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blue diesel marijuana seeds

Marijuana Seeds – BC Bud Depot – Blue Diesel

Blue Diesel is a cross between the very popular Blueberry and New York Diesel strains, which has recently been crossed with an unknown Ruderalis strain to produce these auto-flowering seeds. This hybrid strain grows relatively quickly in 8-9 weeks, while still producing a decent yield of potent blueberry and diesel flavored buds. The effects of Blue Diesel are a true hybrid of sedation and euphoria, neither of which will be too overpowering with THC levels toping of around 20%.

Blue Diesel Auto Feminised Seeds

Auto Blue Diesel is a cross of two auto-flowering cannabis strains, namely Auto Biodiesel Mass x Auto Blueberry. It pulls off quite a trick in managing to combine the citrus aroma of the former with the delicious berry flavour of the latter.

Auto Blue Diesel rows into a short plant indoors but can grow somewhat taller when cultivated outdoors planted directly in the ground. Indoor plants will reach a height of between 50 – 85 cm. whereas those cultivated in the garden will grow to 75 – 120 cm. tall. Its life-cycle is very fast with harvest coming just 55 – 60 days after germination. This fact means that, depending on the region and climate, growers can harvest up to 3 successive crops per growing season. Staggering the crop, planting another before the previous one is ready, will enable more than one crop even at higher latitudes. Yields indoors will be good at between 300 – 350 gr/m 2 .

As mentioned above the aroma is very strongly of citrus fruit with the berry flavour so valued by fans of Blueberry strains. THC production is high at 16% and Advanced Seeds claim a higher percentage than usual of CBD although we have no figure for this. Resin production is high and so this could also be a good strain from which to make concentrates and extracts.

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Blue Diesel Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Blue Diesel Autoflower is a blend of Sativa, Indica, and Ruderalis genetics composed of an autoflowering strain. The parent strain of this variety ranges from Auto Blueberry to Auto Biodiesel Mass. Blue Diesel Diesel came into existence when the hybridization process was completed. It was a real miracle that left potheads with a smile on their faces and clearing away their joints with sparkly eyes. A superb mixture is the powerful diesel scent with a fruity and sweet blueberry flavor. Blue Diesel Autoflower Feminised has an average yield of 40-50 grams for very exotic weed. The smooth and sweet diesel taste of Blue Diesel Autoflower is tasty.

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More About Blue Diesel Autoflower Strain

Type: Indica-dominant (50% Indica 40% Sativa 10% Ruderalis)
Genetics Parents: BioDiesel Auto x Blueberry Auto
Flowering Period: 7 – 8 weeks
Climate: Viking-climates
Yield: 250 – 300 grams
Flavors: Pungent, Diesel, Tropical
THC Level: 16%
CBD Level: 0.4%
Height: 100-60cm Tall
Harvest Period: April to November
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Blue Diesel Autoflower?

The taste of the smoke of this strain is like a tincture that is based on blueberry fuel. While getting recharged with the Diesel power, one would receive the famous blueberry Indica good vibrations. If you want to strike a club or perhaps an outrageous party, you can use Blue Diesel Autoflower and get hyped, but also with the underlying Indica vibes and THC levels of up to 16% at the same time maintain a cool poise. While heading into a nightly scenery of a fascinating city in which one has still not been familiar, this weed strain could also be taken into account. The lights as well as the unusual scenic views are going to take a deep twist.

What are the Medical Benefits of Blue Diesel Autoflower?

Blue Diesel Autoflower delivers consistent potency thanks to its famous and dependable parent strains. A THC level reaching up to 16% and significantly higher CBD content makes this cannabis strain a superstar and a special option for medicinal users in the recreational picture. Berry-citrus flavors implement an ultra-relaxing high when vaping or smoking this strain, which removes stress on touch and relieves body tension.

How to Grow Blue Blue Diesel Autoflower Marijuana Seeds?

The growth is short, around 50-85 centimeters can be expected when grown indoors and 75-130 centimeters grown outdoors, as well as the yields, are around 250 – 300 grams. And it completes in about 60 days from seed to harvest, ideal for Viking climates. This cannabis strain must surely satisfy the enduring cold climate warriors if they don’t want to relocate to the hot southern hemisphere to grow weed.

11 reviews for Blue Diesel Autoflower Marijuana Seeds

Aakhi Sivan – January 12, 2021

I didn’t expect the yields will grow high ,thick yields and healthy buds. I had a great harvest experience because I had an average of 21 ounce of buds per plant. It has a sweet scent of Blueberry and a diesel. I am also satisfied because it is resistant to molds . Its buds are blue and brown or orange in color. It made me calm and reduced my fatigue. I recommend it, will buy again!

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