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Legal Status. Generally, legalization are policies that support a controlled market for marijuana, where consumers can buy marijuana plants for personal use from a “legit” plants nursery. Modern research shows cannabis treats body pain, joint aches, nausea, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Marijuana is a strong appetite stimulant and emerging research suggests that marijuana’s medicinal properties may protect the body against some types of cancer.

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About Us

Why Choose The Strainbank

We select and flower-verify the most potent marijuana phenotypes. We introduce new strains much later than other companies because we determine first the authenticity of our strains before selling clones in Florida online. Our genetics originate from long-term relationship with local breeders. If you are serious about growing authentic strains and verified marijuana clones, don’t settle for less.

Where To Go. There are many reasons to visit a local Florida marijuana clones nursery. We hope medical marijuana patients and recreational users take a short time to research online the best clones for sale online. Our company has the most diverse and authentic cannabis genetics in Florida. Growing premium marijuana takes months, why not spend a few minutes making the best, educated decision.

What You Save. Don’t let the cost of gas prevent having a confident growing experience and successful harvest. Cultivating marijuana is an investment of money and time. Many customers after setting up a grow room impulsively buy any cheap marijuana plants in Florida for sale. If you’re outside of 30 minutes from any Strainbank location, you will receive a discount for the trip or we can ship clones to your home. If you choose the shipping option, plants arrive to your home the same week as payment. The Strainbank has the highest reputation for quality, so we don’t carry cheap products but we do have a very popular free seeds online promotion if you are on a low budget. Many of our customers have prior bad experiences trying to save too much on Florida marijuana clones and later come back to us recognizing the added cost upfront is huge savings long-term. Nothing cost more than having a problem crop go bust because plants were sick or had bugs.

Who We Are. Your donation goes toward cultivation & preservation of premium cannabis genetics, not toward paid advertising. Our focus is offering the best clones in Florida for sale. Yes you can find any cheap marijuana plants locally; however, anyone can advertise online – even scammers. If you’re reading this, you have correctly done research to find marijuana clones in Florida clones online. Search engines, such as Google, provide users the most authoritative websites, ranking them from most to least relevant. Nobody can pay to influence or manipulate these results. The Strainbank is a retail and wholesale provider (bulk supplier) of weed plants for medical marijuana patients, recreational users, licensed caretakers, METRC businesses & storefront dispensaries throughout Florida.

How We Grow. The Strainbank has a proven method we never change. All Florida marijuana plants are cultivated in sterile, enclosed environments. We guarantee no bugs, mold or disease when you buy weed clones for sale online. Plants are grown organically without any use of pesticides and all clones are properly rooted for immediate transplant into soil. Experienced growers in Florida know the first several harvests are learning experiences and for this reason, we offer free growing tips to our customer who buy marijuana clones online.

The marijuana plants in Florida come to you approximately 6in tall and 2 weeks old depending on the strain, some grow shorter and root sooner. We “harden” clones for another week trained at higher PPM so customers don’t have to worry about shocking plants with your feed schedule or putting them directly outside. We produce clones nearly kill-proof for new growers. All cuttings come from pest-free mothers to guarantee 100% female clones for sale in Florida. We also have +1,000 reviews on our Google business listing.


Best Clones In Florida

The Strainbank offers the best Florida clones to medical marijuana patients and recreational users over the age of 21 – check online for updates on cultivation restrictions. We have many strain varieties in Florida and provide a discrete & convenient experience when you buy marijuana clones, cannabis plants or cannabis seeds for sale online.

To assist customers, we provide the Strain Menu of each Strainbank location to find the genetics you desire most or nearest you. Every nursery is managed by experienced growers and all Florida clones are cultivated in sterile, indoor facilities using premium, organic nutrients. To check availability of clones near you, Contact Us and a friendly, knowledgeable sales rep will reply right away to your inquiry.

Florida Clones vs Seeds

The top 3 reasons customers choose marijuana clones over cannabis seeds is primarily due to ensuring a homogonous female garden. Even feminized seeds can produce some males and in many instances under moderate stress, hermaphrodite plants, also known as “hermie” plants. Both male and hermie plants are easy to identify before females show sex giving growers a week opportunity to pull them from your garden.

