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best legit place to buy marijuana seeds online reddit

Best place to buy seeds

I'm trying to find seeds for this grow season, I haven't had much luck in finding a reputable site that ships to Canada at prices that don't seem very expensive, just curious as to what sites you all use to get seeds. Not super picky on what strains they are, more that they are just decent pricing for them, money is tight and I just want to grow this year to have a supply for myself. I've seen seeds going for $100 for 4 and that seems pricey but I'm not sure, I've seen cheaper but the shipping costs were insane. Any advice is appreciated, cheers!

Anyone know where to buy cheap seeds?

I've looked online and the 2 main websites I hear people talk about (seedsman and grower's choice) are selling 3 seeds for $50+. That seems unreasonably high to me. Anyone know of cheaper places to get seeds?

People might charge $50 for 3 seeds but then you gotta look at what freebies are thrown in. Take attitude seed bank for example, let's say you buy a 5 pack of humboldt's green crack for $54.85. You'd also get 2 bubba's gift (due to the seed bank promo), 2 UFO (which seems to be whatever they have on hand / extra of) seeds, the may promo (which ends soon) which is another 5 seeds, plus if you pay with cryptocurrency you'd get another 6 freebies; totaling 20 seeds for a base price of $50 (but shipping and handling will add more to that!).

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