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auto cheese marijuana seeds

Auto cheese marijuana seeds

Cheese Autoflowering cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds belong to an Indica-dominant, feminized, autoflowering cannabis strain that originates from the cross of a Critical + and a Cheese Auto. The lovers of this strain will easily obtain high-quality crops outdoors in a fast and discreet way. Moreover, those living in areas with harsh climatic conditions will be able to harvest high yields outdoors.

Cheese Autoflowering cannabis seed is the autoflowering version of our Cheese. It is an easy-to-grow, vigorous, small marijuana plant that flowers fast and produces dense buds covered in resin. An auto version that preserves the intrinsic qualities of Cheese.

Cheese Autoflowering cannabis seeds prove to work very well indoors. They reach full potential outdoors and will benefit from coco enriched soil at the rate of 1/3 and from careful but frequent watering.

Cheese Autoflowering has a distinct flavour and aroma, with hints of fresh flowers and mature cheese. The effect is powerful, long-lasting and rather physical, which makes it a perfect strain to unwind.

Awarded the Expogrow 2014 Cup for best extraction in the Hash category.

Characteristics of Cheese Autoflowering cannabis seeds by Dinafem Seeds

Suitable for indoors and outdoors
Sex: feminized autoflowering
Genotype: 40% Sativa/ 60% Indica
Cross: Critical+ x Cheese Auto
Indoor flowering period: 70 days
Outdoor harvest time: from April to October
Indoor yield: 25-60 g/plant
Outdoor yield: 40-135 g/plant
Outdoor height: 60-135 cm
THC: high (9-12%)
CBD: low

Auto Cheese Feminized

Auto Cheese Feminized, a variety that originates from the United Kingdom, is a type of autoflowering marijuana that is renowned for its taste- similar to that of cheese- and for its highly energizing effect. It produces compact plants of medium height and has many lateral branches that grow all along the stem.

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Sex: Feminized
Autoflowering seeds: YES
Grows: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Height: 60 – 120 cm
Yield: 100 – 200 gr. per plant
Flowering time: 50 – 60 days
Complete life cycle: 70 days after planting
Cannabis Genetics: Cheese x Ruderalis
THC: 15%
Type: Sa: 30% In: 50% Ru: 20%

Auto Cheese Feminized is a variety of marijuana with a specific taste and an impressive production of buds. Similarly to all the other autoflowering, feminized types, it has a short life cycle- 9 to 10 weeks- and a flowering period of approximately 8 weeks. In addition, this variety allows for multiple annual harvests.

The plants that grow from this variety reach heights of approximately 60-120 cm. Although they are not very tall, they excel when it comes to their branches, as they have a very abundant crown. Furthermore, their buds are dense, entirely covered in crystals, and they contain up to 15% THC. When cultivated outdoors, the harvest amounts to 160-210 grams/plant, and when cultivated indoors, it amounts to approximately 425-475 grams/m2.

As far as its taste and aroma are concerned, they are very similar to those of the original variety, Cheese, as they smell of parmesan cheese. Furthermore, its effects include a positive state of mind and body. It has strong therapeutic properties. Auto Cheese Feminized is the perfect choice for those who love the original version, Cheese!

THC 15 – 20 %
Cultivation Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse
Height 50 – 100 cm
Harvest 350 – 500 gr.
For Beginners? Yes
Genes In/Sa/Ru In/Sa/Ru


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Grew this last summer outdoors! results were amazing! will be doing the same again this year! 😀

Wurde in norddeutschland outdoor gegrowt ! Hatte einen ziemlich guten ertrag (123g) Keimqoute 100%,alle weiblich. Top Qualität von der besten Seedbank !