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jack sparrow marijuana seeds

Jack Sparrow

Here you can find all info about Jack Sparrow from La Semilla Automática. If you are searching for information about Jack Sparrow from La Semilla Automática, check out our Basic Infos or Lineage / Genealogy for this cannabis variety here at this page and follow the links to get even more information. If you have any personal experiences with growing or consuming this cannabis variety, please use the upload links to add them to the database!

Basic / Breeders Info

Jack Sparrow is an automatic flowering ruderalis/indica/sativa variety from La Semilla and can be cultivated indoors, outdoors and in the greenhouse where the female, autoflowering plants need ±70 days from the seedling to the harvest. La Semillas Jack Sparrow is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

Our Jack Sparrow is a crossing between Jack Herer and the famous Magnum. This plant achieves to surpass the metre of height with facility, in indoor can get over 600grs/m2. Distinguished by the citric scent with strong and thick logs.

Jack sparrow marijuana seeds

Captain Jack Sparrow, the rum-drunk pirate made famous by Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean, is probably who you think of when you hear the name “Captain Jack.” But there’s actually a Captain Jack who exists IRL and is way more rock n’ roll than the fictional Disney character. The real Captain Jack was the go-to weed dealer for the original cast of Saturday Night Live.

His weed ushered in a beloved era of ’70s pop culture. He grew and sold Afghanica flower, one of many mystical landrace strains grown in Afghanistan’s Hindu Kush mountain range that, according to Jack, yielded an incredibly euphoric, creative high. SNL’s writers and cast members were so enamored with the strain, they regularly hotboxed their offices in 30 Rockefeller Plaza. The building always stunk of Afghanica, which quickly became known as the “smell of SNL.”

“The show got successful really fast,” said Jack, who explained he was talking to me on a 20-year-old burner phone from his “little crib in the swamp” on a New England coastline. “So, there was a lot of leniency around their behavior. In those days, you could do no wrong backstage at 30 Rock. That cast was too valuable to NBC.”

Courtesy of Captain Jack

But Captain Jack didn’t just stumble upon Afghanica flower and start selling it to a historical cast of comedians. By the time the members of SNL got ahold of Jack’s strain, he knew how to grow the flower to its fullest expression. He also had a deep connection with the plant — one you only develop after traversing thousands of miles to get it.

Jack spent the summers of 1971 and 1972 making trips to a remote village in the Northeastern region of Afghanistan. It was outside of Mazar-i-Sharif, just past the Hindu Kush mountains. Many smugglers, like Ronnie Bevan from the Brotherhood of Eternal Love — the iconic Southern California group who distributed Orange Sunshine LSD and Afghani Primo hash to awaken the world in the ’60s and ’70s — descended upon the area in order to score bricks of hashish to send to the US. “Everyone was really friendly in Afghanistan. It was so much different then than it is now,” Jack said. “It wasn’t a paranoid experience whatsoever. It was just extraordinary over there.”

Jack hasn’t been back to that part of the world since the summer of 1972. That’s when he was gifted a handkerchief full of Afghanica seeds by elders from the village around which he visited. He earned their trust by working in the cannabis fields with them, where he developed a spiritual relationship with the plant — a relationship the elders also recognized. “I really treasure the time that I got to spend there,” said Jack. “I was devastated when I got the heads up that it wasn’t going to be the same there anymore.”

Cannabis changes when it’s infused with spiritual depth, and when it comes from a region whose people have cultivated, loved, and connected with it for generations. Afghanica’s sensuous zing was undoubtedly felt by the cast who smoked it.

“Dan [Aykroyd] and I were talking one night out on Jim [Belushi]’s farm, and he said there were so many ideas that came to the cast while using [Afghanica],” Jack said. “He then rattled off the Coneheads, the ‘Cheeseburger Cheeseburger’ sketch, and went through a litany of brilliant material. So, even he laughs about how creative and great this cannabis is.”

The best part is that the Afghanica strain still exists — and Captain Jack, an “obsessive-compulsive” seed breeder, grows it for Jim Belushi’s weed farm. Gulzar Afghanica, or Garden of Afghanica,” is one of the most popular strains offered in Belushi’s flower repertoire. Belushi’s Farm also teamed up with Select and Curaleaf to offer Gulzar Afghanica in a vape oil, which is reportedly flying off the shelves in Oregon.

But how, exactly, did Captain Jack keep this sacred strain alive after all these years? What was it like selling weed to celebrities in New York through the ‘70s? And did he ever run into famous hash smugglers, like the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, while searching for cannabis? MERRY JANE caught up with the Captain to discuss the highlights of his past and what filming Growing Belushi was like, a Discovery Channel TV show about life on Jim Belushi’s 93-acre weed farm.

*This interview was edited for length and clarity.

Courtesy of Captain Jack

MERRY JANE: Tell us what Growing Belushi is about in a nutshell.

Captain Jack: The show is about Jim [Belushi]’s experience getting into the business, and telling his family that he’s going to start a weed farm, even though they didn’t think it was a good idea at the time. It details what life is like on the farm — it’s real, things can definitely go wrong (laughs). There’s one scene that shows me getting mad at him. Someone asked, ‘were you really mad at Jim?’ and I was like ‘Oh yeah’ (laughs). It’s not just some cut-and-dry show about plants. It’s got a real sense of humor.

How did you end up getting the Afghanica strain?

Things were getting whackier and whackier by the ‘70s, but I had my own little cannabis garden at that point. I hooked up with some friends from Canada who told me they went far east. When they saw what I was growing, they said, “The stuff in Afghanistan doesn’t look like that.” They described it as purple and red, and much more robust-looking than what I was growing and the weed that was available in the area. It was all the feathery South American and Mexican stuff at the time. I knew as soon as they said that I was going traveling.

I used the few bucks I had and went over to Afghanistan. I had hosts while I was there, but some mutual friends told me about people I was supposed to go and see while out there, if you know what I mean. (Laughs)

It was so peaceful and nice in Afghanistan. It was one of the only times, I think in about a span of 45 years, that the country wasn’t at war. Everyone was so friendly. It wasn’t a paranoid experience whatsoever. Through the elders in a village I frequented a lot, I got the Afghanica seeds. The seed has been kept true to form after all these years. It’s never been hybridized, which everyone got into hybridizing plants and putting crazy names on it. That’s the market today.

But I kept close track of the mother and father plants while reproducing. My plants have never been tweaked in a laboratory or compromised with chemicals. They’ve only been finessed by nature and groomed by hand to maintain the sanctity of old-world Afghani cannabis.

Courtesy of Captain Jack

How did you get the nickname ‘Captain Jack’?

I love to fish! I ran a commercial tuna boat for 25-years. I used to send giant tunas to Tokyo. We didn’t use anything harmful to the ocean or other creatures, like dolphins, while fishing, either — none of that nastiness. It was all rod-and-reel, so it was really man versus wild.

But as a job, I loved it. I love fishing. Who wouldn’t wanna get away from humanity occasionally for a while? Out in the middle of nowhere, with you and the stars and every other thing you see on the nature channel. It’s incredible. Long story short, that’s how I got the name Captain Jack (laughs).

So, there was a famous group of hash smugglers from the West Coast called the Brotherhood of Eternal Love. They’d go to Afghanistan to bring back Afghani Hash. Have you heard of them?

Have I heard of them?! (Laughs) Yes, I’ve heard of them! I definitely ran into a few of them in — uh, various places (hysterics).

I recently read Ronnie Bevan’s book Brotherhood Hashish about his travels out to Afghanistan and got to spend some time with him before the pandemic. The timeline of your journeys out there align!

I definitely know the name! I think we knew mutual people out there — see, my seeds come from very pedigreed sources (Laughs). But, their MO was bringing back pounds of hash and mine was more getting seeds to bring back and smoking as much stuff as I possibly could while I was out there. (Laughs). I smoked a lot of hash, I won’t ever forget those pieces of hash shaped like surfboards.

Tell us a fun memory you have about smoking Afghani hash.

I had the pleasure of participating in a lovely afternoon of smoking hash, while it was being hand pressed for me. It was such a beautiful experience. Then, my buddy, who was also my host, pulled out a ball of resin from behind a board in the wall that was right next to my bed. I had no idea it was there. It was about the size of a softball — but it was reddish, which is a sign that it was from Lebanon, not Afghanistan.

He had it in some plastic wrap and told me to follow him. We went into this room where there was this huge bubble pipe. I’m not talking about one of those basic things with the hoses. I’m talking about a bubble pipe with a big, big chillum on top of a stem, which was connected to a huge vase full of water. The whole contraption was between five and six feet tall. It held a couple of ounces of hash at once.

There was a small charcoal fire going in front of us and we’re all kind of sitting around in a circle on carpets and pillows and stuff. My buddy throws the ball of hash on the fire, poking it to get it just right. His friend came in who had hands like catcher’s mitts. They were heavy with callouses — he was the guy who made the softball. Pretty sure we smoked some of that guy’s skin. (Laughs)

But with his bare hands, he took the ball of warmed-up hash, put it between his hands — heel to heel moving in opposite directions — and fanned that thing out like a deck of cards. Then he’d fold it and fan it out again and refold it and fan it out. He did this for about 15-20 minutes. Then by the time he was done, it looked like a massive, black pizza.

So then I laid on my back on a charpai, this little rope bed thing, and I dropped the black pizza on my face. We weren’t worried about Coronavirus then (Laughs). We picked parts off my face and put it into the pipe and just smoked and smoked — and then lay down. It was quite the operation there. I won’t ever forget it. That was the height of cannabis smoking then!

You became an A-list celebrity weed dealer. How did you get the Afghanica strain into the hands of people at SNL?

It was easy. When you have good shit, people will find you.

I had just finished up my last journey over to Afghanistan, and how do you ever meet anybody? Through friends of friends. I lived very close to New York City, anyway, and we used to always have a big get-together at a friend’s farm in the Catskill Mountains just outside New York every summer. It was called the “Burn-a-thon,” where we would invite all the neighbors and people around to have a big bonfire. They were invited to bring any crap they wanted to burn and throw on the fire, and it would be like a two or three-day festival at my friend’s farm.

There was a big pig roast, and people could stay there for the duration of the event. There was a makeshift stage set up for bands to play, and we’d light fireworks and everything. I met Tom Davis and Al Franken [the original writers for Saturday Night Live] through a mutual friend at the Burn-a-thon one time. I had Afghanica and different kinds of cannabis on me, of course, and what good is great weed if you don’t share it? That’s how friendships are made. And that’s pretty much how I started selling to them.

