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blue og marijuana seeds

Blue OG Seeds

Blue OG cannabis strain is a 80/20 indica dominant hybrid three-way cross between OG Kush, Blue Moonshine, and Blueberry. If you happen to use BOG out in public, bring enough to share, because once you spark up weed heads will gravitate towards it like a moth to a flame.

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Blue OG Seeds

Blue OG seeds are an 80/20 indica dominant hybrid three-way cross between OG Kush, Blue Moonshine, and a Blueberry F3. A versatile high that travels well and is sure to impress. If you happen to use BOG out in public, bring enough to share, because once you spark up weed heads will gravitate towards it like a moth to a flame. Its therapeutic benefits may help to reduce pain and inspire an optimistic outlook. Because of its high resin production, Blue OG is a choice strain for the production of hash and other THC concentrates.


Blue OG stands out with medium to large barrel shaped sapphire blue buds. The nugs are dense and compact, as with many indica-leaning strains. Blazing orange hairs twist their way through the curling dark minty green leaves. The buds are showered with icy trichomes and beckon you to roll one up.


Exploding off the buds is a musky blueberry and sour cherry aroma. Closer inspection reveals some notes of incense and hash, pointing to the Afghani and Hindu Kush lineage. Blue OG burns with an expansive and sour smoke when combusted that may induce coughing. On the exhale, it has a sharp fruity flavor paired with a familiar diesel punch.

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Blue OG Terpenes

With a mix of flavors that taste as awesome as it smells, Blue OG gives a rush of sweet citrus in every inhale. Upon exhale, a distinct blueberry pine taste hangs onto the palate. Blue OG’s terpene menu includes myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, limonene, and linalool.


For such an effective strain, Blue OG has a mild THC content that measures between 13% and 19%. Because of the lack of cerebral intensity, Blue OG may be a fit choice for those likely to experience paranoia or who have a higher sensitivity to THC. Good for relieving the symptoms of anxiety, mood disorders, insomnia, chronic pain, and headaches. Within minutes, this fact acting hybrid gets to work with a light-spirited and relaxed high.


Blue OG imparts a clear-headed high, giving users a sense of peace. Gradually the physical buzz starts to manifest, muscular tension and stiffness dissipate while deep breathing occurs effortlessly. The effects are strong and long-lasting, even for daily smokers. As time passes, a mildly sedating but not entirely debilitating stone takes over. Blue OG might give users some dry eyes and cottonmouth, which can be avoided by staying hydrated.

Growing Blue OG Seeds

Blue OG seeds grow well indoors and outdoors. Young plants are vigorous and adapt to various growing methods with ease. Although only slightly indica-leaning, Blue OG looks like the standard Afghani plant. Its thick, vivid green foliage turns deep purple when the temperature dips. More branchy than straggly, BOG has lots of side branches that give it a bushy profile. Limbs are sturdy enough to carry its monstrous buds without extra support. Flowering plants have a more discreet aroma than other kush varieties. Blue OG is ready for outdoor harvest in late September, with some late bloomers requiring a little time into October. The estimated outdoor yield is 18oz/plant. After watching her flower indoors for 8-9 weeks, BOG can be ready for harvest and produce 14-18 oz/m2. If you like blueberry aromatics with a kushy kick, add these sweet seeds to your collection today.

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G13 Labs Seeds Blue OG

Created by crossing Blueberry F3, Blue Moonshine and potent Kush/Thai Indica hybrid which is real rock star in the USA. As a winner of multiple awards Blue OG is well known in the Europe and overseas. Compact size of this strain makes it perfect for any location. Despite its short height its yields are extremely big. Its flower heads are covered in large quantities of resin and this makes it one of the best varieties G13 Labs have for producing hash and extracts as the amount obtained is plentiful and the aroma and taste are sublime. Blue OG is a quintessence of perfect blend which gives the results in oil extracts, hashish and beautiful smell of forest fruits with hints of lime.

Indoor: 400 gr/m2;
Outdoor: 600 gr/plant
Flowering: 60-65 days indoor; mid-October Outdoor
Flavour: Sweet berries with a hint of Lime and Kush backnotes
Aroma: Forrest Fruits with traces of Chewing Gum or Candy
Effect: A Perfect Balance of Relaxation and Euphoria
THC: 15-18%


G13 Labs seeds are sold as collectable adult souvenirs and for storage purposes only. Cannabis seeds are illegal in some countries and G13 Labs strongly advise you to check with your local regulations before bringing these seeds into any country. G13 Labs accepts no responsibility for people who do not comply with local laws, and advise people not to break any laws.

Blue og marijuana seeds

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A cross between a Blueberry F3, Blue Moonshine, and a potent Kush/Thai Indica hybrid that has achieved truly legendary status in the USA; OG Kush.

Its short, very compact stature and very vigorous growth stage make it perfectly adaptable to any size growroom and growing method.

High resin production begins a few weeks after the start of flowering and, when dried properly, the buds acquire a delicious red berry taste with citrusy hints.

This makes it one of the best strains for hash and oil extraction as the results are abundant and the taste and aroma, sublime.

At almost never more than 8 weeks, flowering is quick, making it also highly suited for outdoor growing in climes that require early cropping.