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Seattle City Guide: Most Lit Dispensaries

In the seven years following Washington’s I-502 marijuana ballot, world-renowned strains have emerged on the legal market—just as dispensaries have flourished throughout Seattle and greater Washington. Washington’s cannabis industry now includes some of the most innovative brands, strains, companies, and products in the United States. CannaCon was founded to connect the thriving Washington industry with others in our country and across the globe.

If you’re visiting CannaCon Seattle later this month, you’re likely looking to discover some of the best Washington strains, companies, and dispensaries. With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide to the most lit dispensaries in the Seattle area in close proximity to the expo at Washington State Convention Center. Fire up!

Diego Pellicer | 2215 4th Ave. South, Seattle, WA, 98134 (SoDo)

Is it an ancient Roman bath? A colonnade-lined spa at the Four Seasons? A Getty Villa special Turkish antique exhibit room? Whatever your first impressions of Diego Pellicer may be, opulence is the primary influence. From elaborate decorative inlaid tile floors to luxury jewelry store-inspired displays, the luxurious visual decadence of the dispensary perfectly complements its rich selection of premium flower, edibles, concentrates, and pre-rolled joints. Check out brands like Gold Leaf, Harmony Farms, House of Cultivar, and Puffin Farms, and consult Leafly for a guide to classic and potent strains at Diego Pellicer.

Dockside Cannabis | 1728 4th Ave. South, Seattle, WA, 98134 (SoDo)

The vast selection of products at Dockside includes flower, pre-rolls, vapors, concentrates, edibles, infused beverages, tinctures, and topicals; and a knowledgeable and educated staff to help you narrow down your choice of products. Dockside has other locations throughout Seattle (farther from the CannaCon expo at Shoreline, Ballard, and 85 th and Aurora), so check their website for details.

Have a Heart | 115 Blanchard St., Seattle, WA, 98121 (Belltown)

Founded about eight years ago, Have a Heart has expanded to six separate locations in Washington State, and another 11 locations in states like Oregon, California, Hawaii, and Iowa. A location near the airport in SeaTac is a great first stop off the airplane, or visit the location nearest the CannaCon expo location in Belltown for a wide selection of products. Visit their special events page for weekly discounts and deals.

Ruckus | 1465 East Republican St., Seattle, WA, 98112 (Capitol Hill)

Ruckus was voted one of the 12 best marijuana dispensaries in Seattle by High Times magazine, and is the first and largest Clean Green Certified retailer on Capitol Hill. Situated in East Capitol Hill, its location is just a mile and a half from the CannaCon expo at Washington State Convention Center. The company prides itself on “consistently bringing in growers and processors that are superior to” competitors across a range of products like flowers, concentrates, topicals, edibles, and tinctures.

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Uncle Ike’s | 501 15th Ave. East, Seattle, WA, 98112 (Capitol Hill)

Like Ruckus, Uncle Ike’s is just about a mile and a half from the expo location, but “their flagship location at 23rd & Union… served as a sort of billboard for recreational weed, and as the location for various blowouts including one of the city’s biggest 4/20 celebrations,” according to Thrillist. From festive decorative flourishes like a giant neon DRUGS sign, a jukebox, and a welcome mat that says “Puff, puff, DANCE!” near the entrance to a vast array of products, Uncle Ike’s is a mainstay of Seattle dispensaries. The company’s toll-free number is even 1-800-GET-DRUGS.

Did you try any of Seattle’s cannabis dispensaries? What are your favorites? Please let us know in the comments!

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History of marijuana strains

Mexico is certainly one of the New World countries with the strongest tradition in cannabis cultivation and consumption. Sharing borders with the United States to the north and Guatemala and Belize to the south, this wonderful nation is nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico and enjoys such disparate climates that it’s possible to go from a desolated desert to a luxuriant rainforest brimming with life, in a matter of a few hours.

In fact, (although, as we will see, it’s a widely contested theory) according to many sources, Mexico is the place where cannabis first arrived in the Americas. From there, it quickly spread both north and south, and to the Caribbean Sea islands off the east coast of Mexico. In this article, we take a deeper look into the history of this ancient plant in this beautiful land, which recently has been taking huge steps towards full regularization, and could become an example for many others.

The history of Purple Punch (Alpha Cut)

Purple Punch, from the best Californian dispensaries to the world

From time to time, we cannabis lovers start wondering about the origins of certain strains. On many occasions, this curiosity about the origin of certain genetics comes because they have reached a high level of popularity among users, while other times it’s because these strains are sweeping the board at cannabis cups or because we can suddenly find them in the best dispensaries or cannabis clubs of our cities.