Then I started going down to the show and after I went with Tom and Al to the original Blues Bar in Lower Manhattan which, you know, predates any House of Blues or any such venue. It was a really run-down, seedy, pretty much always vacant bar in a building that looked like it was from Berlin right at the end of World War II. It was boarded up brick, half of it looked like it had crumbled. There was a sign that said, “Warning, Dangerous Building” painted on the side and it had steel roll-down windows and shutters, and there was no one around there, but on Saturday nights after SNL — after the after-party — it was the place to go.

It was open all night. Tons of groups played from the Grateful Dead to the Rolling Stones — everybody. You name it. They would come down to that place and would party for a while. I met Dan Aykroyd at the door there, and he’s been my extended family for the past, God knows how many years — what, 45? We’ve remained the best of friends to date.

How did Afghanica become known as the “Smell of SNL”?

The show got successful really fast, so there was a lot of leniency around their behavior. And pretty much the whole cast smoked my cannabis that I was selling to them. They always smoked it — it was really creative stuff. I believe that sometimes cannabis, especially that cannabis, can create a mood or a situation that makes people feel more comfortable. When you’re comfortable, it sets the mood for creativity and can experience real synergy with others.

Dan [Aykroyd] and I were talking one night out there in Oregon about some backstage stuff, and we started talking about this one bit that almost made it onto the show, but i think it ended up on the cutting room floor for some reason, but Dan said, “There were so many things that came up, so many ideas that we had that came to us while using cannabis.”

He then rattled off the Coneheads, the Blues Brothers, the “Cheeseburger Cheeseburger” sketch, and went through a litany of brilliant material. So, even he laughs about how creative and great this cannabis was. But in my own words, Afghanica just created a synergy between people. And that’s exactly what great weed should do.


Facebook : Instagram: @theCCC420 – Welcome back, we’re here for a strain review on a strain neither of us had ever come across before eragon hörbuch download kostenlos. This is a Jack Hybrid called Jack Sparrow, not entirely sure what the genetics are on this one, but it was tasty! Thanks for watching, enjoy!

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[Music] guys welcome to the CCC I’m Shannon I’m dead and we’re back again for another strain of you checking out some weed today we’re looking at something called the Jack Sparrow with Jack Sparrow it’s uh clearly when you smell that you can tell it’s a jacket see jack cross Jack cross plus there’s nothing else going on in there for me it’s a really intense kind of uh weasel berry thing going on I’m getting more of like a berries thing uh some raspberry or strawberry something free something fruity for sure can’t really pinpoint it is to me it smells like some Cali though or like some blueberry or two two completely different tasting strains right there but both different types of fruits I know yeah it’s it’s definitely fruity you also get a lot of that sweet Jack flavor not so much a spicy yeah more amazing type Jack it’s kind of more of a candy Jack yeah so I was gonna say I’m going to take a look at the Knux here definitely has an ugh structure that’s more reminiscent of a sativa or true Jack Herer looks like it could have been pulled a little early which could be isn’t bad it definitely has a little bit of a color to it when you get in on some of the undersides of the nugs on the outside they kind of just look you know like they got some yeah kind of light green with some lot of orange hairs pretty small trikes just looking at them with the naked eye yeah but it’s kind of cool you get in there underneath you don’t even really notice it at first and there’s a little hues of purple there and stuff and it’s kind of like a light reddish purple as opposed to like a dark purple yeah I’ve gotten two different rigs out on the table here that you Ross and we’re trying out the hex two hex for flowers first time yeah seems great for a concentrate like that yeah the other reason I say this looks like you could have been pulled a little early it just doesn’t look like that but filled out all the way yeah it’s a little bit spindly I mean I don’t know it’s it’s pretty dense I’m at most of the hairs look like that they were dark but like kind of like you’re saying I do see a couple lighter ones in here that didn’t quite turn I’d say probably eighty eighty-five percent of the hairs are nice and orange so and say it was too early of a pull-through flavors oh it smells insane when you break it up it smells pretty good when you crack the jar but it’s one of those strains when you kind of get in there and work with it it’s a last thing here yeah it’s uh it’s definitely the flavors definitely shit temporal anomaly yeah the flavors definitely leaning towards the check but there is a little extra something mixture in there just can’t pinpoint we did a little research I talked to the guy at the collective when I got this stuff is he’s actually the do to Owens that collected it came from the criseyde Creek said in a bogus Creek say that yeah I asked me because I’ve never seen Jack Sparrow I said that there’s a million different jack crosses out there you know I’ve seen Jack pretty much everything else but haven’t seen the Jack Sparrow he said it was made by one of the local dudes who may who’s made a lot of like Bally strains with all the weird names I think the new can was one of them I thought a bunch of Croton you know strange with crazy names that you’ve never heard before but usually made with strains that are pretty you know prominent pretty common like this Jack here dude no you say this kind of smells like the Jack crossed with the new something like that you know saying that Newton was super fruity yeah I can definitely kind of smell it in this now but that was also like two years ago so yeah I’m trying to think it’s hard for me to fully remember what that strange tasted like it was like fruity it was fruity but it was some kind of different fruity that I’m not used to that comes through really really nice yeah on the flavor out of the bong it’s really really smooth smoked they kind of expansive but still really smooth you know usually when something’s really expansive like that it’s gonna make me cough yeah not this stuff though nice and smooth out of the bong flavors not immediate it doesn’t hit you right away but it kind of settles in nicely like five ten seconds after your rib and I feel like it gets the strongest maybe like 10-15 seconds I hear if I can I can still taste it which is always a good sign when you’re smoking weed out of a bong we ran out of joint paper so we weren’t able to roll joint for this video but we figured bust out a couple pieces good enough rips we’ll be able to get a good assessment I think the flavors been better through the phones lately for me for some reason I cleaned them both too before the video which helps you know I’m actually gonna switch it up on try that one here no yeah yeah this one’s been this one’s been a lot of videos definitely flavor yeah 11 mil tube not something that you rarely ever see on flour tooth I think that’s actually meant to be just as much a concentrate to we’ve just been kind of using it for the flowers yeah well yeah the flavor does like creep on you though like you know 15 20 seconds after the rip is when and it’s really sweet right it’s kind of I get more of like the berry thing than the jak thing real sweet I would imagine that there’s some kind of purple used in this cross just based on the smell and the flavor I never really smell anything that was that sweet berry like that didn’t have some kind of her you know yeah definitely I can get some curve this smells kind of like a Leo but I have no idea so I’m not gonna say it’s one specific strain but it’s some perp or like some fruity of that nature yes sure if I you can you can get all different Bob oh I kind of like it better out of this piece that was super taste it tastes good maybe there is like a little hint of some Jack eNOS in there kind of that that’s what I get it first yeah kind of that maybe that it’s maybe that sweetness is just that really sweet jack flavor almost not as like sweeter than a candy Jack it’s like the candy Jack flavor from the jack mix with something that’s even sweeter but the purple Anna’s pretty crazy flavor on that one [Music] digging it stuff’s not super heavy hitting for me we smoked we smoke alone of it last night high after but it’s not it’s not a super kick to the face the type strain we’re just good sometimes but it’s a you know it’s a light workable buzz this is probably good for for you know morning midday smoke when you still want to be active definitely definitely a nice mellow high driver actually I’m pretty high but yeah it doesn’t kick you in the face you know that’s pretty far thank you guys for joining us for another stray interview for the CCC I’m Shane I’m dude


Great vid as usual but dudes you might want to rethink your pants selection. Lol and the plain white T you look like you slept in (; but keep up the good work.

Can you guys name out the music you guys use for your videos? You guys always leave us hanging, as it would be great for the fans :).

CAPTAIN… jack sparrow.

i love your guys' videos!! just two normal dudes that love weed real easy to watch!! i hope to smoke with you guys one day!!

Do they use screens?

holy shit. just fucken smoke the shit. give the observations a rest. haha

Are they medical or recreational?

There's no Jack Herer in Jack Sparrow! It smells like Durban!! I'll try to talk to the breeder in the next few days to find out the background for ya. You guys may know now that it won the SC Cup

what is that tool your using in stead of the dumb common lighters to light your hits up

420 Likes… i wont destroy it

hey i want some of from Crete.

love u guys greetings from germany

im growing some jack sparrow right now its popping up pretty good

iv actually been growing sparrow for a long time>.> i crossed it from jack frost and some puruvian skunk i had

Would you guys please list your soundtrack songs in the "About" section of your videos? Thanks very much.

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eating marijuana seeds

What are Cannabis Seeds and What Happens if you Eat Them?

Hemp is the name given to the varieties of the Cannabis Sativa plant, but it is a controversial plant. But there is more to cannabis than marijuana flowers! Today, you can find hemp seeds to eat, and you can also order online in the best shop for weed seeds like Sensoryseeds.

Cannabis seeds are good for your health!

Raw fats, which we eat from seeds, nuts or avocados, do not produce the effect of saturation and obstruction (coronary heart disease) that cooked fats (saturated fats) make. However, on the contrary, these fats lower cholesterol, they clean your arteries and can even help you lose weight.

Therefore, they are fats that we must include in our diet if we want to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

In some countries, you will not be able to find them as they are illegal due to their connection with marijuana. In the UK, you can legally buy weed seeds, but you can’t germinate them.

How to incorporate cannabis seeds into your diet?

Hemp seeds can be consumed in different formats: as whole peeled seeds or in the form of cannabis seeds oil or as hemp milk.

Peeled Hemp Seeds: They are sold by many stores in some countries and are found in health and diet stores. Cannabis seed has a very hard shell that is impossible to chew; that is why they are sold already peeled. They can be added as a complement to any meal of the day, from a fruit salad to a more elaborate dish.

Hemp oil made from cannabis seeds

Cannabis seed oil can be found in some herbalists. Its peculiarity is that it is considered one of the healthiest oils that exist since it is composed of 80% essential fatty acids. It is an excellent source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 that prevents cardiovascular diseases, reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, and helps improve arthritis symptoms. It is used like any oil so that it can be added to salads or any dish. They can also be used in desserts such as raw vegan cookies or cakes.

Cannabis seeds’ nutritional information (per 100 g.):

35% of carbohydrates.

35% Oil (essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6) 380 Kcal

Nutrients in marijuana and cannabis seeds

If you want to add cannabis to your daily diet, you should get to know the many nutrients and benefits.

Nutrients are compounds that all living things need to function. Our own body generates some of them, and others are provided by food.

Food plays a vital role in our existence and survival and, depending on the foods we choose. We will have a good or bad quality of life.

Issues such as metabolism and organ health are linked to diet.

Eat well to live well! Could, then, marijuana be considered a nutritious food?

Cannabis seed and its nutritional value

Marijuana and its benefits is a field that is currently being actively studied. While this plant has long been used for its healing properties, scientists are now investigating how it affects the human body.

After a century of prohibition in consumption, we are not clear about the exact composition of nutrients in cannabis, however, thanks to the experts, we can refer to it as a superfood (superfood).

