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buying marijuana seeds online pay with credit card

How to Use Bitcoin to Pay for Your Cannabis Seeds in the USA

Buy your cannabis seeds here and pay for them with Bitcoin. Since you’ll be buying your seeds from a seed bank in Europe, your credit card company may/probably will block the charge. Generally speaking they are looking out for fraud but I believe most credit cards can sniff out a seed sale and block it because it’s not federally legal yet.

You can contact your credit card company/bank and ask them to unblock your card for this order. You don’t have to tell them what you’re buying and they shouldn’t ask.

I prefer to use Bitcoin to pay for seeds plus you’ll get a 10% discount. The first time I used Bitcoin was to buy marijuana on line. When I run out of weed it’s a lot easier buying it on the Internet than trying to get somebody to hook me up with a weed guy.

I use Coinbase to buy and send Bitcoin.

I fund my Coinbase account using my Chase Bank debit card. When setting up your account, be sure to use a credit or debit card to fund your Coinbase account. It takes about 10 days for checking or savings account funding to process through the system and you’ll have to wait until it clears before you can buy Bitcoin.

When you first start using Bitcoin, you will be slightly limited to how much you can buy and sell weekly. After you build a history of good and smaller transactions, your weekly limit will be increased.

There are fees involved but they are not a deal breaker. If you need to send $100 worth of Bitcoin add about $4 to that. In other words, buy $104 worth of Bitcoin to cover miner fees etc.

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Do it now then you’ll be able to buy seeds and pay with Bitcoin just about instantly plus you get a 10% discount from my favorite seed bank; Robert Bergman’s .

Step 1

Set up your Bitcoin account

To be able to purchase seeds with Bitcoin you first need an account and wallet at a Bitcoin exchange.

Coinbase is the world’s largest, most popular and secure Bitcoin exchange.

You are free to use any exchange or wallet but I recommend Coinbase for their ease of use and credit card acceptance.

Along the way you will be asked to upload identification. No worries, this is standard procedure for all exchanges. Once you start making purchases with your coins your transactions are 100% private!


Step 2

Buy those coins!

Once you have your account set up you can buy Bitcoins with your credit card.

You can instantly exchange up to $100 of Bitcoin when you pay with a credit or debit card. Other payment methods are available but they take a couple of days to process.

Be sure to buy an extra buck or two worth of Bitcoin to make up for exchange fees.

After confirming you will see a window displaying the address and an amount. Leave this window open.

Step 3

Order those seeds!

Now buy some delicious seeds and head to the checkout. Select Bitcoin as the payment method.

After confirming you will see a window displaying the address and an amount. Leave this window open.

Step 4

Pay with Bitcoin

In Coinbase go to Accounts and hit Send in your BTC Wallet. Paste the address in the recipient field and the amount from your order in the BTC field and hit Continue.

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Note: Some exchanges will ask for purchase details like the product or store. As all Bitcoin addresses are anonymous, there is no need for you to share this information with them.

3 Best Seed Banks That Accept MasterCard – 2021 – Worldwide Shipping

The world is changing, you can buy anything in the world online! Back only a few years ago you would have to travel to a store to find anything, and if they didn’t offer it in your area, you were out of luck. This was especially true with cannabis seeds, which were incredibly hard to find! Thankfully the world has changed!

When you’re looking to buy cannabis seeds online you might often be wondering what payment processors they accept. Most credit cards, PayPal, Zelle, Bitcoin, and sometimes cash, but what about MasterCard? In this guide, we’ll take you through the best seed banks that accept MasterCard so that you can get your seeds shipped right to your door!

Buying Cannabis Seeds With MasterCard – Best Options!

Why Would You Want To Use MasterCard To Buy Seeds Online?

Why would you want to use MasterCard to buy cannabis seeds? Well MasterCard has been around for years and is one of the leading providers of a Credit and Debit card that has countless priceless benefits.

Great for both personal and business accounts, MasterCard states that they are more than just a credit card. They offer very competitive cash back rewards which means when you’re spending money on everyday expenses then you’ll end up saving money and racking up points! They also offer annual money back for personal and business related expenses such as Airport Parking, Travel Insurance, and offer perks such as VIP Lounge Access and Frequent Flyer Miles.

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Overall MasterCard is a great choice for people who are looking for a reputable credit card which will help you save money and be protected.

The Cons of Using MasterCard to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online:

Okay so MasterCard sounds great, and if it’s so great why wouldn’t everyone use it?

Well unfortunately, because MasterCard is a bit more of a niche credit card, that means that not every company accepts MasterCard, and this includes cannabis companies as well. Thankfully our list above lists reputable seed banks which all accept MasterCard!

Furthermore, because MasterCard goes the extra effort to protect their users, sometimes they will block payments from going through from foreign companies (which depending where you’re from could be cannabis companies). This means you could be trying to buy seeds and your payment won’t go through. Thankfully, you can usually fix this by calling your MasterCard representative and saying that you’re expecting a payment from overseas (you don’t have to tell them exactly what the payment is for. ).

Which Cannabis Seed Banks Accept MasterCard?:

As mentioned earlier because MasterCard is a niche credit card that means not every seed bank will accept it. Thankfully we’ve done our research, and below are the top 3 best seed banks that accept MasterCard!