Monthly Archives: October 2015

Why the labels ‘sativa’ and ‘indica’ tell you very little about your pot – National

  It’s often presented as Cannabis 101: indica strains (from the shorter, bushy version of the plant) are sedating, while sativa (from the taller, spindlier version) are more uplifting. It’s a claim repeated on most provinces’ cannabis education sites. But is it accurate? “In brief, I would say no, it is not,” says Jason Busse […]

‘The momentum is building’: Winnipeg pot stores still buzzing one month after legalization – Winnipeg

It’s already been a month since the legalization of recreational cannabis, but the lines are still forming outside Delta 9 in St. Vital. “Every day as we open the doors, there’s a good 12 to 20 people lining up and ready for the opening of the store,” store manager Chad LaPointe said. “We’ve had a […]