The term refers to foods that provide a large number of health benefits, thanks to the nutritional density they contain. In other words, they are highly recommended!

Interesting fact: Cannabis seed is highly rich in protein, so much so that the equivalent of 100 grams of hemp (cannabis seed) hearts; shelled cannabis seeds; contain 32 grams of protein. More than the egg!

Cannabis seeds contain nine amino acids that the human body requires, as it cannot produce them on its own.

The same 100 grams contain 49 grams of fat (macronutrient), 8 grams of carbohydrates and 4 grams of fibre, according to the latest studies and analyzes.

In the same way, we can find vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, potassium and a host of other elements.

How to eat hem and cannabis seeds?

The question immediately arises: how can I consume cannabis seeds as food?

The stems and roots, as well as the seeds and leaves of cannabis, contain nutrients, but they are not consumed due to the type of texture they have. It isn’t easy to eat. Instead, cannabis seeds and leaves are commonly used as aids in nutrition.

The best way to consume cannabis is to sprinkle it raw on our food, for example, in a salad with a rich combination of fruits and vegetables on a bed of lettuce.

Can Eating Cannabis Seeds Make You Fail a Drug Test?

There is a significant majority of Americans who only purchase organic foods, and of all the things they buy, hemp seeds are the most popular one. A visit to the local food store would show you a wide range of products having cannabis seeds. People love adding them to their favorite meals, shakes, and more, because they help in fulfilling the nutritional requirements of those who are allergic to soy. But, the question is: can eating these seeds make you fail a drug test? Let’s find out!

Table of Contents

Why You Should Eat Marijuana Seeds

The reasons behind the popularity of marijuana seeds lies in the fact that there are several health benefits associated with it. You should consider eating marijuana seeds for the given reasons:

Contains High Amounts of Natural Protein

As any nutritionist can tell you, a plant-based protein is way easier for you to digest compared to an animal-based protein. And, cannabis seeds are a great source of plant-based protein. That’s the reason why protein powders having hemp seeds are so popular among the bodybuilders.

Contains Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids

The Omega fatty acids are an important component for keeping the body healthy. However, you need to have it from outside sources because your body doesn’t produce it. Marijuana seeds have an abundant amount of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in them.

These acids make cannabis seeds useful for your heart, because they lead to a reduction in blood pressure and lower the risks of blood clot formed due to stroke. They also helps in improving the overall functions of the heart.

Drug- and Fiber-Type Cannabis Seeds

Before getting into the details of whether or not cannabis seeds can make you fail the drug test, let’s get to know about the seeds at first. Usually they are divided into three main groups: regular, feminized, and autoflowering marijuana seeds. When, however, we speak about drug testing, we distinguish two broad categories, namely the fiber type and the drug type.

Fiber type: The fiber type seeds are mainly from hemp, wich is a strain with low THC content, that is used in the industry. Generally, the fiber type plants have less than 0.3 percent of THC in them, which is not enough to induce the feelings of ‘high’ as expected.

Drug type: This type of seeds is basically any strain that you smoke to get high. As you can well guess, these plants have much more than 0.3 percent THC in them. Actually, some of them have up to 30%.

How Much THC Do Seeds Contain?

As said before, the drug type seeds are known to have a significantly higher level of THC compared to the fiber seeds. A University of Mississippi study found that the delta-9 THC component was 35.6-124 microg/g and 0-12 microg/g for drug type and fiber type seeds, respectively.

However, a majority of the THC was located right on the seed’s surface. A simple washing with chloroform can remove more than ninety percent of the total THC component. When the drug type seeds are washed, they have less than 10 microg/g of THC.

When the testa and the kernel were separated, it was noted that a majority of the delta-9 THC component was present on the outside of the testa. The kernels of fiber and drug type seeds had less than 0.5 and 2 microg THC per gram, respectively.

Thus, it is clear that the differences in the THC component in various replicas of the similar kinds of seeds is the result of a certain level of contamination from outside the seeds. Obviously, it is a pollen from the flowers, also known as kief, that sticks to the seeds. Clean seeds of both types contain very little THC.

Will Fiber-Type Hemp Seeds Make You Fail a Drug Test?

Hemp plant is the source of hemp seeds, and the plant is cultivated mainly for its fibers and seeds. Now, on the question of whether eating fiber-type hemp seeds can make you high or not, the answer is a big no. The hemp plants, which are known as non-psychoactive, have very low levels of THC. Their seeds cannot make users feel high after consumption.

Eating the fiber type hemp seeds will also never make you fail any drug test, unlike the poppy seeds that have trace amounts of opiates and can make someone fail drug tests. This is why lab staff at the place where you get tested might ask you if you have eaten a muffin or a poppy seed bagel before coming in. However, the same thing does not happen in case of hemp seeds. Eating these seeds does not affect the THC levels in a person’s body to such an extent that he/she can fail a drug test.

Will Drug Type Seeds Make You Fail a Drug Test?

As mentioned earlier, the raw drug type cannabis seeds are known to have a high level of THC on their surface, as it all gets contaminated from outside. So, eating those dirty, raw seeds can definitely make you fail the drug test. After all, 35.6-124 microg/g of delta-9 THC component that the raw seeds have is enough to produce positive result.

However, since the cleaning can bring down the delta-9 THC levels by 10 microg/g, they become almost the same as fiber-type hemp seeds, which have around 0-12 microg/g. If the cannabis seeds you eat are not sticky, they are most likely washed, therefore safe to eat and cannot make you fail a drug test.

Final Words

And, now you have a fair idea on how you can have cannabis seeds and still pass the drug test. It’s just that you will have to stay away from the raw drug type seeds, and rely more on the fiber type seeds to get all the benefits of cannabis, minus the high.

So, how about getting some good hemp seeds today from the market, and trying your hand at a few new recipes?

The Top 5 Reasons to Eat Marijuana Seeds on a Regular Basis

Cannabis seeds, otherwise called hemp seeds, come from a mainstream plant known as the cannabis plant, however, they have no brain adjusting impacts. Essentially, these earthy-colored seeds are high in greasy fiber, protein, and unsaturated fats like omega-6s and omega-3s. They contain cell reinforcements that help diminish the manifestations of numerous sicknesses. Accordingly, they help improve the well-being of your joints, skin, and heart. The following are 5 motivations to eat hemp seeds.

1) Protein is not difficult to process

As indicated by nutritionists, a protein acquired from plants is simple for your body to process. Many examinations contemplates have shown that individuals who ate protein had lower death rates than individuals who ate meat. Measurements disclose to us that expanding your admission of plant-based proteins by 3% can decrease your danger of death by 10%.

Horn seeds are the ideal wellspring of plant-based proteins. So ranchers use cannabis seeds to take care of their animals. This is the reason the ubiquity of protein powder in lifting weights is expanding.

2) Good for weight reduction and weight acquire

On the off chance that you eat an eating regimen that contains cannabis seeds, you can lose or put on weight. Fundamentally, these seeds are plentiful in nutrients and minerals like Vitamin E, Zinc, Iron, Calcium, and Magnesium. Since they contain protein, you don’t need to eat for long.

Essentially, they can assist you with getting more fit in light of similar healthful advantages. In this way, on the off chance that you need to acquire or shed pounds, these seeds might be the most ideal decision for you.

3) Omega unsaturated fats

Since our bodies don’t make omega unsaturated fats, we ought to get them from outside sources. As per a few specialists, the horn is an incredible wellspring of omega acids. At the end of the day, they are far superior to flaxseed, pecans, and chia seeds.

These unsaturated fats are an ideal decision in the event that you need to get a sound heart and mind. Truth be told, these amino acids are an absolute necessity for protein creation.

4) Good for your heart

Horn seeds are useful for your heart’s wellbeing since they are wealthy in omega acids that help keep your pulse typical. Thus, you can lessen your danger of coronary illness.

In cannabis seeds, arginine makes your veins reluctant and loose. In this way, you can handle your circulatory strain and be in danger of coronary illness. As indicated by numerous reports, cannabis seeds improve recuperation after a coronary episode.

5) Contribute to the prosperity of the entire body

On the off chance that you drink cannabis seeds routinely, you can keep away from a ton of infections and appreciate extraordinary by and large wellbeing. Likewise, cardiovascular advantages help lessen your danger for some mental conditions, dementia, and Alzheimer’s illness. Thus, these seeds are useful for your physical and psychological well-being.

To put it plainly, these are only 5 of your essential explanations behind cannabis seeds.

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purple kush marijuana seeds for sale

Purple Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds | Purple Kush Strain

Receive 4 Free Seeds with your order if you pay by Venmo, Zelle, or E Transfer.

  • Strain Description
  • Strain Details
  • Reviews

Purple Kush Strain

Our Purple Kush Strain is an Indica dream come true. Very Rare this Indica strain is 100% pure bliss. This exact Cannabis Seed originated from California and it is a cross between Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Probably the best looking marijuana plant on the market, neon green buds, bright rich purple fiery orange hairs. Just a delight to look at. Along with color comes with great taste. Grapes, desert wine, or purple cough syrup, our Purple Kush Strain will challenge your taste buds. The THC value is at a great high of 22%. This very popular Cannabis Seed is a must have in your collection.

In addition, High Times Magazine voted Purple Kush to be in the top 10 for most powerful strains in the world. When we search the globe for seeds, we make sure that we get the exact seed that comes from this ranking. Due to the 100% Indica property our Purple Kush Strain should be used right before bed. So smooth and powerful at the same time, you wont even get a chance to count your sheep.

Effects of Purple Kush

Purple Kush is of course great for insomnia, total relaxation, and anxiety. Many sleep medication will leave you waking up in the middle of the night. Not Purple Kush, you wont even need to wake again to help put you back asleep. This one is an all nighter. Not only is this magnificent strain great for insomnia, but it is also perfect for full body pain relief. Acute, chronic pain will be melted away once you try this top ten ranked strain. Depression, muscle spasms, anxiety, stress, aches and pains, this is a great way to treat your symptoms. We guarantee the genetics of all our Cannabis Seeds, this is one to add to your Marijuana Seed collection.

How does Purple Kush Grow?

Purple Kush is not ideal for brand new growers. However many beginners were able to pull off a great grow with this strain. Our Purple Kush Strain cultivates the best indoors as long as you can control the humidity and temperature. Indoor yields are approximately 400 grams per plant. Outdoor yields are approximately 300 grams as well. Many look to see how much they can grow off one plant. However, the quality of the strain is better to follow as each bud will pack more punch than volume. So always keep that in mind as some strains like this can be higher quality than volume.

Purple Kush is a short plant which is ideal for home, but its amazing color will brighten any room. Purple Kush must be cold shocked just before harvest so that you can activate its color rich buds and leaves. Once you are at the drying bud stage, hang your buds upside down for a week at 50% humidity. In addition, flowering time is about 8 – 9 weeks. Finally, Purple Kush requires a dry climate and it is best to grow in mid September.