Another reason for our curiosity could be that this strain has been newly added to the catalogue of our favourite seed bank. Well, this time we are going to dedicate an article to telling you more about the well-known Purple Punch, in particular about one of the most popular clones or cuts that have come from it, the “Alpha Cut”.

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The Origins of GG4 – RIP Joesy Whales

This week began with the sad news that GG4 co-creator Joesy Whales aka Don Peabody, had died. He passed away in Las Vegas on May 6th at the age of 69 years old, doing what he loved most, and is survived by his wife, Angela, and their two children. We’d like to take this opportunity to pay our respects and pass on our deepest condolences to his family and at the same time, tell you a little about his enormous impact on cannabis culture.

Zamal, a legendary cannabis strain from Reunion

Zamal, cannabis from Reunion Island

Cannabis or marijuana is a plant that currently can be found in all corners of the world. There is clear evidence that the cannabis plant originated in the Eastern/Central Asian regions. Then, it spread to the Middle East, and afterwards, to both the African and American continents.

Over the centuries, through traveling and commercial activities, humanity established cannabis cultivation in areas where it didn’t grow naturally. A perfect example of this expansion is Zamal, the strain that reached Reunion Island and acclimatized to the point of growing spontaneously as a pure landrace for over two centuries.

Cannabis in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a landlocked country in central Asia, wedged between the western foothills of the Hindu Kush and the deserts of Iran, is a country with one of the greatest traditions of cannabis cultivation and, more specifically, of hashish production. Since it is believed that cannabis originated thousands of years ago on the slopes of the Himalayas (home of the largest mountains in the world), today it seems obvious that this was one of the first places where this plant was cultivated in a controlled manner, although even now there is still some confusion as to what kind of varieties have been traditionally grown in this area, as well as the “emergence” of the Afghan genotype, or in other words, what we now refer to as Afghan varieties.

What is clear is that Afghanistan is one of the cradles of cannabis and especially of hashish, with a tradition that today represents what would probably be the world’s oldest in terms of the development of hash. In addition, and according to the UNODC, in recent years Afghanistan has become the world’s largest producer of this resin concentrate, surpassing Morocco and seeing the cultivation of cannabis gradually displace that of another traditional crop in the Golden Triangle area, that of opium.

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Origins of cannabis cultivation

Where did cannabis originate?

Mankind and cannabis have maintained a close relationship throughout the History. Although scientific and archaeological evidence allows us to estimate the date and place where it originated, it is difficult to establish its exact place – and time – of origin.

Critical Mass by Mr. Nice, a legendary cannabis strain

Mr. Nice Seedbank, a project by Shantibaba, Nevil and Howard Marks

Almost 20 years have passed since Mr. Nice Seedbank was founded in 1998 by Scott Blakey, Nevil Shoenmakers and Howard Marks. Scott and Nevil, former partners of Arjan Roskam in the Green House Seed Company, decided to share their strains by creating a new seed company that quickly earned its place in the market and which got the name of the alias of the third partner, Howard Marks. At the time when feminized seeds were entering the market and demand was increasing every day (in countries like Spain and thanks to grow shops people were starting to grow their own pot), Shantibaba (Scott) and Nevil developed some of the most popular genetics of that time, like Black Widow (their own version of the White Widow), Neville’s Haze, La Niña or the renowned Critical Mass.

The origins of Haze

What’s the story of Haze?

Haze is, probably, the most grown and renowned 100% sativa hybrid throughout the world. Its origins date back to the early 1970’s in the region of Santa Cruz, California (USA).During this time, two brothers known as the “Haze Brothers” (R. Haze and J. Haze) cultivated and crossed different cannabis lines using seeds of the best imported sativa strains, most times offered by their friend and neighbor Sam “The Skunkman”.It all began with a hybrid between a landrace sativa from Mexico and another landrace from Colombia. One year later, the best females selected from this hybrid were crossed with a landrace strain from southern India. Finally, the female offspring of this new hybrid was crossed again with a landrace male from Thailand.

The Origins of Diesel

Origins of Diesel cannabis strains

In recent years, Diesel strains have become, by their own merits, one of the most popular cannabis genetics, seeked by growers and users both for its intense and special taste and for its strong effect, mainly caused by THC contents which can exceed 20% in most specimens. As it often happens in the world of cannabis, the exact origin of this genetics is uncertain, although one of the most commonly accepted theories tells us that it’d be directly related to the Chemdog and, later, also to the OG Kush marijuana.