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The second reason clones in Florida are popular is they are great for new growers who might experience problems germinating seeds for the first time. We often see customers are very excited to get started and clones begin the cultivation process much sooner.

The last reason to pick clones is the option to perpetuate your own grow is much easier. Most customers do not know they can make clones themselves quite easily. Hypothetically, each customer can set aside one plants to keep in a vegetative state during the primary grow resulting in a large mother plants capable of producing dozens if not 100s of clones.

Florida Clones For Sale

Location. Buying clones in Florida online is the best option for customers who are not experienced germinating seeds.
Time. The Strainbank can setup an appointment for local pick-up or process shipped orders within 24 hours of payment. Customers receive plants to grow the same week.
Quality. Buy the best Florida cannabis clones for sale to grow the high yielding, potent medical marijuana at home.

How To Order Clones

Strains. Save the most time by selecting what strains you want to grow before texting us to order.
Contact Us. Once you’re ready to order, text us so that there’s no confusion to what strains and quantity of plants you need. The min order is two (2) clones – strains are not sold in singles.
Tracking. If you are buying clones by mail, have comfort knowing your order was processed and shipped out the same week with a tracking number.


Marijuana Seeds For Sale

The Strainbank flower-verifies strains we collect and breed genetics in-house ensuring authenticity of cannabis seeds for sale online in Florida. Don’t let prior bad experiences growing marijuana seeds ruin future success cultivating them from us. Our replacement policy is very straightforward and fair. We also offer complimentary free growing tips for new Florida growers.

We’re so confident in our weed seeds, try a FREE sample 5-pack on us – no purchase required, long wait or gimmicks. The aim of this promotion is to help people grow medical marijuana on low income or provide an opportunity to try our products risk free. Contact Us anytime for more details.

Florida marijuana seeds are novelty items. Please check online marijuana laws in Florida to determine how many plants you can cultivate. There is no limit to how many weed seeds you can purchase; however, you must be over 21 years old.

Florida Seeds vs Clones

Due to the resilience of cannabis seed plants, first time growers can experience the same results as advanced growers cultivating cloned genetics. The main distinction between Florida clones and seeds plants is a tap root system. A tap root is a central, vertically oriented root that develops naturally when growing from seeds only. Tap roots increase the absorption efficiency of water and nutrients in plants, while also providing additional structural strength.

Clones are grown from cuttings taken from mature marijuana plants of known origin and rooted into a growing substrate. The roots of clones are fibrous and lack the ability to grow a tap root system. Don’t let this information mislead you, growing clones has many benefits too. Like many things in life, you must weigh these factors to suit your situation.

The Strainbank hand selects the strongest marijuana seeds to ensure customers successfully germinate their entire order. For the best results sprouting cannabis seeds in Florida, we recommend purchasing a germination heating mat online or ask us and we can send you one for $15 add-on. Growing heat mats regulate temperature to create the ideal environment for seeds to maximize germination rate. Looking to save money? Growing Florida weed seeds is the cheapest way to go. The retail cost of seeds is about one third of the best marijuana clones.

Types Of Marijuana Seeds

Indica Seeds
Night time use with higher CBD content. Helps relieve insomnia, nausea & body pain.

Sativa Seeds
Day time use with highest THC content. Helps treat anxiety, headaches & depression.

Hybrid Seeds
Very popular with customers for general medicinal use. High yielding outdoor strains.

Purple Seeds
These Indica strains have the highest CBD content for advanced indoor growers.

Florida Cannabis Seeds

Location. Buying Florida marijuana seeds for sale is the best option for patients who do not live nearby one of our locations.
Time. The Strainbank will process your order within 24 hours of payment and customers receive the best marijuana seeds online within 3 – 5 days.
Quality. Replicate nature and buy the Florida cannabis seeds to grow the highest yielding, most potent marijuana.

How To Order Seeds

Strains Save the most time by selecting what strains you want to grow before texting us to order.
Contact Us Once you’re ready to order, text us so that there’s no confusion to what strains and quantity you need. The min order is 15 seeds, mix-and-match up to three (3) strains.
Tracking Have comfort knowing your order was processed and shipped out the same week with a tracking number.

