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blackberry autoflower marijuana seeds

Blackberry Auto Feminised Seeds

Blackberry Auto-flowering is an indica/ruderalis hybrid strain that combines Pakistani and Canadian genetics. It is primarily indica with a dash of ruderalis and sativa thrown in.

How Blackberry Auto Grows

It is a short plant, 70 – 110 cm, growing with a central cola with small side branches. Although it can be grown successfully outdoors, it is with indoor grows that it really shines. With 18 hours of light per 24, it can be ready to harvest in 8 weeks from germination yielding up to 600 gr/m 2 . Warm regions without much temperature variation are the most suitable for outdoor cultivation, where 70 – 300 gr/plant is possible.

Blackberry Auto Taste, Smell, and Effect

Thanks to its Pakistani genetic background Blackberry Auto-flowering produces loads of sticky resin with 20% THC and low CBD at 0.8%. Buds can turn lovely lilac and red shades. Its taste is sweet, fruity and spicy with berry and pine notes. The effect is first cerebral but becoming extremely relaxing.

Therapeutically recommended for glaucoma, nausea, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, back pain, PMS, arthritis, herpes, rheumatism, Sickle Cell anaemia, as an expectorant, stress, migraines, AIDS, tumours, and asthma.

Blackberry AutoFlower Marijuana Seeds

Blackberry Autoflowering has a sweet berry flavor, is one of the finest autoflowering strains in its genetic inheritance. “snow” bud. That has an aroma that is cloying and fruity, with earthy notes. For those that have insomnia, pain, muscle spasms, and stress, it is indeed good. You would then feel the relaxation of each and every muscle upon smoking and will sleep much better. The plant is tiny and represents Indica vaguely. This cannabis strain is covered richly with resin. Everything is about Pakistani genetic makeup. During growth, Blackberry Autofolower displays red and lilac colors. It is suitable for both outdoor and indoor cultivation, but it is much more ideal for indoor cultivation. Perfect for growing in warm environments with steady temperatures outdoors. Expect 8 weeks of results, with adequate treatment with at least 18 hours of light each day. The dried blackberry is dark purple and also has a sweet, fruity scent.

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Blackberry Autoflowering Strain Specifications

Type: Indica-dominant
Genetics Parents: Unknown
Flowering Period: 7 to 8 Weeks
Climate: Indoor Climate
Yield: 450g Indoor / 500g-1000g Outdoor
Flavors: Sweet, Earthy, Berry
THC Level: 16%
CBD Level: <1%
Height: 70-110cm Tall
Harvest Period: Unknown
Growing Difficulty: Easy

What are the Flavor and Effects of Blackberry Autoflowering?

Your taste buds would be overwhelmed by a rich Berry and Kushy flavor. Blackberry Autoflowering brings a joyful flavor of earthy and forest berries undertones with very few citrus flavors, making its taste very special. A brilliantly relaxed effect is provided by these Indica-dominant autoflowering seeds. You could also expect a really strong stone from your body that would last a longer time. The high begins with a strong feeling of euphoria that slowly transforms into a feeling that is more relaxing and soothing. The impact is much more physically than psychological. It is also the perfect option for relaxing in the evening. She has a powerful couch-lock if you smoke enough, and therefore can help you have a good sleep.

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What are the Medical Benefits of Blackberry Autoflowering?

Blackberry Autoflowering is therapeutically recommended for nausea, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, back pain, arthritis, PMS, herpes, Sickle Cell anemia, rheumatism, as an expectorant, migraines, stress, AIDS, asthma, and tumors.

Negative Effects You Can Expect from Blackberry Autoflowering

The adverse effects of this cannabis strain that has been most consistently reported are very negligible. Blackberry Autoflowering could sometimes make you feel mildly dehydrated, cottonmouth, and leave your eyes feeling dry.

How to Grow Blackberry Autoflowering

Blackberry Autoflowering strain has the ability to produce lilac and produces vibrant red hues in its flowers is the rarest attribute of this Blackberry strain of marijuana. Although it is appropriate for both outdoor and indoor cultivation, the Blackberry Autoflowering strain benefits from the additional hours of light offered by indoor growing. Also, have at least 18 hours of light as well as 6 hours of darkness every day to get the full benefit from your plant. With appropriate care, in 8 weeks, your super plants would be ready. The output of the Blackberry could be up to 600 g/m2. Outdoors is perfect for hot climates that do not experience high levels of the overall change in temperature. You could also notice a very dark violet color 10 to 15 days prior to actually harvest, accompanied with sweet and fruity scents and a glimpse of earthy complexities.