Purple kush marijuana seeds for sale

Our Purple Kush is the variety that adds the colour of wild berries to our seed bank, thanks its contrast of rich purples and greens.

This is a hybrid of 70% Purple with a highly compact and richly resinous bud that draws the eye. The wait to enjoy its sweet herby taste may seem eternal, but with its rich amethyst colour and brilliant shine, it will be the jewel of your garden.

It is a plant that requires little attention and grows well with small amounts of a recommended fertilizer. Over-fertilization will be clearly visible in marks on the leaves. The whole plant has a purplish tone, most notable in its resin-loaded buds.

High in THC and low in CBD, its affect is highly calming. Purple Kush´s hit is clearly Indica, giving you a relaxing buzz but without knocking you out. This plant will care for you and won´t leave you without the energy for day to day life.

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marijuana seeds nl phone number Seedbank Review
Located in Netherlands.

User Rating

On a scale between 0 und 10 points, based on 69 user reviews.

SeedFinder Info is listed as "fake" at the SeedFinder. This means you will get overpriced or re-packed gear (if you are lucky), industrial hemp seeds – or nothing! Be careful if you plan to order in one of this shops.

Sells overpriced niravana-seeds without telling the breeder.

User Reviews

guest United States, December 2021

below is the e-mail sent to MSNL cust. supportGood Afternoon,
In August 2021 I placed an order for 5 Carmelicious Auto flowers and received them – had 0% germination, the seeds had been replaced with order #500596339 with 5 Carmelicious seeds. On September 16th 2 of the 5 seeds germinated and grew into gigantic plants, 6-7 feet tall in my indoor grow room that is both temperature and humidity controlled. I run 2 Mars Hydro TSL 2000 full spectrum lights on timers. both plants had not shown any type of flower formation so I thought possibly they had been photoperiod plants so on November 21 i switched to a 12-12 light schedule, they never started to flower or show any signs of flowering. I have been growing cannabis for years now and have had both photos and autos in my grow room with wonderful success, including my prior 2 orders from your company (Auto Blue Dream and Auto Sour Diesel) – so i started some research as to why these had not been flowering, including an old grow buddy of mine looking at them, and have come to the conclusion you had sent me Industrial Hemp, it took me a while to convince myself, but that is now what I believe, as i have seen some internet forums claiming this has happened in the past as well as in the seedfinder website that lists your company as "Fake", and send out Hemp seeds at best.
I (obviously) do not know if this was done intentionally or by mistake, I cannot fathom as to how a mistake like this can happen but possible i guess. I am very disappointed, mad, pissed etc. as this industry does NOT need any more regulation than it already has but for obvious reasons maybe should have!
I have invested BESIDES the original cost of the seeds much energy and effort in lighting, temp control, humidity control, soil amendments,fertilizer time etc.
i am not asking for anything in return, nor will i use your company ever again as well as letting all my grow friends know what has happened.
Hopefully for your employees (many good seed banks available) you can correct the breakdown that has occurred seemingly multiple times by either getting new suppliers or management !

guest United States, June 2021

Hello, our MSNL $200 order has been sitting in Chicago for weeks.
Heard from a USPS supervisor about Where is My Package? This co. is on some U.S. warning list!
The packages go from England and straight to freaking U.S. Customs. Now we are out $200 and are being INVESTIGATED BY THE CUSTOMS DEPT.
Apparently they are holding all packages sent by them to the U.S.
And we live in a LEGAL marijuana Recreational and Medical state, as well as have our Patient Cards.
USPS takes the order, obviously not so well-hidden, and immediately it goes to Customs, ours in Chicago.
They have had our order for weeks, are "investigating" it, which means opening bc they know what this co. does.
You have been warned too. We, Legal Patients, are being investigated by U.S. govt. for what should be legal seed buying.
Don’t believe me, I’ll paste the emails from USPS after our money is fully refunded by these people.
My guess is that they too know. Unreal.
Your site shouldn’t recommend them, we’d never have used them knowing this.

guest United States, June 2021

Bought seeds from them 3 weeks ago. Paid with a Mn

In Cleveland, not sure why package ended up going to Chicago!

Been sitting there, not moving, for almost 2 weeks.

They also use USPS.

Contacted the company since they’d have to make a shipping claim, not the buyer. Instead of contacting USPS they are simply telling us to "wait", they should be contacting the delivery co.

So I had to file a Missing Package with USPS myself.

We probably now have some giant mark from Customs which states we bought marijuana seeds to be delivered thru USPS.

guest United States, March 2021

The company is a scam they never deliver what is ordered. They will string you along until you go away. They can not keep their stories strait. Order from someone else. Be warned

guest United States, December 2020

I never received my order. They say it was delivered and I have checked with all my neighbors but it no where to be found. No response from them to emails I have sent. I even offered to pay shipping again and buy additional seeds on a re-order but they are ignoring my emails. Buyer beware!

guest United Kingdom, May 2020

I got an old CD in the package.

guest Australia, November 2019

Got the order fast enough but none of the seeds germinated. Got sent useless, non-viable seeds. Dont waste your money ordering from them.

guest United States, November 2019

Great service. I bought 4 Strains all germinated 100%. All strains are what they say they are I had my Black Domino tested it pulled a 21.2% THC which is way above avg for this strain it usually tests at 16-19%. MSNL went above and beyond with freebies and insuring my order got to Jax, FL.

guest United States, June 2019

Ordered 4 strains 35 seeds. Only 2 germinated, but never grew a tap root. None of the rest did anything. Sent email. They are not responsible and sell seeds for souvenirs. No good.

guest United States, June 2019

35 seeds 4 different strains. not one viable seed. several cracked after soak,
but not even one taproot.

guest United States, April 2019

In February of 2019, I purchased 7 different strains from MNSL, in varying amounts, for a total of 100 seeds. They have reasonable prices, good freebies, rewards points, stealth packaging and quick shipping times. The germination rates, however, ranged from good to bad.
I decided to use some of the seeds and save some for another time. Here are the mixed germination results I got from the 7 strains.

Thai Stick – 3 out of 3 germinated and look healthy and are growing well.
Northern Lights – 3 out of 3 germinated and look healthy and are growing well.
Sour Diesel – 3 out of 4 germinated and look healthy and are growing well.
Master Kush – 3 out of 4 germinated and look healthy and are growing well.
White Widow – only 2 out of 7 germinated but look healthy and are growing well.
Mountain Mist – only 2 out of 7 germinated but look healthy and are growing well.
Afghani – only 1 out of 8 germinated but looks healthy and is growing well.

I should add that Ive been successfully growing various types of cannabis for over 40 years, so the less than impressive germination rates of the last 3 strains arent from my end of the procedure.

guest Turkey, February 2019

So, this was my first ever order and grow.I bought 5 blue dream autos and got 3 strawberry cough as freebies.Firstly the germination rate was 3 out of 5 seeds.The plant grew really well first few months even if I fucked up sometimes.However it didnt auto and I had to switch to 12/12 after 2 and a half months.The plant flowered nicely with LST but took too loipeng to ripen. cut it 3 months after switching to 12/12 .Harvest was 125 grams dried in a 60×60 tent. plant height 60cms.Nice soft smoke.

guest United Kingdom, September 2018

I should have checked the reviews first. sadly purchased 50 seeds and only 10 germinated the rest were just dead seeds and when you contact customer support the just tell you they cant help you since they only sale the seeds for display and bla bla bla. at least they should be replacing the dead seeds, first time and last time i will ever shop from them

guest United Kingdom, April 2018

all seeds planted did germinate and grew strong, was concerned about the lack of any smell. now, five and a half weeks in flower and still no smell. AK47 should stink right? conclusion, its not AK47, HEMP! Fraudsters, do not consider spending your money with them. peace.

guest Canada, March 2018

I placed a order for 5 varieties and was given a nice selection of freebees with the order. The order process was good and payment was easy. The beans arrived in about 22 days which is about average in my experience. Oh yeah, the stealth option was used and it indeed was very stealthy. A plain brown mailing envelope with no identifying information or markings. My orders are usually around $300 and I have yet to find a seed bank that can match MSNLs price per bean. They really are a great value. The genetics are pretty true to their descriptions.

guest No info, January 2018

Worst cannabis seed bank . Blue dream auto was 40% off so I decided to buy 10 . Item came 2weeks after and I got 3 free feminized mazars . I was expecting it in week but what the hell . My friend ordered for me because its his 4th or 5th order from them so I was thinking it cant be bad no matter of 40% off . ONLY 4 germinated out of 10 and they are small and shitty . This is my fifth grow so dont eaven think its my fault . First my friend sent review and got no response for a week than they sent him response that says that they are not selling their seeds for germination but for suvenirs but still they didnt post his review on page . Ahhahaha so I laughed( we all know why we are here) . I went to post review but when you finish your review they clearly say your review is going to be posted AFTER they arrange it . So my point is : they tell us they are not selling them for growing but they post only reviews that say : Oh I got it in few days 5/5 germination and etc. But when we are trying to put critic they wont post it . I think they are being hipocrit and that they are posting their reviews bcos all reviews on their page seem sketchy . Never buying again and not recomending for you to buy either .

guest United States, October 2017

When you say MSNL is good with communication you must be lying. I complained and was told that all orders are for research and they could not give me any advice on growing seeds. Purchased 3 auto and one grew about 10 inches and started budding and made .04 grams, one got maybe a quarter oz from and the other has been growing now for 3 months and I think it is a hermi. After two months of nothing I put it on a 12 / 12 light and still nothing and after a month I finally put it outside . I very bushy plant but no nothing yet. I also at the same time By mistake ordered the strong something pack and did not even think about not be feminized and 6 out of 10 where male, my mistake. Did get some free seeds but no marking on bag so I dont know what they are. I paid extra 6.95 I think for stealth and they where sent in a cd. Some group I never heard of and not sure if it even plays. It could just be a blank. Would not buy again

guest Australia, September 2017

Ripped me off half my order and have made no attempt to rectify the situation. The seeds that did arrive arrived fast and were well hidden

guest United States, August 2017

I ordered 10 amnesia haze seeds from them by cash. Its been 2 months and they are sa Ying no payment was received. Email communication is next to nothing. Sure wish that I would have ordered from ILGM or Vault Seeds, with them orders have always been delivered by paying with cash.

guest United States, June 2017

They have a nice site with pretty pics and a lot of info and the seed came quickly BUT I had to sign for them after paying 7 dollars for stealth shipping and half the seeds did not germinate.Go to Ilovemarijuanna for good seeds and good support.

IMPORTANT: The SeedCop needs YOUR assistance!

