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buy marijuana seeds denver colorado

Dispensaries With Clones

In Denver You are legally allowed to Grow your own Marijuana. To make this easier you can buy clones from dispensaries.There are numerous advantages of cloning cannabis plants which has made it the more popular choice for growers worldwide. For starters, You will know for sure its a female and you know exactly what strain it is. For new growers this seems to always be a question after a few weeks of growth – " is this a female or a male plant?" Second, it is cheaper to start a grow from clones than it is to start one from seeds.

When Shopping for clones, you should make sure that the strains are reliable, potent, and high-quality.Also Check the clones for pests, diseases, viruses, and bacteria.Look at the root system and make sure its well devolved.

The Cannabis clones should also be well priced, have a money back guarantee if any problems arise, and the store should have a good selection to chose from.


What to expect

Commercially, marijuana clones are sold in three main sizes: babies, teens, and adults.Baby marijuana clones are usually 7-8 inches tall with a few roots and leaf sets. Teen marijuana clones are usually 8-15 inches with multiple leaf sets and a relatively thick root mass. And adult marijuana clones are normally fully developed plants that are already planted in their own individual pot.

For mainstream marijuana clone strains like Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue, and Girl Scout Cookies, prices range anywhere from $25-50 for adults, $15-25 for teens, and $10 for

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