Universities, colleges across Canada now growing pot on campus

Marijuana, long snuck on to college and university campuses for use in bongs and joints, is now being grown legally at several academic institutions across the country. Eight academic institutions have obtained licences from Health Canada to cultivate cannabis for scientific purposes, allowing them to closely study the drug that was legalized for recreational use […]

Why the labels ‘sativa’ and ‘indica’ tell you very little about your pot – National

  It’s often presented as Cannabis 101: indica strains (from the shorter, bushy version of the plant) are sedating, while sativa (from the taller, spindlier version) are more uplifting. It’s a claim repeated on most provinces’ cannabis education sites. But is it accurate? “In brief, I would say no, it is not,” says Jason Busse […]

‘The momentum is building’: Winnipeg pot stores still buzzing one month after legalization – Winnipeg

It’s already been a month since the legalization of recreational cannabis, but the lines are still forming outside Delta 9 in St. Vital. “Every day as we open the doors, there’s a good 12 to 20 people lining up and ready for the opening of the store,” store manager Chad LaPointe said. “We’ve had a […]

Chilliwack RCMP bust illegal pot processing facility under new Cannabis Act – BC

Chilliwack RCMP say officers busted an illegal pot processing facility on Wednesday, after serving a warrant under Canada’s new Cannabis Act. Police with the Chilliwack RCMP’s drug section, the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment (UFVRD) and E Division’s clandestine lab team attended to the property on Harvard Place. READ MORE: 2 Vancouver Island pot shops raided by […]