You made good or bad experiences with a shop lately? You were duped or cheated? You got fake seeds? Or a lots of cool bonusses, good service and/or a fast delivery? You like (or you do not like) that other customers also will make the same experiences? So take a minute and alert your experiences to the SeedCop now – it’s done in a minute and will help a lot!

Marijuana-Seeds.NL (MSNL) shut down?

Placed an order 10 days ago, paid using crypto, payment received and have receipt from CoinGate, no confirmation email from MSNL after payment, no response from them after several emails and online "contact us" submissions, called the help line and the number is disconnected.

Anyone experiencing something similar?

I've used them before with no issue, but would caution others who might be tempted by the winter sale like I was.

thanks everyone – just to update i ended up receiving my order earlier this week so it appears they are still in operation

good luck, happy growing

10 days is not a long time that seed bank is in Netherlands I believe, I have ordered from a couple overseas banks and it can take awhile sometimes, you've used them before, I would try emailing them or contacting somehow not sure if you've tried that. Personally in this situation I'd give the bank about 6 weeks then I would start hammering all the chats in cannabis groups my experience, some of those groups have huge followings and you may just help someone else from your fate. Best of luck, I hope you get your seeds and have a good harvest.

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marijuana seed banks washington state

4 Cannabis Farms You Can Tour in The United States

With the increasing availability of online seed banks and dense guides on growing marijuana indoors, it can be easy to forget the effort and beauty that goes into running an organic marijuana farm. Even if you want to start growing at home, getting to know the farmers who dedicated their careers to cultivating picture-perfect marijuana plants can help you build an appreciation for the plant and the beauty of nature.

Cannabis tourism is becoming a massive industry with everything from marijuana food tours, dispensary tours, and now cannabis farm tours, taking the tourism world by storm.

Here are four cannabis farms in the United States that you can tour as part of your next vacation.

Humboldt Farm Tours

Humboldt County is often referred to as the heart of the cannabis country. The farmers of Humboldt Farms graciously host full-day and half-day tours throughout most of the year. The tour includes a Q&A session with the farmers and a visit to their offices in Old Town Eureka, California. Next, you get to explore the farms themselves and get your hands dirty in the actual soil they use to cultivate their cannabis plants. You’ll also visit their high-tech greenhouse to see how to use a mixture of indoor and outdoor growing to produce the highest quality plants possible. Each tour ends with lunch and a trip to their on-site dispensary, where all tour attendees get a 10% discount on products sold in their shop.

PotZero Outdoor Sustainable Cannabis Farm Tour

PotZero is known for its commitment to sustainability when it comes to growing cannabis. You can tour their sustainable outdoor farms in Colorado to learn, touch, feel, and smoke, all while surrounded by beautiful nature. They use a bio-dynamic growing process and will have the opportunity to ask the farms questions about farming practices and learn about their state of the art sustainable farms.

The tour begins at their Cannabis Creative space in Denver, Colorado. From there, you’ll travel through the Rocky Mountains, surrounded by endless mountain ranges. Then, you’ll arrive at Silverthorne at PotZero’s Altitude Wellness Center where can shop for organic flowers and other cannabis products. The tour also includes a scenic bus ride around Lake Dillon, where you’ll have a chance to explore the area and grab lunch. After lunch, you’ll visit the official Pot Zero farms, where you’ll have a guided your through the entire farming process and see cannabis plants in each growth phase.

Mendocino Coast Premium Cannabis Tours

The Mendocino Coast, also known as the Emerald Triangle, is known for producing high-quality cannabis that’s found in dispensaries all over the country. Mendocino Canna Tours wants to give you an exclusive look at how these world-class dispensaries craft their quality product. On every tour, you’ll be able to meet the farmers in charge of innovation and quality control. Once inside, you’ll get to explore their onside dispensary, learn about their sustainability practices, and find out how they create all of their top-shelf products. The mission of Mendocino Canna Tours’ is to create an educational and social experience that leaves visitors excited about learning more about cannabis and organic farming. You’ll have a knowledgeable tour guide to answer all of your questions. This tour is great for groups and will help you plan tours for special events such as birthdays, work retreats, weddings, and more.

Emerald Farms Seed-to-Sale Tour

Emerald Farms Seed-to-Sale Tour lives up to its name. Each tour takes you on a journey from seed to plant, and beyond. You’ll start the tour by learning about the specific seeds Emerald farms use, how they tend to the plant during each grow phase, and how they turn their mature plant, into a final product ready for sale. This tour is unique because it is an indoor farm that utilizes indoor farming practices on a very large scale. Attendees will learn the different life cycles of the plant, from clones and seedlings to fully ripe, flowering buds on mature plants.

You will also get a tour of their manufacturing facility that turns the plants into concentrates, extracts, and more of your favorite THC products.

If you’re planning your next trip and are interested in the cannabis growing industry, you can’t go wrong with a cannabis farm tour. Not only will you learn valuable information about the nest growing practices in the world, but you might also even get to sample a product or two.

Business Ideas For Cannabis Breeders … The Cannabis Seed Bank

At one time, Cannabis seeds were an annoyance. They would weigh down a bag and taste just awful when smoked by mistake. Seeds were a waste of money, trash.

Today, however, seeds hold the potential for producing both little green sprouts and big green dollars. Most seed strains are worth many times their weight in gold–a very profitable turn of events, indeed.

What are some seed businesses doing now to make money and what exciting opportunities may become available in the future? Now that new laws and regulations for Cannabis continue to evolve around the world, this is an auspicious time to consider these questions and the businesses that can be built around breeding and selling seeds. Ultimately, this may include the real possibility of a sustainable and exportable commodity that will increase our gross domestic product.

The current market

Several seed breeders market their seeds through medical dispensaries where they are sold to medical Cannabis patients only. Local regulations dictate exactly how seeds are packed and labeled for unique markets. Their labels indicate the intention for medical use only, often referencing the governing entity and regulation. Some seed outfits label their product as “souvenirs” that are not intended for germination where laws prohibit Cannabis cultivation.

Laws regarding the sale, possession and cultivation of Cannabis are changing rapidly and vary at the local and state level–even in Washington and Colorado, the two states that allow the use of recreational Cannabis. With these rapidly changing regulations, responsible business owners must understand applicable laws wherever they intend to do business.

The future market

As details regarding the legality of Cannabis production, testing, packaging and sales unfold, it will become clearer exactly how seed breeders can realize profits. For the purposes of this article, we will assume the future will offer many ways to market and sell seeds. As such, the ideas presented here are based on the premise that the businesses are operating in compliance with the law.

The current model

Cannabis seeds retail for as little as $1.50 to as much as $30 or more per seed. Dispensaries often offer seeds of their own crosses for test purposes and patient use at the low end of the price scale. Well-known seed breeders’ feminized seeds sell easily for $30 or more apiece. These are often brokered through seed banks, many of which can be found on the Internet. The international, national and state market for Cannabis seeds could expand dramatically in coming years.

Bringing it home again

Modern Cannabis breeding began in California in the 1960s. The strains developed then were exported to Canada and the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, these strains were refined to produce modern Cannabis strains and a burgeoning seed market. Strain breeding never stopped in the United States, and as the laws relax here we will be able to regain our former status as the Mecca of modern Cannabis breeding. This is a big market to reclaim, and we have the genetic building blocks and know-how to easily achieve that goal.

Niche markets

There are a number of specialized categories that are ripe for development in the upcoming seed market.

  • Organic. The organic market is sure to be popular. The popularity of organic products is growing by leaps and bounds every year. Look no further than your local grocery store’s expanding organic produce section for proof of that fact. Seeds produced from organically grown plants will appeal to many customers, and organic branding often fetches a higher price.
  • Environmental. Niches could include seeds bred for growing outdoors in greenhouses and for different indoor growing styles. Seeds intended for outdoor growing could be marketed for the specific region and climate they are bred for–something not available now. Greenhouse varieties could cater to the need for long-season sativa strains that grow too large for practical indoor cultivation and flower well past the normal growing season outside. These high-octane strains are very desirable and in short supply–a fantastic situation for a product.
  • Indoor strains. Varieties bred for SOG and SCrOG methods are popular with the grower who has limited space. Strains bred for low odor are desirable for situations where not everyone appreciates the distinctive bouquet of Cannabis.
  • Strain-specific seeds. There is a demand for old-school genetics for which baby boomers still remember and yearn. The seed breeder who can offer old-style sativa strains that originated in Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Jamaica, Thailand and other exotic locales will find an eager market already in place. There is also a niche for offering the latest trends in breeding and the latest award-winning strains. Old-school genetics and the latest and greatest wonder strains have plenty of market appeal.
  • Heritage strains. Heritage or heirloom strains should have a lot of potential. The breeder or broker could maintain stocks of seeds from original foundation strains and keep those genetics available on an ongoing basis. In addition to offering old classics such as Haze and Hash Plant, this would be a good outlet for a landrace collection–offering diverse genetics from Africa, Asia, the Americas and elsewhere that are valuable for breeding distinctive strains. Exotic strains are always appealing and in demand, and they also are important for maintaining a healthy gene pool. These Cannabis “heirloom strains” will be available in seed form just as seeds for heirloom fruit and vegetable strains are available today.

The profit potential for the niche breeder is high. The breeder can wholesale his or her high-quality seed product to local retail establishments or seed banks. There should be the ability to earn from $2 to $10 or more per seed wholesale. The byproduct material remaining after seed extraction could be sold to producers of concentrates and edible Cannabis products for additional profit. Even at $2 a seed, 1,000 seeds would earn $2,000–and more if there are ways to capitalize on the deseeded byproduct material for additional income. If the seeds can be sold directly to the consumer for $15 a seed, that is $15,000 for 1,000 seeds!

Another important benefit to the customer is that as the legal environment improves more open communication between the breeder and the buyer will develop, allowing for greater consumer confidence and trust.

Contract seed production

Not every breeder and grower will want to produce seeds of their strains on a large scale. Many very talented breeders have limited facilities with which to work their special magic. They can’t always continue to produce seeds of their best crosses, but they can have others do it for them. By supplying contracted seed producers with clones of original parent plants, these breeders can continue to control the production of seeds of their favorite high-demand crosses, while being free to continue with new breeding projects.

The contract grower can grow just for the breeder and sell the seeds back to the breeder for $3 to $8 each. The breeder can then sell them directly or to a seed broker for whatever the market allows and keep the profit. This way, both parties are making money. The breeder may just want a flat fee for the rights to produce the seeds, and the rest of the proceeds go to the contract grower. As with all seed-production ideas, there can be profit made on the deseeded byproduct in addition to the seed sales.

