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bringing marijuana seeds on a plane

Can I bring seeds on an airplane?

Similarly one may ask, can you take seeds on an international flight?

Travelers may also bring small lots of seed (not to exceed 50 packets of seeds) without a phytosanitary certificate if the seeds are not otherwise prohibited and you have a Small Lots of Seed Permit issued by APHIS.

Also, can you take sunflower seeds on a plane? Aside from the fact that nuts are a common allergen, shelled nuts or seeds are still a terrible idea to bring on a plane. Sunflower seeds are an especially bad idea because you have to physically spit out the shells as you eat them. Do your seatmates a favor and just don’t.

Considering this, can airport scanners detect seeds?

But if you have a small flat bag of seed. It’s not going to detected. Most countries allow you to possess and transport seeds as long as they’re not contaminated with an illegal drug.

How do you smuggle seeds?

Put them in a baggie and place them in your sock underneath your arch, even when they x-ray your shoes you’ll be fine. Put them in a baggie and tape them under your sac. Buy a sovenoir from over there and stash them in it. Probably best to carry them on yourself or on carry on luggage.

Bringing marijuana seeds on a plane

If your soul is sence this life is lost .

If your soul is sence this life is lost .

Before you get on the plane, go into one of the gift shops and buy a bag of trail mix. Open it up, throw your seeds in, carry it on. Blamo, they will never know.

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Just don’t accidentally eat the seeds

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not necessarily, dogs are trained fairly well to search for weed only and probably are kept decently fed and disciplined.

sure they are only dogs afterall and may go for the jerky, but that doesn’t mean a cop won’t look in it anyway.

the plus side is that there are rarely if ever drug dogs at airports. you DON’T pack weed in stuff that gets checked (your big suitcases, etc) because they do residue checks on them. i’m not sure if those check for pot or just bombs or what.

generally speaking (out of speculation) if you just put a bag in your underwear you should be fine (though you have to make sure you don’t smell like weed), they would need a lot of reason to fully strip search you (even with the patriot act) generally speaking, dogs generaly wouldn’t be a problem. but smuggling weed is dangerous and probably gets you in a lot more trouble than just posession.

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