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bergman marijuana seeds

Bergman's Gold Leaf (fem) seeds

White Gold, also known as “Oro Blanco” is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing White Widow with Himalayan Gold. This strain produces euphoric effects that allow you to focus. White Gold tastes sweet and earthy with a hint of fruitiness. It has a pungent haze aroma. Growers say White Gold has dense colas that are caked in sticky resin.

White Gold effects

  • Feelings
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Will You Love ILGM? 2022 Review

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If you’ve been around the marijuana scene for very long at all, you’ve no doubt heard of the name ILoveGrowingMarijuana (or ILGM for short.)

There’s a good reason for that. Not only are they a legit online cannabis company, which is something that can seem hard to find when you don’t know what to look for, but they actually go beyond just legit into good or even great. Their products and policies are both above average, and their customer service is outstanding.

Still, if you search around online, you’re bound to find some negative reviews of ILGM. So which is it?

Well, the truth is that every business is bound to have a few negative reviews posted about it online, but if you listen to them all, you’ll miss out on some great companies.

Put those emotional, over-the-top reviews out of your mind for a moment and read this detailed, thorough, and rational 2022 review of ILoveGrowingMarijuana before you make your final decision.

Is ILGM Seed Bank Legit?

Yes, ILGM is definitely legit! In fact, they are known as a veteran in the online cannabis seed industry. They’re based in the Netherlands, which automatically gives them a certain level of excellence in some people’s minds. But regardless of location, they are generally well respected and trusted by their customers, though that’s not to say that they haven’t had their fair share of negative reviews.

But that’s exactly what it is – their fair share. No more, and no less. Every online cannabis company, and to a lesser extent, every online company, is bound to come across issues and negative reviews sometime or another. What matters most is how they respond when things go wrong, because there are always going to be things that go wrong.

This will be covered in more detail in the “ILGM Customer Service” section, but here’s a sneak peek: ILGM puts more than enough effort into righting wrongs for their customers. That’s why their reputation continues to be so good and they continue to get more and more orders from first-time buyers and repeat customers alike.

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ILoveGrowingMarijuana 2022 Review – Is ILGM a Legit Seed Bank?

The History of I Love Growing Marijuana

I Love Growing Marijuana first started out in business in 2012 – not as a seed bank but actually as a cannabis grower’s portal. Essentially, it was a place online where marijuana growers from all over the world could come and talk about their grows, get advice for grow problems they were having, and swap tips and tricks to make their next grow cycle even bigger and better. It was also a place where Robert Bergman, the founder of the company, could share the vast knowledge he had accumulated over 20 years of growing marijuana in variously sized enterprises.

ILGM put out its own detailed growing guide on this portal that was free for anyone to download. That served as an invaluable resource for beginners just getting started without a clue of what to do, while the forum itself provided individualized advice for posters with more advanced or nuanced issues.

To this day, the educational aspect is a big part of Their blog covers a wide and growing variety of topics helpful to growers at all levels of experience, they’ve added more growing guides on different topics, and the active forum that was at the heart of their original website is still very much alive and well. You could spend whole weeks or months just reading through all of the educational content on the ILGM site, soaking up the knowledge and learning all you need to know to completely ace your first grow.

It’s only recently that they’ve added their own shop, which stocks both seeds and growing equipment. They even offer bundles that give you everything you need to get started or grow a specific strain in one handy package.

Are ILGM seeds worth the money, or should they have just stuck to offering information and education? It all comes down to the seed selection and product quality they’re offering.

ILoveGrowingMarijuana Grow Bible – by Robert Bergman

ILGM Seed Selection & Quality

I Love Growing Marijuana has a curated selection of only the best and most popular strains out there, bred with their own proprietary genetics, of course. The selection is quite wide and should be more than enough for a any grower, including 15+ autoflower strains, 70+ feminized strains, 30+ mix packs, and 5+ grow kit bundles.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that ILGM will add even more strains to its repertoire in the future, which is fairly likely to happen as they are relatively new.

Guaranteed Quality

Because they don’t have an absolutely insane number of strains available, ILoveGrowingMarijuana seed experts are able to focus more of their attention on each one. During the breeding process, they can devote all the time and energy necessary to ensure that they’ve got top-notch genetics – something that’s very important to them because of their germination guarantee.

If you’re new to the cannabis growing world you may not realize this, but germination guarantees are becoming increasingly rare out there. Some brands won’t even talk to you about germination rates or help you troubleshoot germination problems at all because they’re technically selling their goods “for preservation purposes only.”

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For many brands, it’s just too difficult to guarantee that you’ll get a good germination rate since it depends both on your seeds and your skills. Since ILGM offer great quality seeds and even better guides, they’re willing to offer this little-seen guarantee.

The fact that they cater specifically to beginner growers just makes their germination guarantee even more impressive. It just goes to show how confident they are both in their seed genetics and in the quality of their educational materials – they have full confidence that anyone can get results! And not only are they confident, but they’re staking money on it. That’s the kind of confidence that transfers over to buyers, giving them full confidence in making a purchase.