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Text (858) 255-0169 Today!

The most common question we get asked is “do I need a med card?” and “can I walk-in?”. As mentioned above, no medical card, cannabis license or physician statement is required to order marijuana clones and cannabis seeds; however, you must be over the age of 21.

The Strainbank does not have a storefront location because plants do not thrive in an office setting nor do growing environments stay sterile if plants are handled at random by strangers. In order to offer the best clones for sale in Florida online, we take every precaution to make sure marijuana plants are handled by nursery personal only before changing hands – you’ll appreciate the difference.

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Chemdog cannabis curator joins Florida team

OSPREY — Mike Nee’s long and unlikely path to the American dream began one spring weekend in Connecticut when, at age 15, he and a buddy decided to grow marijuana in the woods outside their high school.

None too inconspicuous, they trudged across the soccer field, wheelbarrow and shovels in tow, and made frequent inspections to monitor the progress of their four plants. By October, the things were flourishing, more than six feet tall, maybe seven, and harvest-ready.

Knowing they needed to dry the plants out, but having no clue how to do it, Nee and his pal cut down their stalks, stuffed them into Hefty garbage bags, and hid them behind a Baskin-Robbins ice cream shop. When they returned the next day, the bags were missing. Lesson number one.

Thirty-five years and some 250 Grateful Dead concerts later, after hauling uncounted loads of contraband from coast to coast and keeping a sharp eye on the speedometer, Mike Nee, aka P-Bud, curator of a quasi-mythic strain of marijuana called Chemdog, is completely legit today.

Along with two fellow Colorado cannabis farmers, an industrial-strength grow operation in Ruskin, and the deep pockets of entrepreneur Brady Cobb, Nee is on the ground floor of an enterprise aiming to dominate Florida’s medical-marijuana retail market.

“What’s the most important thing for a chef? An essential ingredient,” says Cobb, a Fort Lauderdale attorney and head of an outfit near Tampa called One Plant, which harvests marijuana at 3 Boys Farm, a former vegetable producer. “What’s the important thing for a cannabis operator? An essential ingredient like flower. And we’ve got the strain that changed the game.

“Between Chemdog and the fact that I’ve got the best growers in the state — they’re pioneers, actually — we’ll be putting out the best product in Florida.”

Changing the game

While that remains to be seen, Cobb’s assessment is lifted directly from a 2016 High Times magazine essay called “25 Years of Chem Dog,” which explored “the origins of the strain that changed the game” in terms of popularity and market saturation.

Cannabis industry website saluted Chemdog’s “mysterious origin, ambiguous genetics, and the plethora of successful crosses the strain has produced,” and said the flower “has practically secured itself a permanent place in the cannabis hall of fame.” Leafly calls Chemdog the progenitor of “powerhouse strains” like Sour Diesel and OG Kush, and tells consumers to expect “a cerebral experience, coupled with a strong heavy-bodied feeling.”

Mike Nee has spent most of his legal professional life in golf course management, where he would also use adjacent tracts of wilderness off the greens to grow marijuana on the side. But he never dreamed the variety of a plant he once sold out of his car would have such an enduring impact.

“I would say 85 percent of the modern marijuana out there today probably has some form of Chemdog in one form or another,” says Nee. “And it wasn’t anything we did, really. We just got lucky. We found a great strain and preserved it.”

As a teenager, Nee was never all that crazy about alcohol, especially not the hangovers. He had what he describes as “anxiety” issues, which he says marijuana helped relieve.

He graduated into the itinerant Deadhead scene and followed the band on the road. “The Grateful Dead was Facebook before there was Facebook,” says Nee, three decades later sporting a black Jerry Garcia T-shirt featuring Jerry Garcia playing guitar. He cops to tripping on LSD at a handful of gigs, but psychedelia made him paranoid. The cannabis buzz was always a more relaxing fit.

Then along came Chemdog.

“It blew our minds — we had never seen anything like this in our life,” Nee recalls. “The smell of it alone would almost make your eyes water. It was so fuely, with this chemical smell, and we’re like, oh my God!”