Overall considerations

Cannabis seeds are an attractive commodity. They are compact–a film canister holds several hundred seeds–and easy to store. If kept in a cool dark location, there should be high germination rates for at least two years. They are easy and inexpensive to ship, when sales are possible to customers at a distance. The cost to produce regular, non-feminized seeds is the same as it is to grow the plants, unless the flower cycle is extended by a week to allow maximum seed production. Feminized seeds take some extra labor to produce and, therefore, cost more, but those costs are recovered from the higher prices charged for feminized seeds.

Seeds will be a desirable item for a Cannabis retailer to stock because of their long shelf life, compact size and inexpensive packaging. The seed seller can also offer books and supplies to assist seed-buying customers with their growing endeavors. As more and more people have the opportunity to legally grow Cannabis and realize how easy and rewarding it is, the demand for seeds will continue to increase.

This is an extremely exciting time for Cannabis breeders. In the not-so-distant future, an open market for quality seeds will exist at home and abroad.

The ideas set forth here will be real opportunities for entrepreneurs. New jobs and income streams will proliferate and the Cannabis seed market promises considerable profits on a long-term basis.

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will ontario sell marijuana seeds

Ontario online pot purchases jump 600% amid COVID-19 pandemic, data shows

Cannabis purchases rose as much as 600 per cent since the beginning of March in Canada’s biggest market thanks to stockpiling by consumers during the COVID-19 pandemic – and demand may be sticking around.

Sales data provided by the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) over the past six weeks – the same period that COVID-19 spread across the country – show legal pot appears to be a more “habitual” purchase than a one-time novelty, according to Cheri Mara chief commercial officer at the provincial retailer.

While it may be too early to really gauge how COVID-19 will impact legal cannabis sales over the long term, the OCS data provide a highly precise glimpse at how people are consuming cannabis during the pandemic.

Daily online orders hovered in the mid-2,000 range for the first half of last month, and abruptly tripled to 6,042 on March 16, the same day that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Canada would restrict entry at the U.S. border.

Orders averaged just below 5,000 a day until April 3 when they shot to a high of 13,691 – the same day Ontario declared cannabis stores were not an essential business. Those stores were able to re-open four days later but only with curbside and delivery service.

“To borrow an old saying: the toothpaste is out of the tube,” Mara said. “Restricting access would have created an opportunity for the illicit market.”

Nearly two weeks later, daily sales have held steady around the 9,000 level, almost five times the amount made prior to the pandemic. More than one-third of all orders are classified as new OCS customers, the data showed.

“It’s going to stabilize, but I don’t think we’re going to be going back to 2,300 orders a day,” Mara said.

The virus’ impact on sales has been mixed so far in other provinces. Leamington, Ont.-based Aphria Inc. disclosed in a filing Tuesday that Alberta’s provincial retailer found pot shops have reduced their wholesale orders by 25 per cent, while Quebec’s retailers have seen sales rise 40 per cent.

The data, however, corroborate early assumptions that cannabis is something that consumers aren’t willing to give up. Last month, MKM Partners analyst Bill Kirk published a survey suggesting cannabis is among the most resilient discretionary spending category for U.S. consumers as a result of COVID-19.

“I really do believe we’re setting a new baseline in terms of behaviour,” Mara said. “Cannabis, like many other goods, is becoming habitual in terms of a purchase pattern.”

The OCS doesn’t anticipate the demand surge will result in cannabis supply shortages this year, but infused edible products may not be as readily available as dried flower, Mara said.

The agency’s online store will sell infused beverages later this month as well as a larger assortment of cannabis seeds right in time for consumers to grow at home this summer, she added.

Cannabis Canada is BNN Bloomberg’s in-depth series exploring the stunning formation of the entirely new — and controversial — Canadian recreational marijuana industry. Read more from the special series here and subscribe to our Cannabis Canada newsletter to have the latest marijuana news delivered directly to your inbox every day.

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is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in ma

Can I Legally Buy Marijuana Seeds In Massachusetts

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Massachusetts

Can I Legally Buy Marijuana Seeds In Massachusetts.

Growing Cannabis or Marijuana, both the same plant under a different name, is big business, with Oregon alone reporting sales of over $230 million in the last twelve months, and that’s the declared legal distribution, if home-grown product for personal use was included, the final figure would make it one of the biggest industries in the State. With the legalization vote still ongoing with debates about what is and isn’t going to be permissible, many people are asking where can you legally buy Cannabis seeds in Massachusetts.

The internet is, a wonderful thing, offering information, videos and advice freely, at the touch of a button, whether it’s computer, phone or tablet. It also offers one of the biggest market places in the world, where almost everything is listed and can quickly and easily be purchased. While many States in America forbid the selling of Marijuana and Cannabis seeds in retail outlets, it is impossible for them to stop people from purchasing them online and having them delivered. Therefore the simple answer is you can legally buy Cannabis seeds in Massachusetts online.

Buying Cannabis seeds online is no different to buying anything else from from a website or online shop. You can use a variety of search engines to find the right seeds for your needs without having to deal with anyone directly, and it allows you plenty of time to read reviews and uncover the best Marijuana seeds for your needs and growing methods. Don’t rush into choosing your seeds, take your time and read as much as possible about the strains you like before making a decision and purchase.

Many new growers do not realize the importance of selecting the right Cannabis seeds for their growing environment and are subsequently disappointed by the results they achieve. One of the main mistakes is selecting the wrong strains for their area. If you have an indoor grow-room, selecting hybrid indoor seeds will produce the largest, best quality plants. While outdoor strains perform better grown outside, this is often due to increased height and a longer, more relaxed flowering period.Selecting either indoor or outdoor seeds is one of the best ways to find the right seeds for you

Although you can legally buy Cannabis seeds online, and have them in your possession, germination and planting them is an offence in many areas. Before you begin growing your own Marijuana ensure you are aware of the rules governing Cannabis cultivation where you live, and the risks involved.

Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds.





Growing Cannabis seeds indoors offers a number of advantages, the major being it’s easier to control the conditions and environment the plants are in. If changes to the State laws now allow you to grow Marijuana, the fastest way to achieve that first crop is by growing indoors. With a large selection of many of the most popular strains, we offer some of the finest Cannabis and Marijuana seeds available. Select your favorite seeds and discover just how quickly you can harvest your very first crop of home-grown Marijuana.

Growing Cannabis seeds outdoors is a much cheaper option, requiring very little investment. Many experienced growers will germinate their seeds indoors and help them become established before planting them outside during the later part of Spring. Left to grow over the Summer, outdoor Marijuana plants will quickly grow tall, and as the days begin to shorten, will produce flowers and buds, ultimately leading to complete maturing during the early part of the Fall.

Sixty Days From Germination To Harvesting

If the investment for indoor growing equipment seems expensive, but waiting until the early Fall to harvest your plants is too far in the future, there is another form of Cannabis that may offer the solution. Over the last ten years Autoflowering seeds have seen a huge surge in demand, especially from new and outdoor growers.

Standard Marijuana seeds cannot naturally flower during the Spring and Summer as the daylight hours are too long. Marijuana plants require around 12 hours of total darkness to activate the flowering phase, and until the daylight hours sufficiently reduce, the plant will remain in its vegetative stage.

The major advantage with growing Autoflowering seeds is they will flower, bud and mature regardless of the number of hours of darkness they receive. At just a few centimeters tall, and even under twenty-four hour continuous light, the seedlings will still begin to produce flowers, and over the next sixty days will grow and flower simultaneously, resulting in a fully mature Cannabis plant, with identical tasting buds as their regular and feminized counter-parts.

Autoflowering seeds offer new and inexperienced growers the easiest and quickest route to a cheap, but worthwhile harvest. Requiring very little expense, Autoflowering seeds are often referred to as ‘throw-and-grow’ for the ease which they grow, flower and are ready to harvest in around sixty days. The buds are identical to those harvested by traditional growers later in the year, just far quicker and easier to grow. We offer a selection of the most stable Autoflowering seeds, offering a range of tastes, aroma’s and high’s.

Buy Marijuana Seeds In Massachusetts

Situated in the North-eastern region of the USA, Massachusetts has a tolerant attitude to marijuana, and implemented a regulated medical marijuana back in 2013 allowing patients to both grow and possess a limited number of marijuana plants for personal medicinal use. Changes to the laws in December 2016, now allows all residents to legally buy marijuana seeds in Massachusetts and grow up to six plants for either medical, or recreational use.

Being able to legally buy marijuana seeds in Massachusetts and cultivate your own plants without the fear of prosecution, makes growing far easier and less stressful than in many other parts of the USA. Buying high quality marijuana seeds, guaranteed to produce the strongest, most vibrant plants should be a priority, especially as the maximum number of plants permitted is six per adult, to a maximum of twelve per household. Growing six plants per adult can provide more than enough marijuana buds and cola’s for a constant, steady supply when the correct seeds and strains are purchased.

You can legally grow marijuana seeds in Massachusetts either indoors, within a purpose built area, or outside, during the growing season. Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages, as well as different seeds and strains for maximum yields. With six permitted plants per adult resident, it’s important that each marijuana seed produces the best yields possible. Feminized seeds offer the best assurances, guaranteeing that each seed produces a female plant, devoid of any male chromosomes. Only female plants produce buds and cola’s, male plants generate pollen to fertilize the female, producing seeds and reducing the overall quality and potency of the buds. Buying feminized marijuana seeds in Massachusetts always produces the biggest harvest by guaranteeing a high quality harvest from each and every plant.

By permitting all of it’s adult residents to grow a limited number of marijuana seeds in Massachusetts, people no longer have to visit doctors and complete forms to register as a marijuana patient. The laws allow for both indoor and outdoor growing and the possession of up to ten ounces of dried marijuana buds in your own home, and a maximum of one ounce in public. Growing marijuana seeds indoors in Massachusetts often produces the very best quality buds, as a greater degree of control can be maintained over their growing environment. Growing indoors will require an initial investment for equipment such as lights, fans and air flow, as well as increasing your daily electricity usage and costs.

Growing marijuana seeds outdoors in Massachusetts is often the way many people begin. Planted in the Spring, traditional seeds will grow throughout the Summer months, producing a ripe, mature harvest around late September, depending upon the strain. These plants can become large and produce significant yields when grown well and to complete maturity. The disadvantage is the time it can take from planting to harvest, and the possibility that the plant won’t be mature before the Fall, exposing it to potential bud rot or mold issues due to the cold night air.

We offer a variety of seeds and strains suited to different growing styles, techniques and levels of experience. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or new to growing marijuana in Massachusetts, we can provide the very best marijuana seeds for sale, producing a potent, worthwhile harvest.