Simply put, if the company is willing to go way out on a limb and offer a money-back germination guarantee, their products must be good. If they weren’t, they’d quickly start losing money and soon enough go under entirely.

ILGM Bestselling Seeds

Quality is good across the board, but if you want to be sure you’re picking a winner, here are some of ILGM’s bestselling seeds, in your choice of feminized or autoflower-feminized:

  • Gorilla Glue (Feminized , Autoflower-Feminized)
  • Girl Scout Cookies (Feminized , Autoflower-Feminized)
  • White Widow (Feminized , Autoflower-Feminized , Regular)
  • Blueberry (Feminized , Autoflower-Feminized)
  • Bergman’s Gold Leaf (Feminized, Autoflower-Feminized)
  • Gelato (Feminized)
  • Blue Dream (Feminized)
  • Sour Diesel (Feminized , Autoflower-Feminized)
  • Super Skunk (Feminized , Autoflower-Feminized , Regular)
  • Strawberry Kush (Feminized)
  • AK-47 (Feminized , Autoflower-Feminized)
  • Super Silver Haze (Feminized)
  • Full List: ILGM Best Selling Products

Their mix packs and grow kits are also popular products due to the convenience and great value they provide. The Autoflower Mixpack, Beginner Mixpack, Marijuana Grow Kit – Beginners, Marijuana Grow Kit – White Widow, and Dutch Classics Mixpack are particular favorites – more on this below.

Why We Love Seeds From ILoveGrowingMarijuana Seed Bank

ILoveGrowingMarijuana (or ILGM for short) is one of our favorite seed banks, and for quite a lot of reasons! ILGM offers superb customer service, a huge selection of seeds to choose from, terrific sales and discounts, and an expansive collection of free online growing resources for brand-new and seasoned growers. But, most importantly, their seed quality is top-notch (and is even backed by a germination guarantee!). Here’s our full ILoveGrowingMarijuana review, with everything you need to know before you place your order with this popular seed bank.

A history of helping cannabis growers

Robert Bergman, the owner and founder of ILoveGrowingMarijuana, started out as a small-scale home-based grower, nurturing a crop of only 5 cannabis plants. Following his passion for growing weed, Bergman spent 25 years obsessively learning everything there is to know about it. He took what he’d learned and in 2012 he founded his blog,, as a portal for cannabis growers to come together and share information. ILGM soon garnered a reputation as an expert growing resource, even before they branched out into selling seeds (including their very own breeds).

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Part of what’s made ILGM so successful is that they don’t just sell you the seeds, they make sure that you also have access to as much expert growing knowledge as possible. A copy of ILGM’s in-depth growing guide is included with every order, and much more additional information is easy to find on their website. To ensure you always end up with high-quality, useable cannabis for your money, It’s recommended to only buy from seed banks that guarantee the quality of their seeds. With a delivery guarantee and germination guarantee, you are covered every step of the way when you order from ILGM. If you still have questions about what makes this seed bank a trustworthy choice, keep on reading! We’ll help you get to know this company better with our full review of I Love Growing Marijuana.

ILGM seeds: An impressive selection and guaranteed quality

As evidenced by the glowing ILGM reviews from their customers, seeds from ILoveGrowingMarijuana consistently yield excellent buds. I Love Growing Marijuana is so confident in the top-tier genetics of their seeds that they even offer a germination guarantee. In the unlikely event that you’ve followed the growing directions and your seeds just aren’t sprouting, ILGM will not only replace your seeds, but they’ll troubleshoot with you to ensure you get better results on your next try.

ILGM’s seed selection covers an impressive array of strains, and you can easily shop their site based on the type of weed you want to grow. Search categories include indicas, sativas, medicinal weed, ultra-high THC content, and high CBD/low THC ratios. You can also shop based on your growing needs and priorities, such as yield, plant size, climate, and whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors. ILGM seeds include their very own high-quality breeds, such as their famous Bergman’s Gold Leaf strain, which is available in feminized and autoflowering seeds.

ILGM Feminized Cannabis Seeds

ILGM carries a large variety of feminized cannabis seeds. Their best-selling feminized seeds include Bergman’s Gold Leaf, Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, Gorilla Glue by ILGM, and White Widow. If you prefer the challenge of growing from regular seeds (where male and female seeds may be present) and “weeding out” the male plants yourself, ILGM does also carry a few regular strains, but these are recommended for advanced growers only.

ILGM Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are especially beginner-friendly and low-maintenance because they can grow year-round in just 10 weeks without light cycle management. The plants yielded from autoflowering seeds tend to be smaller, but they are much easier to grow. If you are new to growing weed, ILGM’s staff are always happy to help you choose the right strain for your growing style and capabilities. White Widow, Blueberry, Gold Leaf, Gorilla Glue, Girl Scout Cookies are ILGM’s best-selling autoflower strains. ILGM also carries two autoflower mix packs, so you can try out a few strains and find your new favorite.