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The discovery and a lost male

It was the summer of 1991. Nee was living in Crested Butte, Colorado, and gearing up for another Dead tour.

His underground handle was P-Bud, taking the name from a potent strain grown in nearby Paonia County. That’s where northern California hippies and freaks resettled after the law turned up the heat in Humboldt County in the 1970s.

“Great elevation for growing, like, 4,500 feet, real cool nights, hot days, one of the best outdoor grows I’ve ever seen. Plants love it,” Nee recalls. “P-Bud got really famous because they grew it in the full sun, whereas in California they had to hide it in the shade. It was beautiful, lime green, and I’m not kidding,” he adds, spreading his hands two feet apart, “buds this big.”

A stranger passing through from Oregon showed off some stuff he called Dogbud because it was said to make consumers want to roll over like a dog. Nee and a buddy were sold and scraped together maybe $4,000 for a pound and a half.

Their first concert stop was in Noblesville, Indiana. When they set up shop at the informal Deadhead vending area called Shakedown Street, the marijuana became a sensation. “Next thing we know, we’ve got a line of 25, 30 people waiting to buy, and we’re charging $70 an eighth.”

One of his customers, a fellow traveler from Massachusetts named Greg, purchased a couple of eighths. Nee eventually sent two ounces of Dogbud to Greg’s home back east. After sifting through his buy, Greg made a surprising discovery. What had been passed off as sensimilla — unfertilized female plants groomed for higher potency — suddenly got a lot more complicated.

“He found 13 seeds,” Nee says. “It may have been a branch off one of the plants that got pollinated with something and ended up in the bag, we really don’t know.”

Greg planted four of those Dogbud seeds indoors in 1991. Of the three that produced, one was — gasp — male. But Greg only wanted females, and he got rid of it.

“Ah! I wanted to kill him for doing that, but he was only 17 and he didn’t know,” says Nee. “That male? You could’ve bred that male with anything, and anything it touched would’ve been incredible. But that’s all moot now.”

A move to Florida

Greg renamed the two survivors Chemdog, fusing Dogbud to its chemical scent.

He kept the rest in deep freeze until 2000, when he tried growing three more plants labeled C, D and E. Only D germinated — “I think it best represents the original Dogbud,” Nee says — and is now known as ChemD. Greg sent Nee some seeds, one of which he turned into a successful strain that Nee calls Chem4.

So what is the origin story of Dogbud? Nee says he and Greg have scoured the nooks and crannies of the internet and come up empty. The strain never resurfaced. At his new job at One Plant, he says consumers will soon be able to decide for themselves what the Chemdog fuss is all about. The vast majority of cannabis advertised as Chemdog, he says, is bogus.

“And if you see something spelled Chem d-a-w-g, that’s totally wrong, it’s definitely not ours,” he says. “The real Chemdog is grown nowhere else.”

One Plant is approved to produce some 350 pounds of dried flower per month, and another facility in Indiantown, on the east coast near Lake Okeechobee, will complement the organic farm in Ruskin. Cobb’s operation, which specializes in home delivery, eventually plans to open 20 dispensaries across Florida.

Given the market opportunities — 13 active authorized grow licenses in Florida, compared with 289 licensed producers in Colorado — an offer for Nee to relocate to Florida was a no-brainer. He has thus rejoined colleagues Chris Keller and Trent Houston, veteran pot farmers who worked together at a dispensary in Denver.

When he shared his story with High Times three years ago, Nee was still going by his P-Bud alias. Greg, he says, is still reluctant to have his full name used. Nee says it’s “liberating” to step out of the shadows of what was once a famously risky business. Perhaps surprisingly, given the miles and the load, he got caught only once, in Utah, and spent a day in jail.

“For years, I was looked down upon as ‘the pothead.’ Now,” Nee says, “people are starting to treat me with respect for what I know, whereas before I was the bad guy.”

He moved his family to Osprey in January. One thing could make life better.

“They need to get marijuana off Schedule 1,” says the man who helped save Chemdog. “That can’t happen soon enough.”