Best Selection Of Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Growing Indoor Marijuana Seeds In Massachusetts

If you are planning to grow marijuana seeds indoors in Massachusetts the best option are feminized seeds, guaranteeing a perfect female plant from each seed purchased. Controlled by the number of hours of darkness the plants receive, they can be grown until the lights are altered to a 12/12 on-off regime, when they will begin flowering. Complete maturity will take between eight and ten weeks, depending upon the strain. While Indica dominant seeds remain more compact and squat, Sativa based strains often stretch, developing tall plants that require a couple of weeks longer to achieve peak maturity.

Alternatively, you may wish to grow your plants from clones, producing identical results every time. Clones are a great way to provide yourself with a supply of young plants for later cultivation, and are free when taken from a good quality mother plant. Regular marijuana seeds produce the strongest, best mother plants, producing cuttings that root quickly with a high success rate. Regular marijuana seeds can produce either a male or female plant and will require sexing to identify the males from the females.

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marijuana seeds in las vegas nv

Marijuana seeds in las vegas nv

How Long Does THC Stay in Your System? If there’s one caveat to cannabis use, it’s potentially failing the dreaded drug test. Many employers, especially

Why is Medical Marijuana Seedless?

Why is Medical Marijuana Seedless? If plants have seeds, and cannabis is a plant, then there should be cannabis seeds in medical marijuana products. Right?

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

What is the Endocannabinoid System? Cannabis is one of the most exciting research topics for the 21st century. Every day, cannabis researchers learn more about


At Waveseer, our focus is producing high quality cannabis products through state-of-the-art agricultural techniques that involve a high degree of automation. The result: safe-to-consume and consistent cannabis products that provide the greatest benefits to customers and patients.

Simple Possession of Marijuana

Over time, society’s attitude toward marijuana has changed. More and more people accept weed as a mostly harmless substance that is not any more harmful (and in fact, probably less so) than alcohol and prescription drugs.

The law is almost always behind public opinion and marijuana is no exception. Everyday people who are simply in possession of a small amount of marijuana for their own personal, recreational use are prosecuted for possessing an illegal substance.

If you use marijuana, know your rights. And if you are arrested for simple possession of marijuana in Nevada, Contact LV Criminal Defense , to defend your rights in Las Vegas.

How is marijuana defined in Nevada?

This may seem like a simple question, but when your rights are at stake, it is very important to understand exactly what certain terms mean. In Las Vegas NV, marijuana includes all parts of the plant, including seeds, whether harvested or not.

What does it mean to possess marijuana?

Possession can be shown in three ways:
  • On your person or in your clothes, which is called actual possession;
  • Constructive possession, such as in your purse, nightstand, or anywhere that you have control over;
  • Joint possession, which is when you share a space with someone who keeps marijuana there, such as a spouse putting marijuana in a shared medicine cabinet.

These definitions of possession are similar to possession of other controlled substances.

What are the penalties for possession of marijuana in Nevada?

Just like growing marijuana, the penalties for simple possession of marijuana in Las Vegas depend on two things:

Top Rated Criminal Lawyer

Nick Wooldridge has a long track record of representing clients accused of serious federal and state crimes in Nevada.


  • The amount of marijuana found; and
  • Whether you have prior convictions for simple possession.
First and Second Offense of Simple Possession of Marijuana (Less than one ounce)

For your first and second simple possession convictions, the crime is a misdemeanor offense. In both situations, you may be subject to a fine up to $1,000. Usually the first offense carries a fine of $600, while the second offense is closer to $1,000. The judge may also order you to attend a drug rehabilitation program.

Third Offense (Less than one ounce)

Like other Nevada misdemeanor crimes, the penalty for simple possession is progressive. This means that the third offense increases to a gross misdemeanor. A Nevada gross misdemeanor still carries less than 1 year in jail, but the fine can be as much as $2,000.

Fourth and later offenses (Less than one ounce)

If you have three prior convictions for simple possession, the fourth and higher simple possession becomes a Category E felony. Nevada Category E felonies carry 1 to 4 years’ prison time and fines up to $5,000.

What is the punishment for possession of more than one ounce of marijuana in Nevada?

Possessing more than one ounce of cannabis brings serious penalties in Las Vegas.

What Our Client are saying

When I initially met with Mr. Wooldridge, he took the opportunity to sit and go over my problem with me. He described details in my case which he found disturbing and explained why he I should have him on my side.


  • The first and offenses are a Category E felony, with up to 4 years in a Nevada prison and fines up to $5,000;
  • The third offense of possessing more than one ounce of marijuana in Las Vegas brings penalties of up to four years in prison and fines up to $10,000. This is a Category D felony.
Other things to know about possessing more than one ounce of marijuana in Nevada

If you have not been charged with any other drug crime in Nevada, the charges may be dismissed against you if you complete Drug Court. Learn more about Drug Court.

More Information

An experienced Las Vegas marijuana possession defense lawyer can work to reduce the charges against you or even get them dismissed. Contact LV Criminal Defense today to begin your defense.

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gods gift marijuana seeds

God’s Gift Feminized Marijuana Seeds

When they made God’s Gift cannabis, they broke the mold – a heavy-hitting indica hybrid with an intoxicating flavor and even more delicious effects, it’s an easy-growing marijuana strain that suits every consumer, both recreational and medicinal.

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A puff of God’s Gift marijuana and you’ll understand why the blasphemous title rings so true – it’s a heavy-hitting indica that has become popular among the recreational set for its irresistible aroma and even more intoxicating effects.

God’s Gift cannabis plants have been known to top out around 27% THC, earning it a place among the strongest marijuana strain’s on the market. Thus, one can expect the high to be strong and enveloping, and one is not disappointed. A sense of peace will wash over you as you settle into your space on the couch, where you’ll discover your mood uplifted and your body relaxed and ready for rest. For patients struggling with chronic pain conditions or insomnia and depression, God’s Gift cannabis has become a godsend as it can help consumers achieve a state of peace and relaxation like no other natural remedy.

Revel in the sweetness of grape and fruit as the distinct and pleasing aroma of God’s Gift wafts around you. Its flavor comes across stronger with the taste of berries mixed with wood and earth, for a mouthwatering combination that lingers.

Although novice consumers may want to wait on planting God’s Gift cannabis seeds in their garden, you’ll be happy to note that the strain is particularly easy to grow and exceptionally beautiful – these sturdy plants produce unique purple flowers that are packed tight and covered in sticky trichomes. Bear in mind, God’s Gift needs lots of vitamins and nutrients in order to flourish, so pay close attention to its feeding schedule and you will be rewarded for your efforts. After 8-9 weeks of flowering, you’ll be ready to harvest around 10 ounces/sm of a true cannabis marvel.

God’s Gift Seeds – Feminized

A Complete Review of God’s Gift Seeds God’s Gift weed is gaining massive popularity among all enthusiasts. The high popularity is attributed to the ease of cultivation and versatility of God’s Gift seeds. Other factors that have made the demand for God’s Gift strain seeds skyrocket are the unique taste & aroma, high yield, and potency.


Indoor 1.3 – 1.5 (oz/ft²)

Outdoor 12 – 15 oz per plant


Indoor 56 – 63 days


Table of content

Indoor Yield 1 – 1.5 oz/ft² (300 – 450 g/m²)
Outdoor Yield 16 oz (450 gr) per plant
Flowering Time 56 – 63 days
Height Medium
THC level 20 – 26 %
CBD level Low
Climate Mild
Grow Difficulty Easy
Flavors Grape / Woody / Earthy
Effect Relaxed / Happy / Euphoric
Type 90% Indica / 10% Sativa
Parents Granddaddy Purple x OG Kush
Cultivate Indoors & Outdoors

The Genotype of God’s Gift Seeds

God’s Gift seeds have a unique set of genotypes that make the strain stand out. Crossing Granddaddy Purple and OG Kush resulted in this incredible strain with 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. The unique genotypes have made people buy large amounts of God’s Gift marijuana seeds to experiment if the effects match the strain composition.

The Phenotype of God’s Gift Seeds

The exposure of the genotypes in God’s Gift seeds to the environment activates the strain’s unique phenotypes. God’s Gift marijuana is one of the most stunning strains you will ever come across. The following is a list of features that make the strain a force to reckon:

Gorgeous leaves – The sugar leaves in God’s Gift marijuana are violent in color. Some of the sugar leaves might also have green or gray shades, with orange or red pistils to boot.

Crystal-covered buds – Once God’s Gift seeds germinate, complete the vegetative stage, and get to the flowering stage, the flower buds start revealing their true appearance. The nugs in God’s Gift marijuana are dense, purple in color, and covered in a heavy coating of trichomes, giving the plant an irresistible appearance.

The Yield of God’s Gift Seeds

God’s Gift weed seeds are revered for their versatility and ability to give high yield both indoors and outdoors. As a cannabis enthusiast, you are expected to keep all growing conditions optimal to harvest as many high-quality buds as possible.

When you cultivate God’s Gift marijuana seeds indoors, you should expect to harvest between 1 – 1.5 oz/ft² (300 – 450 g/m²). On the other hand, when you cultivate God’s Gift feminized seeds outdoors, you should expect to harvest an average of 16 oz (450 gr) per plant.

Flowering Time

As a cannabis grower, you might be worried about the long wait to see your first harvest, and this is where the choice of seeds comes in. Once God’s Gift strain seeds germinate and finish vegetation, flowering should last between 49 and 63 days. When you cultivate God’s Gift seeds outdoors, the strain completes the flowering in mid-October.

Taste and Aroma of God’s Gift

The taste and aroma from God’s Gift turn one-time buyers into repeat customers, making the strain a force to reckon.

God’s Gift cannabis buds smell of grapes and tones of other fruits. After combustion, the buds produce a pungent herbal, earthy aroma with hints of sweet spice.

The incredible flavor from God’s Gift marijuana also makes the strain a must-try. During inhalation, your tongue remains with a taste of fresh berries, sweet pastries, and citrus fruits. Upon exhalation, a strong lemon after-flavor with fresh fruits remains in the tongue, making you yearn for more. The irresistible aroma and taste partially explain the reason behind the overwhelming demand for God’s Gift strain seeds.

Effects of God’s Gift

The effects of God’s Gift are spread between indica and sativa, which explains the varying experiences among users. The rollercoaster of effects also explains the reason behind the wild demand for God’s Gift seeds for sale.

When you complete a session of God’s Gift, a head rush lasting less than ten minutes kicks in. At this point, you might find yourself giggling and getting all excited while entertaining people.

However, the uplifting high is soon replaced by a calming effect. You first sink into deep thoughts, which are then clouded by a state of deep tranquility. As the indica properties continue to sink in, you might start to experience a hazy feeling. The limbs and other body parts start to feel stuck in one place. If you have low THC tolerance, the sedating effects might push you into a state of couch-lock or deep sleep.

Once the head-high effects start to wear out, hunger pangs kick in immediately. You might find yourself rushing to grab a bite, especially if you take more weed than what your body can accommodate.

