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buy medical marijuana seeds colorado

Buy medical marijuana seeds colorado

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How We Are Different

Marijuana Connoisseurs

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The Billo line of specialty marijuana is as premium as it gets. Whether you’re looking for high potency or unique flavor profiles, everything you find here was selected with purpose.

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Premium strains, organically grown to exceed the industry’s highest quality standards.

Thoughtfully Curated

You’re going to love the products we sell. After all, we chose them with you in mind.

Highly Decorated

Our proprietary strains have earned independently judged awards for 2-years running.

Garlic Sherbet

A stupefying and instant effect commonly associated with sour diesel and chemdog with some mellowness after the initial onset.

Banana Mac

Starts with cerebral head effects and quickly mellows out into a very heavy relaxed state.

Cherry Strudel

One of our most social, outgoing, giggly, uplifting sativa hybrids without the paranoid/racy feeling some sativas are known for.

White Truffle

An Indica hybrid with a clean & chilled-out buzz that takes the edge off without putting you to sleep.

Meat Stick

Classic knockout kush, the type of buzz that can make a seasoned smoker feel like a novice. A couple hits and it's down for the count.

Lilac Diesel

Roller coaster ride" Sativa effects for those with a lower tolerance or who are not fans of haze-based strains. Sativa lovers will enjoy the extremely psychedelic, creative & racy effects of lilac diesel.

Kush Breath

The effects of platinum kush breath are fast acting and can be felt around the forehead intially and then quickly settles into a heavy and relaxing body buzz.


An initial rock to the head that quickly settles into a heavy full body buzz. The long-lasting relaxing effects of Runtz really shine through in this cross.

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Kimbo Kush

Heavy sedating stoned effect, the infamous glued to couch indica high.

Tropicana Cookies

Not an overwhelming sativa as far as introspective thoughts and paranoia but it does offer a nice boost of energy and a happy/giggly effect


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"New to town and they made us feel welcome. Sometimes being trans and walking in a dispensary is unnerving, but this place was the opposite. Good staff and their flower is so resinous!"

Captain Dee

"This place is just about perfect. Went in there because I needed a 510 battery, but a glance at the flower in the nice glass display jars had me feeling the need to splurge. Charlie got me on the Fosted Apricot, and I literally had to call the store to thank them because it 100% is as frosty as anything I've ever seen"

Matthew Lahey

"I recently went into Billo a little unsure of what I wanted as i don't go to dispensaries often. My Budtender was extremely helpful and very informative. I ended up getting the perfect items that were personalized just for me and they gave me just the right experiences i was looking for! I also picked up a hat and a few t-shirts that are made really well and they feel amazing on! I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience. I will for sure be going back."

Emily Philbrick

"Went in for a cart and they were so nice and polite and the best part for me is they make their own stuff. Super cool"

Jessica Simeone

"Came up to go hiking and explore the city and was recommended this dispensary and I'm glad I went. Not only was the staff super nice and friendly, but they had great product for a great price. I just I'll absolutely come back when I'm around here again. Highly suggested!"

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Targeting Weed Seeds at Harvest

As herbicide-resistant weeds become more common across the country, researchers and growers are looking for other ways to control weeds.

In Colorado, they’re looking to techniques and technology developed in Australia, which has significant issues with herbicide-resistant weeds.

Known as harvest weed-seed control, these IPM-friendly methods are designed to destroy or remove weed seeds during harvest to prevent them from raining down onto the soil and replenishing the weed seed bank. In Colorado wheat, weed species of concern are winter annual grasses that share the grain’s growing cycle, like jointed goatgrass, feral rye and downy brome.

“In harvest weed-seed control, the objective is to prevent those seed-bank increases,” explained Colorado State University doctoral candidate Neeta Soni. “There are a number of ways to do it, and we’re investigating to see if they could be adopted in Colorado.”

One way to destroy the weeds seeds is by directing chaff during harvest into a cage mill – imagine a giant coffee grinder – and pulverizing the chaff and weed seeds into powder. That’s the idea behind an Australian innovation known as the Harrington Seed Destructor (and a new competitor called the Seed Terminator).

Another option is to use a piece of equipment called a chaff deck to gather chaff into mounded strips behind the harvester, capturing the weed seed in those mounds of chaff. In some places those chaff strips can be burned, and in others they’re left alone to allow the weed seeds to decay without entering the soil.

A third option is to use chaff carts and collect all the chaff and captured weed seeds for off-site destruction.

“Our research is focused on finding out if there is potential to use these methods in Colorado,” explained Soni, a graduate student of assistant professor Todd Gaines. “So what we needed to know is whether, at harvest, the majority of the winter annual grass seeds are retained in the upper wheat canopy, where they would be vulnerable to the seed destructor or other methods.”

If the weed seeds have already shattered and fallen to the soil, or if the weed seeds are below the cutting height of the combine, the methods would not be as effective.

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So the Weed Research Lab team measured and counted a lot of weeds.

“What we found is that the majority of seeds are still retained at harvest,” Soni said. “Downy brome is the same height as wheat, rye is taller and jointed goatgrass a little shorter, but growers could adjust their cut height to manage it.”

Soni then counted out 1,000 seeds of each weed species into a specified amount of chaff and drove to the University of Arkansas where they have a seed destructor set up on a test platform. She ran each bundle through the destructor. The pulverized material was dusted across beds of soil to see if any weed seeds germinated. Virtually none did.

“The seed destructor was 98 percent effective on downy brome and jointed goatgrass, and 99 percent effective on feral rye,” Soni said.

The Gaines lab hopes to conduct field trials with the equipment. They will also study if the strips of mounded chaff are effective in Colorado, or if the state’s dry and windy conditions enable weed seeds to survive and spread.

The seed destructor isn’t commercially available in the United States yet, but a number of researchers are testing versions in different regions and in different crops. The initial model was a tow-behind trailer, but both Australian manufacturers now offer the technology integrated into a combine harvester that retails between $120,000 and $160,000 Australian dollars.

Not every grower would need to buy one.

“It is very common that growers here have their harvesting done by a contractor,” Soni said, “so this could be an extra service they provide.”

But not at every harvest. Because whatever specific iteration of harvest weed-seed control Colorado growers may eventually adopt, it should be just one element of an integrated management strategy, Soni cautioned.

“Repeated use could lead to the selection of earlier-shattering weed seeds, or shorter weeds,” she said. “It has to be used in rotation with other integrated measures, including herbicides and crop rotation.”

In short, it should be part of an IPM program.

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