9 reviews for Blackberry AutoFlower Marijuana Seeds

Terri Strouse – April 9, 2021

Excellent for those who are just getting started. It only took about eight days for them to flower, and it was hardly any work. I smoke it to get rid of my migraines, stress, and this hybrid helped me a lot to have a long and deep sleep. Blackberry Auto is an excellent strain for achieving a relaxing, almost euphoric high. I suggest you guys try this!

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Janice Fancher – December 8, 2020

A marvelous strain. For relaxing, muscle weakness, and tremors, it functions very well. The only main disadvantage is the problem of one toke over the fence’. Two or three hits is necessary. Anything after that is only going to place you in a staring coma. Don’t dream about going for the control at all. It’s always that far away… With a sharp fruity odor, the plant also produces large and shaggy. The scent, though, is not instantly known as weed as many other (dominant) Indica.

Peter Huynh – December 1, 2020

Super thankful to Beaver Seeds for making this available for purchase. I need not look elsewhere just to buy good quality Blackberry Autoflower MJ seeds. I have been growing this for quite some time now and I am loving the relaxing effect that it gives me every night! I have not left any reviews on the site yet, so I am doing this one today!

Brent Summers – November 19, 2020

I am super satisfied with Blackberry AutoFlower Marijuana Seeds. I bought 10 seeds, and after at least 6 weeks, using the SOG method, they all grew up pretty well at 9-13 inches tall. I honestly tried strains from other online stores before but unfortunately, for some reasons that I don’t know, they don’t grow as fast and as tall as the ones I bought from Beaver Seed. You can never go wrong with Blackberry AutoFlower Marijuana Seeds. I will give them 5 stars for it!

Lynn Chandler – May 2, 2020

Taste, THC, and Potency all in one delicious little nug! Its pungent smell and densely packed crystal covered flowers. One of the best smokes around. The buzz hits the head first, but subtle. And then the magic happens. Your whole body gets light and lazy. May even run this one again, I love it. My first time buying beans from you and I’m more than impressed.

Alfonso Page – April 15, 2020

I have to rank this particular grow 10/10. It has a sweet fruity berry flavor. Superior in grind, color, and quality. Very Yummy! I call this either a night time smoke or rainy day smoke, not because it’s sedative, but you will be lazy. Great for relaxing and chilling. Not great for active days. This is an excellent strain for new growers. Thank you for having premium seeds.

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Matt Keller – April 7, 2020

Blackberry Strain has a sweet blackberry and earthy smell and taste. Very nice relaxing, mellow high. Great for social occasions, or just to relax after a long day. One of my top 10 strains ever. I am looking forward to growing it again. Safest and reputable company to buy from!

Lyle Munoz – April 7, 2020

I am very proud of my first grow. I was not expecting very much but what I get I am satisfied. Incredible look. Great smell and flavor. Smooth smoke. One of my favorites by far hands down very smooth and an awesome body high. Keep up the good work Beaver Seeds!

Orlando Ball – March 7, 2020

The fruity earthy flavor was smooth and not overpowering. No cough. It actually tastes and smells like blackberries. It helps me focus, helps me during this time of quarantine, it helps with depression and helps with thinking of good creative things to do with my family while being safe in the house. This is not my first go around with Beaver Seeds and will not be my last!

FastBuds – Blackberry Auto

Round plump berries, oozing with berriful resin. Like forest fruits dipped in sugar. Users will get great delight as these deep purple buds are crumbled up into the grinder.

Smoke Report

As a potent Indica, novices may find its effects very couchlocking, making you feel lazy and sleepy. Cannabis connoisseurs, on the other hand, will enjoy the relaxing fruity body high making it the perfect smoke for that peaceful evening moment of quiet.

Plant Appearance

An Indica-like structure, with a very bushy growth. Tight internodal spacing and a swollen main cola developing in the center. Growers can expect a plant of up to 1.1m and rich purple hues covering the plant from leaf to bud.

Grow tips

Cover her basic needs of water, light and humidity and you’ll have your very own Blackberry bush within no time. More experienced growers can attempt some light defoliation to help light access. Ideally she’ll do her best with 18 hours of light daily. Make sure to go easy on the nutriments and start flushing two weeks before harvesting.


A rich Kushy and berry flavor will overwhelm your palate. With very little citrus tastes, Blackberry brings a wholesome flavor of forest berries with earthy undertones, making its flavor quite unique.