Mika had been licking herself on her side so much that she was balding. She completely licked her hair off in patches. I started giving her a few milligrams a day of the Pet CBD oil and with in a week, I noticed her licking ceased. Within another week her hair started coming back too. Whether it was anxiety or something internal it really helped.

Thank you All Paws Essentials.

I previously tried CBD treats from another company and felt an oil might be a better choice. I looked at a bunch online and the different ones they had at Pet Supply, yours being one of them. After reading through your Facebook page, website and emailing you, I decided to give it a try. The quality sounds great, I like to support local companies and that you were also a dog trainer. Gave my boy his first dose yesterday before a training session, which he handled pretty well. He is only about a year old and I believe his reactivity is fear based and from over-arousal. I adopted him at about 6 months old and started noticing some reactivity around 9 months. Being a high drive Border Collie makes things even more challenging. I look at CBD oil as one more tool in my tool belt and if it can help us get closer to changing his pattern of behavior, that will be awesome.

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All Paws essential CBD for pets has really helped my 3 yr old Rottweiler Bronx over the past several months. We have been working hard training her over the past year regarding her discomfort around certain situations especially around young children and other strangers. Bronx would lunge at passers by on walks and previously got very stressed around other dogs. We used to muzzle her everywhere we went. Fortunately, we found a great trainer and he suggested we add a daily dose of CBD to her diet in conjunction with our training to help her along. It’s been months now and Bronx plays with the neighbor she used to dislike and has several dog friends in the neighborhood. The CBD really seemed to help her and she’s calmer than ever. I didn’t even know what CBD was before this. I feel so fortunate to have heard about it when we did. Thank you All Paws!

I decided to get two rescue dogs at once and I could tell I needed some help very quickly. We were dealing with separation anxiety, territorial marking, and having to give lots of useless corrections. All Paws Essentials Pet CBD really helped and within a few days, I could tell my dogs felt more at ease and seemed happier. They love the taste and I only needed to give them a little bit. The results are incredible. I had no idea this was even available. With the CBD and a little training, we are all doing very well.

My Chi mix Mozzarella travels with me more places than he ever has thanks to the CBD oil from All Paws Essentials. He has always hated car rides and would stress shed all over my seats. Finally, there is something that isn’t a drug that I can give him to calm him. I just give him his dose of CBD 30 min before we get to the car and he is so much more relaxed. It also helped us on the 4th of July. My boy really hates loud noises. It’s good stuff.

I have a 13 yr old black lab who loves to chase squirrels. Unfortunately arthritis has began to set in and she developed a limp in her right front leg. I tried every supplement I could find and nothing seemed to help. I even tried another brand of CBD for pets and it had no effect. I was offered a bottle of All Paws Essentials so I tried it. After about 3 days, giving it twice a day, her limp is gone. She is actually back to chasing squirrels again. We can now take enjoyable walks together as well.
Thank you All Paws!

Our dog’s arthritis has improved significantly since using the All Paws oil. Thank you for making such a great product!

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My small 16lb dog has terrible anxiety issues with all loud noises. I’ve tried some calming chews from pet stores which did very little if anything. Normally the random fireworks in our neighborhood before the 4th freak him out but once I tried All Paws Essentials it was like night and day in his behavior. It’s only been two days too and he is so much more comfortable.

I have totally loved this product for our dog Maggie. She had back problems and severe inflammation. With her using Pet CBD twice a day she is back to normal running and playing. I’m very happy. This treatment has been the absolute best for her!!

We’ll take it back! We stand by our high-quality products and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed

Natural Treatments for Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs

Dogs are a man’s best friend. Losing one is hard, so it’s important to know what you can do to help your dog when they’re in pain. Laryngeal Paralysis is a condition that affects the voice box and can make breathing difficult for dogs due to an inability of the larynx muscles to close off the airway. Laryngeal paralysis can also cause coughing, gagging, choking or vomiting after eating. The good news is there are natural treatments for Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs!

Please remember that there is no cure for Laryngeal Paralysis. Surgical correction is the only treatment option for dogs with severe cases of laryngeal paralysis. Less severe cases may benefit from some of the natural options listed here.

Natural Treatments for Laryngeal Paralysis in Dogs

If Laryngeal Paralysis is something your dog suffers from, you should consult with a veterinarian. In the meantime, here are some natural treatments for Laryngeal paralysis in dogs that may be of help:


Acupuncture is great for slowing down nerve degeneration and improving function. According to a study done in Florida, acupuncture treatment of laryngeal paralysis in a dog may help. A Rottweiler was presented for bilateral laryngeal paralysis and was given two acupuncture treatments four weeks apart. The dog showed marked improvement of clinical signs over a 6 week period. This is just one of many dogs who showed improvements using acupuncture. Acupuncture may provide a safe treatment option for laryngeal paralysis in dogs.


Since Laryngeal Paralysis is a nerve disease, there are many supplements that pet parents can consider.

Fish Oil

Fish oil works as an anti-inflammatory and has been shown to repair nerve damage. Research has shown that fish oil can slow the progression of neuropathy and can even reverse it in some cases.

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