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best marijuana seeds canada reddit

Best place for reasonably priced seeds?

Hey guys, setting up my first space bucket. Anyone have suggestions for somewhere with reasonably priced seeds? I have seen seeds at $8 each, is this the going rate? Any other Canadian space bucketers out there as well?

Name brand genetics in seed form are never going to be cheaper than their producer sells them for. There's a certain "you get what you pay for" with seeds. Yes, you may grow fire from a bag or cheapo seed. But you'll have a way better chance of growing fire from good genetics.

I know some operate on a tight budget but I would worry less about hitting a price point on seeds, and more about selecting a strain you might be happy with and that might give you a better chance of success.

Best site for seeds in Canada?

Looking for some northern lights or white widow seeds and dont know what sites are good for seeds?

For autoflowers, mephistogenetics. For photos, Rocky Mountain high, elite 613 genetics, and the real Canada seeds have some of the popular (expensive) American breeders like In House, Ethos, and Oni. If you don’t mind ordering internationally, Seedsman/Attitude have decent freebies and probably the best selection. Good luck!

Sorry, what’s autoflower?

I'm currently giving away seeds from ILGM that you can't get here otherwise. Also giving away a light. Check out for more info.

Edit: down vote me for trying to give stuff away? Yeah, free weed bad.

Ty and I'll check it out. I like free and reddit has been good to me so far.

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Check out gta seed Bank.

I used true north. Ordered last Tuesday, arrived yesterday.

You mean TrueNorthSwapBank.. Of the 3 orders placed 3 mistakes. Everytime the same treatment: "Send it back or we will give you 20% off your next order"(meanwhile they have upwards of 50% off sitewide sales) My First order they gave me the wrong freebies, whatever it was freebies. Second order they gave me Autos instead of fems, pretty big deal, said whatever. Then the last order I made no freebies at all. Ohh and even if you order them in breeder packs they open them? All 3 dinafem packs I ordered they unwrapped the seal, Why?

Anyone know any good Seed banks?

I'm looking to procure some seeds from a reputable seed bank anyone know much on the topic?

True North Seed Bank is in Toronto. No international shipping so way less to worry about. Heard good things about them.

Their prices seem steep or is that normal

edit: I was looking at msnl

Me too, hope this post gets more replies.

Have you ordered from either of them? I'm just worried about the boarder intercepting the package

Elite613genetics is Canadian. Very reputable company, they handle true fire craft cannabis genetics. Have successfully purchased from and grown out their genetics, Thugpug meatbreath being a personal favorite. Greatlakesgenetics ships to Canada, I've used them for years. I can personally vouch for both of these craft cannabis seed banks.

Are these websites or reddit user names? Edit: never mind lol answered my own question

elite 613 use to be good, dude has a terrible attitude though and takes forever to send a menu and ship. . some of the worst customer service i had ever dealt with. he sent me a couple box of exotic genetix where the seals were broken and then wouldn’t let me return them to send me new ones because he was “out” and then i had my buddy email him for a latest list and he listed the strain he said he was out of.

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