Recreational Effects

One fear that recreational marijuana consumers possess is the ability of a strain to keep them high. God’s Gift seeds are now the “thing” due to the strain’s ability to take users through a rollercoaster of effects.

The head rush from the sativa properties in God’s Gift marijuana is enough to keep you giggling, albeit for a short period. At this point, you might enjoy an adrenaline rush that leaves you high and happy.

The indica properties, on the other hand, induce a calming effect that you might find overwhelming. If you love spending time meditating or in a calm environment, you should try this strain out. However, it is advisable to take a few puffs lest so that indica doesn’t overwhelm you.

Medical Effects

God’s Gift of marijuana seeds harbors several health benefits, making the strain a favorite choice among medics. The sedative effects due to the indica and THC properties make the strain ideal for suppressing chronic pain and inflammation. As a result, the strain is highly effective in managing menstrual cramps, multiple sclerosis, and muscle spasms.

The weed has also proven to be effective in managing various mental and mood disorders. The indica and sativa properties in this cannabis effectively manage anxiety disorders, chronic disorders, PTSD, insomnia, and depression.

The hunger-inducing properties from the indica properties also make the strain effective for improving one’s appetite. Improvement of one’s appetite explains why the demand for God’s Gift seeds for sale is exceedingly high.

God’s Gift cannabis seeds harbor high THC levels, which you can find in the buds. With a THC level of between 18 and 26 %, it is no surprise that the demand for God’s Gift weed seeds is high.

God’s Gift cannabis seeds are the ideal choice for people who adore weed with minimal CBD levels. The highest CBD level tested in God’s Gift cannabis is 1%, which is negligible compared to the THC.

Final Thoughts on God’s Gift Seeds

If you are a novice grower or experienced marijuana consumer, you should have God’s Gift seeds on your bucket list. We have established ourselves as reliable dealers in top-grade seeds, including God’s Gift feminized seeds. Why not reach out to us today instead of buying overpriced and adulterated seeds from this incredible strain from some unverified source?

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female marijuana seed identification

How Can You Identify Female Autoflowers?

Females are the diamonds in the cannabis world because they look amazing with that frosty look and they have way more glandular trichomes that hold the psychoactive compound THC and other cannabinoids like CBD. These compounds are the ones that make you high and that heal or relieve a number of illnesses and that is why usually growers avoid male plants and grow only females.

Usually, autoflower female plants are a little smaller and bushier than male plants, and female inter-nodal space is also shorter. These facts make females look way more beautiful and allow them to form dense flowers that we call buds.

Autoflower females start showing flowers right after males and that usually happens in the third or fourth week of growth.

Considering autoflower plant size and that female plants are usually (but not always) smaller and start flowering later, they are easy to spot and after a grower has gained enough experience he/she will be able to spot females in any grow-room only from the form of the plants but till you get that experience here is a little guide to help you identify females!

PRO TIP: There is no difference in autoflower or regular short-day cannabis plants in their flowering habits so you can use this guide for Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis plants.

Autoflowering female plants start showing their sex in the third or fourth week after sprouting and the first sign that it shows is the pre-flower. These cannabis preflowers usually appear at the top of the plant between the leaf stem and the main stem.

Usually, the first thing that appears on that any cannabis female plant is calyx (tulip-shaped green pod) which at first looks like a little ball, and an inexperienced grower may confuse it with the male pollen sack. But any real expert knows that female calyx sits right in the “crotch” between the leaf and main stems but male pollen sacks are lifted a bit and are facing away from the middle of those stems.

A few hours or a day later this female calyx will show two white hairs that will grow out of the mouth of that tulip-shaped green ball and then you can be completely sure that it is a female plant.

After the first preflowers appear you can just sit back and let the plant grow. These green balls with two white hairs will start to appear in larger and larger quantities every day.

These calyxes will be the most abundant at the top of the cannabis plant. And they will start to form the basis of what will be the flower of this female plant or as we also call it – the BUD.

Each of these calyxes is a “seedbed” and potentially each of these tulip-shaped green balls can grow a seed if they get pollinated by male plant pollen.

Basically, if a pollen grain gets on that white hair then it slides in the calyx and the plant starts forming seed so if there is no pollen that could create seeds that female will create more and more calyxes to “capture” some pollen grains.

When there is no male plant around these female plants doesn’t get pollinated and will be a seed-less plant that is the real reason why growers grow only females. When the female plant grows and matures there will be more and more calyxes appearing everywhere and also the resin glands will start to appear more and more.

Autoflowering plants produce resin glands to avoid their seeds to be eaten by animals and to protect them from solar ultraviolet radiation so that they can survive the winter and grow again in the spring but the plant doesn’t know that there are no seeds in the bud and will produce the calyxes and glandular trichomes until they get harvested.

When the end of the autoflower female life cycle gets closer the plants start to really swell up those calyxes and the bud will get more and more resin glands and will look frosty and white. This process happens because the plant knows it will soon die and starts to protect the seeds inside the bud but we exploit this response to get those frosty buds that we love!

3 Strategies to Identify Male Hemp Plants

Nipping seeds in the bud is a key aspect of growing hemp — particularly hemp for cannabinoid oil production and smokable, boutique hemp. Preventing seed formation not only concentrates hemp plants’ energy into cannabinoid and resin production, but also avoids post-production headaches and ensures consumer satisfaction.

A Spanish term was co-opted by the high-THC cannabis (marijuana) industry decades ago to describe connoisseur-grade cannabis. The word “sensimilla” means “without seeds” or “seedless.” And hemp without seeds is exactly what farmers desire in the world of hemp production — whether for CBD, CBG or any other cannabinoid.

As in many other agricultural practices, “males” of the hemp species grown for cannabinoid production aren’t useful for much besides breeding. Mass production for consumption mostly involves leaving males out of the equation. Achieving seedless hemp requires culling all males so they do not pollinate female plants, turning empty, resin-producing calyxes into occupied, profit-killing, seed-bearing sacs of wasted resources and potential.

Three basic methods can be used to identify male (and mutated hermaphrodite) hemp plants. Farmers need to decide which approach(es) fit into their plan for the season — especially when considering the farm’s schedule and budget. (See more on this topic in the recent article: 3 Important Considerations When Choosing CBD Hemp Seed)

1. DNA-based plant sex testing can be done as early as 7 days from germination.

2. Conduct close-up, visual inspection for pre-flowers, visible to naked eye as early as 3 to 4 weeks.

3. Conduct field checks for developed male flowers, visible to field workers around 5 to 7 weeks.

Obtain DNA-based hemp plant sex testing

Companies like Delta Leaf Labs specialize in studying the DNA and genetics of hemp.

One service Delta Leaf Labs provides is mail-in plant sex testing. Phylos tests small amounts in increments of four or offers kits for up to 88 tests at a time, great for getting a head start on the season.

This method, however, is potentially costly, especially when factoring in the labor it will take to collect and mail in the plant samples. For farmers growing acres of hemp at 2,000 to 2,500 plants per acre — or more — the task seems staggering in scope. This is why, for scaled operations, high-quality feminized hemp seed often is the preferred choice. Breeding for small-scale purposes might depend on the accuracy and early-detection DNA-testing option, potentially taking hemp operations up a notch. Let’s not forget, it also means not wasting precious resources and grow space on babying hemp plants only to find out they are males.

Conduct close-up visual inspection for hemp pre-flowers

The worry of wasting valuable time, effort and money only to find the spending was in vain — on a male plant — is exactly why cannabis growers have worked so hard for years to develop early-detection methods. Being vigilant about early detection is a good opportunity for farm crews to get intimate with hemp plants while they are still spaced, manageable and at a more “inspectable” size.

Within the first month or so, several nodes from the bottom, small bulbs — referred to as “sacs” — begin to form at the node on the upper outside corner of each side of that branch right where it attaches to the main stalk. Often — but not always — these male pollen sacs will appear slightly before “… the development of bracts (female) that will produce hair-like stigma,” the tell-tale signature of a female plant (1).

The male sacs tend to be more rounded or ball-shaped while their female counterparts often are pear-shaped or even more elongate and wispy. The familiar white hair sticking out from the tip of the female bract will be easily recognizable to anyone who has seen mature, live hemp (or marijuana) flowers growing.

Run field checks for male or hermaphrodite hemp flowers

For any hemp farmer growing at scale, the most likely scenario will be inevitable, regular field checks for the occasional male or hermaphrodite plant. There is no guarantee, after all, of 100% rate of female plants when germinating feminized hemp seed. But if you haven’t already heard, letting male flowers mature to the point where those bulbous sacs open to release seed-inducing pollen is a disaster waiting to happen to precious hemp crops.

As the season progresses, constantly scouring a hemp field for males and the ever elusive hermaphrodites will become more pertinent to a successful harvest of “sensimilla” hemp buds. Crews must know the difference between male and female hemp — both the whole-plant structure and flower structure.

Often, male hemp plants are taller and more “leggy” in growth, sticking up awkwardly out of the canopy; female hemp plants tend to bush out with foliar growth. This is a good reason to shoot for a uniform canopy: Oddities are easier to spot. Once budding begins and flowers start to form, the difference becomes even clearer.

Female hemp flowers grow in a tight bud structure, with calyxes packed together to form compact, often long colas. Male hemp flowers, on the other hand, grow in bunches, their pollen sacs structured almost like tiny cherries in hanging proximity to each other.

Hermaphrodites are inherently not as easy to spot because they are part female. Beyond unusual plant structure, a key to spotting “herms” in the field is to look for color difference. Leaves of male and female hemp plants of the same species likely will be the same or only slightly different in color, but they do a lot to cover up the lighter-colored, internal stems and stalks while blocking out light gaps. Male hemp plants and hermaphrodites simply don’t have the same foliar coverage and invariably will stand out with lighter greens or gaps that show adjacent bare earth.

Given that male hemp plants display pollen sacs about a week or two before female buds begin to develop (if planted simultaneously), farmers can get a slight head start on a long season of male-hunting.

But, according to, “The best time to pollinate the female is when the flowers have fully formed stigmas (the little white hairs), as long as possible, usually four or five weeks after the beginning of flowering” (2). This means that until every white hair in a hemp field turns orange or brown and lays down against its female bud, the crop is susceptible to becoming seeded. Whether those seeds have matured by harvest does not matter. A seeded bud is a seeded bud and must be dealt with accordingly.

While each of these methods can be employed on small or large scales, at acreage production levels, it would be wise to maintain constant vigilance against a field’s rogue pollen producers nearly up until harvest. A daily or every-other-day walk by the hemp farmer or crew could save the season. Moreover, breeding familiarity with males and hermaphrodites on daily hunts leads to more adept and efficient identification as farmers’ seasons and careers progress.